Leading Party In Quebec Election Says New Immigrants Who Don’t Learn French Within 3 Years Will Have To Leave The Province

Many migrants end up unemployed due to poor language skills, and the Coalition Avenir Quebec is determined to toughen up the system.

Francois Legault – the leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec – says that if his party wins the election, they will require that new immigrants will have to learn French within 3 years of entering the province.

If they fail to learn the language within that time, they will be expelled from the province.

According to the CP, “Legault says new immigrants would be given a temporary permit upon entry and would then have three years to take language courses and pass a basic French-language test.”

Failing the test would result in losing the ability to stay in the province.

Legault noted that 56% of those who immigrate to Quebec do not speak French – resulting in a high level of unemployment.

In addition to this policy, Legault’s party – which leads in the polls – says they will reduce immigration from 50,000 to 40,000 people per year.

Similar to Bill 62, we are seeing that leaders in Quebec seem more willing to set aside political correctness, demand integration, and stand up for the idea that a society has a core identity that must be defended.

Coming to Canada and settling in any province is a privilege, and ensuring strong integration leads to a stronger country. Leaders across Canada could learn something from Francois Legault.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Maryam McKinley

Makes total sense that there would be a requirement to learn the predominant language of the area you choose to live in. I see a lot in the media about lack of access to language training. Why is there simply a language training ap for OIS and Android. That would be tremendously cost-effective. One thing for sure, all refugees and immigrants have expensive smartphones.


This won’t go well with Trudeau who bluntly states Canada has no core identity and that Canadians have no culture. Despite this quote, he often mentions Canadian identity and the wonderful culture of Canada, spewing that when he thinks it convenient.