Maxime Bernier Calls For Phasing Out Foreign Aid

“Every year, we spend $5B on programs to help other countries. But the case for foreign aid is extremely weak,” says Bernier.

For some time, I have been talking about how foreign aid needs to end. Canadian taxpayer dollars need to be spent within our country, helping strengthen Canada and help our own Canadian Citizens – instead of being given to foreign countries.

It’s something that none of the federal parties have been willing to discuss, but it looks like that is about to change.

Maxime Bernier – on the verge of launching his own political party – is calling for foreign aid to be phased out.

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“1/ So, Trudeau is preparing to waste more $B to have his seat at the UN and please international elites.
What I propose is a foreign policy that focuses on the security and prosperity of Canadians — not pleasing the dysfunctional United Nations and spending taxpayers $ abroad.”

“2/ Every year, we spend $5B on programs to help other countries. But the case for foreign aid is extremely weak. Countries that are growing out of poverty do so because they got rid of socialist policies and adopted free markets, liberalized trade and private property rights.”

“3/ Countries that remain poor are those where govs are still crushing private initiative. Until they liberalize their economy and free their citizens, no amount of aid will make a difference. On the contrary, it creates a cycle of dependency and helps these govs stay in power.”

“4/ We should use that money to cut taxes or help Canadians in need and phase out this foreign aid, for which there is no moral or economic efficiency argument. And focus on core humanitarian efforts during emergencies such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.”

This is an important moment for Canadian politics. For far too long there has been a false consensus around the truly absurd idea that our tax dollars are given away to foreign countries while our own Citizens struggle.

Now, those who support foreign aid will have to actually answer for their willingness to take our money and send it outside our country. And now, we can have a real debate on foreign aid and get closer to bringing it to an end.

Spencer Fernando