VIDEO: Rosemary Barton Acting Like Trudeau’s Propaganda Minister Again

Insults guest who confronted her with facts she didn’t like.

Rosemary Barton has repeatedly acted like a propagandist for the Trudeau government, most recently when she implied that unless Maxime Bernier agreed to CBC’s request for an interview, CBC would spin his remarks on diversity in the worst possible way.

Now, a new clip has surfaced from months ago, showing Barton acting in an insulting manner towards a guest on Power & Politics.

The guest was Frank Buckley, a professor at George Mason University.

The clip can be seen below:

Aside from Barton’s insulting manner, notice how she defends the Trudeau government – even though her job is supposed to be holding the government accountable.

She says, “we have a government that is trying to correct social inequality.”


Just because the government says that’s what they’re doing doesn’t actually mean they’re doing that.

Most Canadians would disagree with what Barton said, as Trudeau has shown that he serves his cronies and foreign interests instead of serving Canadians.

With her comments, Barton once again shows that she sees her job as being a propagandist for Justin Trudeau and the disgraceful Liberal government.

Making it all worse is that we’re paying for this pathetic bias with our tax dollars, and we don’t even get a choice.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yes this is How Rosemary Barton operates, frankly the whole P & P most all News Media and we see clearly here. Canadians fund this disgrace? It needs to come to an end.

Chris vrecko

Damb right she’s the reason we stopped watching. She was so awful before the last election we quit.


What an arrogant btch. He didn’t say what she wanted him to say so she arrogantly dismissing him. What a disgusting Liberal insult. Can she spell Liberal bigot? What the hell, do invited guests have to obey the Liberal Party line or be chased out? She, like most of the CBC, are grovelling liberal Party hacks. Simply another clear example of Liberal control of the media. Frank Buckley should demand an apology from the CBC, from Rosemary Barton, and a tearful sincere apology from Trudeau. A cheque would also be appropriate. The CBC is a disgusting waste of money that… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

I just hope you are ready for another 4 more years after 2019 as Rosemary and co. will definitely have the Emperor re-anointed. Canada is toast the way I see it. I will be looking to move to the US of A -not some thing I relish at my age -if my prediction becomes valid and I am willing to bet any one on it! Canada is quickly becoming a “sh-tehole nation” under Trudeau and his skanks.

Sean Short

So much for unbiased reporting or even bipartisan reporting. This is one rude, rude woman. Does anyone listen to her?


Never heard of her until now since I avoid the CBC as much as possible.Now I remember why.

Substitute Drama Teacher

Big Rosemary would’ve fit right in with Goebbels Ministry of propaganda… what a horrible woman accepting taxpayer money to work for the Liberal Party while hiding behind the pretense of “journalism”… Maybe this is why the nasty globalist Trudeau Government is so rabid in their promotion of woman in their identity politics schemes.

Rick Johnson

Why would a rational person with any small amount of dignity agree to engage in a discourse with Barton let alone a televised one?

Ron Voss

As I have mentioned here several times, don’t count on the conservatives if they came to power to defund the CBC. When CPC MP Brad Trost introduced a bill to privatize the CBC only five other CPC MPs supported his bill which was overwhelming defeated 260-6. Don’t forget that zscheer welcomed the CBC to attend and report on the Conservative Convention but banned The Rebel.

Ken (Kulak)

That video is an example of why I haven’t watched any CBC for decades.


Article by the New York Post, “Justin Trudeau Finally Gets The Trade Trouble He Deserves” by Prof. Frank Buckley. If you read this article by Buckley, it clearly explains why Rosemary Barton the snob was so rude towards Prof. Buckley.

C Thompson

Just because she disagrees doesn’t mean she can be rude. Did they invite him on just to put him down? That’s petty. Trudeau and the Liberals have made many mistakes in these negotiations. They deserve to be criticized.

Pete Korky

Barton, you say you know more about Canada than he does and arragently pushes him away, you know nothing about this country, all you know is what you find on the computer sitting on your bud. Have you ever worked in the mines, in the oil f ields, ever served in the military, ever wash dished or scrub floors, your hands are as smooth as a doctors but at least they work.

don morris

With Rosemary Barton, it is not only her being a fellow Liberal/liberal that makes he defend Justin, if you watch her interactions with Trudeau,she has a massive girl crush on him.
Barton is about Trudeau’s age, but is dumpy and plain,Trudeau is a handsome young man,the type that never would have giver Barton a second glance in high school or college. Trudeau is Barton’s fantasy date, and it shows when she is on camera with him.

If Barton kept a diary,the chapters on Justin Trudeau would be Double X rated.

Ron Jaremkow

I do not watch CBC news programming. Too biased towards the Liberals. And our tax dollars fund the crap!!


what an idiot


Must be nice that when she is being made to look like a fool she can just push the reset button.

Adam Ridolfi

Imagine what possessed the prime minister to open up the trade discussions with the U.S. with allegations that American right-to-work laws are an unfair trade practice and that gender equality, native rights, and wide-ranging ecological questions would all have to be part of the negotiation. Aggressive frivolity was not the right approach.This is not a federal matter in either country and none of it has anything to do with the traditional definition of foreign trade. Moreover, Trudeau should not have taken a shot at the U.S. president shortly after he took off from the Charlevoix G7 conference on his way… Read more »


An a Card Carrying Ameri-Can (Dual Citizen) who has lived & has weekly close ties to both sides of the border … Barton is an elitist fool who has exposed herself. Canada’s Welfare system is NOT superior to the US, it does NOT adequately care for its citizen in the fields of medicine, education, freedom of enterprise, freedom of thought & speech … & most importantly public participation in the forming of governing policy. Canada is under a cozy, velvet gloved dictatorship, not a socialist democracy of the 1950s.

Donald Bennett

I find it harder to watch CBC for they are so into the pocket of the liberals . Rosemary Barton is such a vocal arrogant ( so called interviewer ) that I can not watch CBC any more .


Wow I’m embarrassed for every Canadian and American that had to witness that completely ignorant woman in our media speak to that man in that way she should loose her job she no INTEGRITY whatsoever DISGUSTING

james ISNOR

If you search online you will find a picture of Rosemary’s doppelganger. Angela Merkel in East Germanys Stasi

C Thompson

So Barton chastises a professor who has studied and compared the welfare programs in both countries, and thinks she knows more just because she lives in Canada, or because the Liberals tell her they are doing such a great job. She should be fired or at the least reprimanded and made to give an apolgy to him. If she had asked an intelligent question or given some facts or an argument to show why she doesn’t agree that would have been fine, but to act like a child and be rude like that is far from being professional.