WATCH: Justin Trudeau Said More Diversity Is “A Form Of Entropy.” Entropy Is Defined As “Lack Of Order Or Predictability; Gradual Decline Into Disorder”

Did Trudeau accidentally try telling the truth?

As we know, a country that constantly focuses on differences and identity politics – instead of common values and unity – will weaken and be torn apart.

Now, it seems Mr. “diversity is strength” himself Justin Trudeau accidentally admitted that truth.

Speaking to accountants, Justin Trudeau said that the world is moving towards more diversity, and said “It’s a form of entropy.”

“PMJT tells accountants that world is moving towards more diversity. “It’s a form of entropy.” Hmmm.”

Well, here’s how entropy is defined:

“lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.”

And here are the synonyms for entropy – according to the dictionary on Google:

“synonyms: deterioration, degeneration, crumbling, decline, degradation, decomposition, breaking down, collapse;”


Here’s the video of Trudeau’s comments:

Of course, Trudeau was trying to look smart and use a big word to show everyone how ‘brilliant’ he is. Instead, he failed miserably, and accidentally spoke a truth that discredits his divisive rhetoric.

A focus on division and differences in a society will inevitably lead to a society getting weaker and breaking down.

Yet, Trudeau certainly doesn’t want to admit that publicly, and the political class will soon enough go back to pretending that dividing people up into interest groups is somehow a good thing.

Meanwhile, the societal entropy will continue, and Canada’s unity will weaken further and further.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

Just shows how clued out he is, using big words he doesn’t understand.

Ben Eby

That “diversity” word keeps raising it distorted head. Too bad the CFL
has got themselves tangled up in this badly misdirected issue!


Preaching about something about opposites. Diversity is inclusiveness??


Freudian slip:
A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.

don morris

Justin WAS trying to sound intellectual, but he simply has no idea what the word meant. If he wrote his own speeches,he’d sound like a grade school graduate, no more.
Descent into chaos, he was accidentally right.


Listen carefully to the platitudes and virtue signalling drivel of any liberal politician, and it’s invariably just nonsensical drivel. Trudeau tries but fails miserably with his blah blah blah…..

Timothy Hickey

How is it that the MEDIA allows Trudeau to get away with this without serious questions?

Ana Gomes

Rosemarie Barton should be fired because of the bias she display, but CBC is all the same.Our money is spent to help the criminals in the USA , who want to destroy Trump. The corrupt media does not like people who accuse them of betraying the people they should serve .They have always been lying and covering up for Trudeau’s ignorance and incompetence. He has them in his pocket.

Don Taylor

I cant think of enough words to describe the Ignorance or arrogance of Trudeau,he just keeps on making blunder after blunder


The gift that keeps on giving

R William Donaldson

I think he used a word different from what he meant. He was probably ‘high.’

Ana Gomes

He is ,not probably ,but certainly ,very” ignoramus”, high or not. He only learned how to memorize what others tell him to say, and poor boy, He gets confused. In his planned Basic Dictatorship, everything would be like a long, luxurious, vacation. He has not managed to reach that point yet.That is why he needs the judgement of reporters like Rosemarie Barton to help him reach much beyond his brain capacity. A few lies,praises, cover-ups and more brags instead of real news,will get the fools to vote for him again. And more$$ coming for CBC as the pay off.


I’m sure Turdo knows what “entropy” means. I suspect he forgot the group he was speaking to was accountants and not globalist bankers.

Ana Gomes

Where did he learn that?

Dale Barry

He was probably frantically in the dictionary the night before and got Empathy and Entropy all mixed up. SUCH A DOOFUS! LOL

Only Sun

“It’s never about the (sort of) moral leadership, or the right thing, the good thing to do, the right thing to do.”

– Justin Trudeau

Ana Gomes

Can you translate? What do you think he means, if he means more than the delight he enjoys by listening to his own voice repeating words he does not understand.Did Mr “Many Butts” write that one for him to use?


He talking to a room full of Accountants professionals that run companies and keep it on track not a bunch of people that at a studies session ??? As usual his mouth is away head of his small brain, I’m sure the mumble of the crowd would sound like a religious group all saying “ohh my God” not meaning Justine !! You just got to laugh for sure.


“lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.”

Meaning, that’s exactly what jihadi Justin, the liberal gov and the media are doing to Canada.


What a twit, diversity is not our strength it is our weakness, because most of these people don’t want to become a Canadian citizens they just want a free living on the backs of the Canadian taxpayers.

T Bloggins

I hope all those people got their money back. I’ve heard people on drugs make more sense than anything he said there. The only thing trugrope said with clarity was about his plan leading to entropy. For the first time in his mandate he’s spoken the truth. I’ll bet he got a good spanking from Butts when he got off stage. Time for more personal days. How’s that Kootenay Groper investigation going?

james ISNOR

Yes the world is becoming more diverse. The western world. How many people are immigrating to Africa, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, China etc. Some for sure but compared to the economic migrants from underdeveloped countries to western countries very big difference. I think even if I did try to move to one of those countries I definitely would not be welcomed with taxpayer subsidies let alone open arms. Truth is like bitter medicine, no one likes it but eventually it has to be taken.


I told everyone a few years ago that this kid is as stupid as sin.


He most likely meant; negentropy, no I don’t think so.

Ana Gomes

He does not mean a thing ,he just repeats sounds imposed on him.

Orion Buttigieg

He didn’t ‘admit the truth’ …he’s a stupid man that doesn’t understand what he’s saying. He’s been scripted to say some term to sound intelligent while he spews literal gibberish. We already have immigration, we already have diversity – what we’re loosing is the ability to scrutinise the people themselves as they adopt EU style open borders.


An all male group (of anything) is an example of negative entropy.

Just sayin…..