DECLINE: There Are Fewer Jobs In Canada Now Than There Were At The End Of 2017

The consequences of Justin Trudeau’s failed policies are adding up.

The latest jobs report shows the Canadian economy losing 51,600 jobs.

And with that latest report in, Canada’s job growth is now negative for the year.

In 2018, Canada has lost a net 14,600 jobs.

Keep in mind, that means despite about 200,000 people already having immigrated to Canada (and many others crossing illegally), Canada still has fewer jobs now than we did at the end of 2017.

So, our population is up, and the amount of jobs are down.

Wages are also slowing, even as the inflation rate rises (in large part due to things like the carbon tax driving up gas prices) meaning that any wage growth gets eaten up by higher prices.

Adding to all of this is the Trans Mountain debacle and the growing chaos in our energy industry. Investment flees our country as Canadian families get slammed with higher taxes and business get strangled with further restrictions.

And now, in a slowing economy and worsening job numbers, we’re seeing the consequences.

The fact is that under Justin Trudeau, Canada is facing economic and social decline, with our nation becoming weaker internally, more divided, more vulnerable, and more chaotic.

Even with the establishment media covering up for him, the consequences of Justin Trudeau’s failed policies are becoming more and more difficult to hide.

Spencer Fernando

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