HYPOCRITES: As They Tear Canada Apart, Trudeau Liberals Try Projecting Their Divisiveness Onto Jason Kenney

The Trudeau government is using one of their favourite tactics: Accusing others of exactly what they’re doing.

We’ve repeatedly seen how the Trudeau government tries to tear Canadians apart.

Through their focus on dividing people into mercenary interest groups through vile identity politics, to their betrayal of the energy industry while favouring other industries (aerospace – Bombardier) and their punishment of Alberta and Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax while rewarding B.C. despite pipeline opposition, the Trudeau Liberals are purposely trying to tear the country apart for their own political gain.

Remember, Trudeau doesn’t even think Canada should be a real country – as he wants us to be a “post-national state,” which would represent the destruction of any unified Canadian identity.

And yet, the Trudeau Liberals always accuse other people of being divisive, in an obvious attempt to deflect and project their own behaviour onto others.

Recently, Jason Kenney simply pointed out some facts about how a sense of alienation is growing in Alberta following the Trans Mountain debacle and Trudeau’s anti-energy industry policies:

“I would not be surprised if a significant and growing minority of Albertans are entertaining [separatism]. I’m a Canadian nationalist and, by the way, separating ourselves from the rest of the country is not how we’re going to get market access. But still, that frustration is real,” said Kenney.

In response, Liberal intergovernmental minister Dominic LeBlanc said this:

“Obviously Mr. Kenney is seeking to inflame and exacerbate those frustrations for his own reasons in Alberta,” LeBlanc said.

“He can be accountable for that.”

He also said Kenney was seeking to “play the politics of fear” and “exacerbate regional divisions.”

Of course, LeBlanc is spewing total bullshit.

LeBlanc, Trudeau, and the Liberals are the ones causing the “regional divisions.”

They bend over backward for Bombardier, but put horrendous restrictions on the energy industry. They reward those who illegally obstruct pipelines, while punishing those who oppose the disastrous carbon tax.

The Trudeau government is tearing Canada apart, and no amount of pathetic deflection onto others can change that fundamental truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

anything to separate the rest of Canada from the
Turdeau and his anti canadian Party


“He can be accountable for that.”

That is clearly a threat. Threatening someone is breaking the law. Kenny’s lawyer should be filing charges against Leblanc. We couldn’t possibly hope for an arrest, could we?


The rest of Canada should separate- we can call it New Canada. That way we will never have to worry about another Trudeau government and anyone who doesn’t like it can move to the land of Trudeau.


These sanctimonious yet deliberately inflammatory comments come from a Minister named Domenic Leblanc. Surely that’s not the same Minister Domenic Leblanc who used to be in charge of the Canadian fishery but got shuffled out???
You know—– this one:
The Canadian Press —- Teresa Wright. May 18, 2018.

Johanne Kovaluk Kovaluk

The west will never get a fair deal with this M.P.

Mike Allan

Everytime libtards get in power it’s always the same.Who are these voters that think this far left government will make miracles happen.Look at what happened in Ontario with socialist Winn government turning the tax payer debt into 312 billion dollars.Thats just one province.I’m just very curious as why the Canadian voters were led to believe that a part time drama teacher could make all our dreams come true,please I need someone to explain this lefty looniesty to me because perhaps I’ve been missing this point for decades.Now could it be that letting every tom,dick, and harry with little or no… Read more »


The west will NEVER get a fair deal as long as the west is part of what is called canaduh & controlled by the east.

Ken McArthur

Trudeau is a seditious callow trust-fund elitist who has shown clearly he will sell out his country for personal gain as a globalist. He is following the UN agenda with little concern for Canadians citizens. He must be removed by political means. Canada will not survive another term that promotes voting w/o ID, more taxes & debt, the disregard for constitutional law and blatant economic bias that permeates his party’s policies along with the restrictive freedom’s enhancing human rights to free speech & freedom of religion in Canada.

Christina Galavan

When I was younger I lived overseas for 2 years and was so proud to be a Canadian. Now, I am not only embarrassed to belong to a country that is happy to see one or more of their provinces suffer at their own governments’ hands(both provincial and federal) but also as an Albertan, I actually feel that some sort of revolution may be our only way of saving our homes, our children’s futures and economy. Whether that revolt includes leaving Canada…..I guess we will see.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Canada is not quickly becoming a “sh-thole nation”, it already is! Are we all ready for 4 more years of Justin after 2019? I am fully prepared emotionally for the worst . The US of A (deep red state) looks better every day.

It’s not looking good for the future of our once great nation.

Don Taylor

The Liberals can not tell the truth,they know the damage they are doing to Canada ,but they would rather Listen to their Globalists Masters,the liberals will find out the hard way what Patriotic Canadians think about about these gutless liberals led by a mentally narsiccistic Turdeau


I guess the fact that Bombardier’s end product is entirely dependent on oil is lost on these morons…..