Trudeau Government Refusing To Tell Canadians Cost Of Ongoing Trans Mountain Debacle

What a strange form of ‘openness and transparency’…

Canadian taxpayers are already on the hook for $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But now, every moment it’s delayed costs us even more.

However, despite the fact that the government certainly knows how much that delay is costing the Canadian People, they refuse to tell us.

During an interview, Liberal intergovernmental affairs minister Dominic LeBlanc was asked how much the delay will cost. Here’s what he said:

“We recognize the urgency of doing this properly and that’s the analysis that we’re doing right now. We’re developing options in terms of the best way forward.” 

As we can see, that’s not an answer to the question.

It’s the kind of BS political answer that politicians give when they’re trying to hide the truth. And that’s exactly what the Trudeau Liberals are doing.

While they campaigned on being the most ‘open and transparent’ government of all time, instead they’ve been the most closed and secretive government we’ve ever seen. Even the auditor general and information commissioners have stated that the Trudeau government is less open than the Harper government.

This refusal to give Canadians answers is not only a short-term problem, but it’s part of the long-term damage being done by the Trudeau government. They feel entitled to take our tax dollars, while denying us the details on how that money is being used. It shows their total contempt for Canadian taxpayers, and that contempt seems to be deepening the longer the Liberals are in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It will cost everything if we don’t yank his credit card. Remember it is only illegal not to file income tax.

shawn harris

To expect the Trudeau government to explain and justify how , when ,where and why they spent our money is to expect that ” budgets balance themselves, and that pipelines will be built because of social license along with the imposition of carbon taxes, to save the environment. Liberals are to taxpayers money , the same as an alcoholic or drug addict when offered their very thing they are addicted to. If you really want to believe that the stated cost of the pipeline, yet to built or approved, will be what the Trudeau government says it is, then you… Read more »

marty miles

to put this in perspective, the 4.5 billion already spent is roughly one quarter of the defence budget of the nation.


Unfortunately, someone confirmed that the $4.5 billion (I thought it was 4.9) was taken from the CPP.


No worries, in time, China will come in and scoop the whole kit and caboodle – for pennies on the dollar.