FORD FIGHTS BACK: Doug Ford To Invoke Section 33 Of Constitution To Protect Bill 5

Once again, Doug Ford fights back against the radical left.

Following the ruling of an activist judge striking down Bill 5, Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he will recall the Legislature and invoke Section 33 of the Constitution to protect the law cutting Toronto City Council.

Section 33 is the Notwithstanding Clause, which allows the federal government and provincial governments to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in specific circumstances.

Here’s what the duly-elected Ontario government said in a press release:

“Ontario Premier Doug Ford today announced that his government will take immediate action to ensure the Better Local Government Act remains in effect as passed by Ontario’s democratically elected legislature. 

“Canada’s Constitution makes it clear. The province has exclusive responsibility over municipalities,” said Ford in announcing his government’s action. “The Better Local Government Act will reduce the size and cost of government while reducing dysfunction at City Hall. The people who are most vocal and fighting this move are a small group of left-wing councillors looking to continue their free ride on the taxpayers’ dollar and a network of activist groups who have entrenched their power under the status quo.”

Ford announced that his government will immediately recall Ontario’s Legislature and introduce legislation that, if passed, will invoke Section 33 of the Constitution and ensure the Better Local Government Act is preserved in time for the October 22 Municipal Election. 

Ford also announced that his government will immediately appeal Judge Belobaba’s decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

“I believe this decision is deeply concerning and wrong and the result is unacceptable to the people of Ontario,” concluded Ford.  “If you want to make new laws in Ontario – or in Canada – you first must seek a mandate from the people.”

This is great leadership by Doug Ford. Unlike other politicians who surrender to the radical left, Ford is fighting back.

Activist judges need to be opposed, and Ford’s leadership sets a strong example for our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter