VIDEO: Rosemary Barton Acting Like Trudeau’s Propaganda Minister Again

Insults guest who confronted her with facts she didn’t like.

Rosemary Barton has repeatedly acted like a propagandist for the Trudeau government, most recently when she implied that unless Maxime Bernier agreed to CBC’s request for an interview, CBC would spin his remarks on diversity in the worst possible way.

Now, a new clip has surfaced from months ago, showing Barton acting in an insulting manner towards a guest on Power & Politics.

The guest was Frank Buckley, a professor at George Mason University.

The clip can be seen below:

Aside from Barton’s insulting manner, notice how she defends the Trudeau government – even though her job is supposed to be holding the government accountable.

She says, “we have a government that is trying to correct social inequality.”


Just because the government says that’s what they’re doing doesn’t actually mean they’re doing that.

Most Canadians would disagree with what Barton said, as Trudeau has shown that he serves his cronies and foreign interests instead of serving Canadians.

With her comments, Barton once again shows that she sees her job as being a propagandist for Justin Trudeau and the disgraceful Liberal government.

Making it all worse is that we’re paying for this pathetic bias with our tax dollars, and we don’t even get a choice.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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