WATCH: Justin Trudeau Said More Diversity Is “A Form Of Entropy.” Entropy Is Defined As “Lack Of Order Or Predictability; Gradual Decline Into Disorder”

Did Trudeau accidentally try telling the truth?

As we know, a country that constantly focuses on differences and identity politics – instead of common values and unity – will weaken and be torn apart.

Now, it seems Mr. “diversity is strength” himself Justin Trudeau accidentally admitted that truth.

Speaking to accountants, Justin Trudeau said that the world is moving towards more diversity, and said “It’s a form of entropy.”

“PMJT tells accountants that world is moving towards more diversity. “It’s a form of entropy.” Hmmm.”

Well, here’s how entropy is defined:

“lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.”

And here are the synonyms for entropy – according to the dictionary on Google:

“synonyms: deterioration, degeneration, crumbling, decline, degradation, decomposition, breaking down, collapse;”


Here’s the video of Trudeau’s comments:

Of course, Trudeau was trying to look smart and use a big word to show everyone how ‘brilliant’ he is. Instead, he failed miserably, and accidentally spoke a truth that discredits his divisive rhetoric.

A focus on division and differences in a society will inevitably lead to a society getting weaker and breaking down.

Yet, Trudeau certainly doesn’t want to admit that publicly, and the political class will soon enough go back to pretending that dividing people up into interest groups is somehow a good thing.

Meanwhile, the societal entropy will continue, and Canada’s unity will weaken further and further.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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