AWFUL: Growing Outrage After Omar Alghabra Seemingly Tries Linking Canada Turning Away German Jews Fleeing Fascist Persecution In 1939 To People Illegally Entering Canada From The U.S.

This shows there are no lengths the Trudeau Liberals won’t go to in order to politicize things.

Omar Alghabra is facing intense criticism after he seemingly tried linking German Jews fleeing fascist persecution in the past, to people entering Canada illegally from the U.S. today.

Here’s what Alghabra tweeted:

“On Nov 7th, the PM will apologize for turning away the St. Louis. As we continue to promote human rights globally, we must reconcile with our mistakes at home. We turned away asylum seekers without giving them due process and dignity. We must learn from our history”

While Alghabra and the Trudeau Liberals will try denying it, people could see the terrible comparison Alghabra was trying to make. 

One huge irony here is that the Trudeau Liberals have shown zero willingness to confront, or even mention the horrific anti-Semitism being preached at some mosques in Canada.

Also, the Trudeau Liberals have routinely referred to illegal border crossers as “asylum seekers,” even though they are fleeing from a safe and democratic country. In fact, Canada and the U.S. have extradition treaties with each other, so unless the Trudeau government is about to admit that they think the U.S. is somehow ‘fascist,’ then even they have to admit that the U.S. is safe.

Therefore, to even hint at a comparison between German Jews fleeing the impending Holocaust, and people illegally crossing into Canada from a free and democratic nation is absolutely awful.

And people made it clear what they thought about Alghabra’s comments:

Tanja Hunter summed it up well indeed, in a way that encapsulates the political approach of the entire Trudeau government. “It’s vile.”

Vile indeed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Hans Rysdyk

All persons seeking to stand for political office should be Canadian born and raised.
(I am an immigrant)

David Grant

Trudeau will fail to mention that it was a Liberal government which turned away this boat.

Ron Voss

What a vile little creep in a suit and tie.


This coming from a follower of the book that calls Jews & Christians apes & pigs. And Omar, maybe you can explain the verse about Jews hiding behind rocks & what should be done to them???


And the government of the day was…liberal

Elizabeth Thorne

If Canada is to remain a free country, this vile man has to be VOTED OUT of office. This is the man who when elected said “This is a win for Islam.”

Fred Kendall



Alghabra is a rabid supporter and promoter of sharia law. He worked hard to get sharia law established in Canada and is a member of the NCCM. He strongly supports Khalid who want to establish M-103 into the Criminal Code of Canada, making it a criminal offence to make any comment about Islam or Muslims. They, most Liberals and the NDP want to ban free speech in Canada. The NCCM is closely involved with the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Muslim organization that has been banned in Egypt and has been declared a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia. That in itself… Read more »

Ron Voss

You don’t even have to read the Koran to understand Islam, just become familiar with the life of Muhammad who is the perfect man in Islam to be emulated by devout Muslims, followers of Islam:
Muhammad In His Own Words: The Founder of Islam Speaks”.

alan skelhorne

this is just sick, when the pos n his party is voted out in 2019, then we will have to apologise to the world, because of the liberal la la party.

Turkey Grande

Make Tar and Feathers Great Again!


Liberals are constantly focusing on “past” mistakes from previous years and previous Prime Ministers. Time for them to take full responsibility for “their” mistakes and actions…today. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

Moe. S.

Another shaming, scolding and guilting Canadians from Trudeau & cabinet ministers. Trudeau the dramatic actor will likely produce those crocodile tears he’s so famous for during such public apologies while pushing his diversity and victimhood agenda. Remember the $10 million dollar apology Canadians paid for? The apology list just keeps growing. Yes, Canadians according to Min. Omar Alghabra should feel bad about dump-and-run Trudeau’s non-compliant illegal queue jumping asylum seekers from the U.S. at a cost of $200 million to Ontario taxpayer’s. Minister Alghabra’s illegal asylum seekers are coming from the U.S. considered by millions of Canadian Snowbirds and millions… Read more »


This is yet another example of the ignorance of the Trudeau government. To have the gall to compare Jews fleeing death camps and extermination of a people to illegal aliens coming from the USA, safe country, is disgusting. Trudeau and his leftist, inept party needs to be voted out next year.