REPORT: Refugee From Syria Charged With Murder Of 13-Year-Old Burnaby Girl

Ibrahim Ali hadn’t even been in Canada for a year.

28-year-old Ibrahim Ali has been arrested and charged with the murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen:

“CHARGED 1ST DEGREE MURDER: 28-yr-old Ibrahim Ali of Burnaby has been charged w/ 1st degree murder in 13-yr-old Marrisa Shen’s death. One of the largest files in ‘s 15 yr history is now before the court.”

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, “Ali did not appear to know Shen, and Shen did not know Ali, Supt. Donna Richardson, the officer in charge of IHIT, told reporters on Monday. Police believed from the start that the murder had been random and Richardson said investigators still hold that belief. Shen was reported missing after she failed to return home by 11 p.m. on July 18, 2017. Police launched a search, using GPS to track her phone. The 13-year-old girl’s body was found in a wooded area in Burnaby’s Central Park early the next morning.”

Ibrahim Ali came to Canada from Syria as a refugee about 17 months ago. While it is not yet known whether he was a government refugee or privately sponsored, “A spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board was unable to find records of any public proceedings in which Ali was involved.”

Ali had been in Canada for less than a year when the murder took place.

Here’s what Shen’s family said in a statement:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for all of their ongoing support and concern for us in this past year. We are aware that so many people reached out to the police to provide information and we were so grateful for that,” the statement read.

“We would also like to thank the media for all of their attention to Marrisa’s case. Lastly, we would like to thank the police for all their hard work and specifically IHIT for their perseverance.

“We hope that justice will now be served and that Marrisa can finally be at peace in heaven.”

According to the Vancouver Sun, the office of immigration minister Ahmed Hussen “did not respond to a request for comment.”

Following reports that Ali was arrested for the murder, some have begun raising concerns online about the federal government vetting process.

Spencer Fernando

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Gonzo the Magnificent

Re: Government vetting of refugees. When did you ever trust the government to do ANYTHING properly! They would mess-up a 1 car funeral!


the so called spokeswoman is a lair , the cops once they suspected him they would have run many checks on all their data bases and some data bases of other countries that we share info with to see who he was a lined with before they arrested him.


When the lieberal judges get this to court this 28 year old will also be given 10.5 million or will he actually be charged? If he is charged by a lieberal judge will they claim mental illness? I guess they cannot blame this attack on a white van.
How horrible again, these very brave good parents, so sad, this is news we need to know, but hate to read, a very beautiful girl.

Jacob Hiller

Shari’a law is here. Men can now beat their women in Edmonton if they declare that they’re mohamoudan

Norbert Kausen

Her blood is on Trueau and his liberal ilks’ hands!!! WHERE is the outrage???!!! It is going to get a LOT worse!!!

D Me

A tragedy to say the least! If this is one of Trudeau’s Syrian refugees then the blood is on his hands. His mad rush to the Syrians into Canada by a nonsensical deadline and without proper vetting has now resulted in a senseless death of a young child.

Dave Bainard

Time for some liberal heads to roll.


Who else thinks we’ll be reading about this guy’s release into the commnity in about 6 -12 months after a Liberal appointed judge finds someone said something to hurt the perp’s feelings?


If he was allowed in under gropers watch & not properly vetted then the groper should be charged as an accessory for allowing him in without a proper background check.

Syrian Victim

Met a married Syrian man who had only been in the country for less than a year last Aug,05/2017. After an hour and half of meeting of work related purposes he molested me as soon as I turned my back on him. I’m glad it’s not the murderer cuz his name was Suke. Tears for that 13yr old girl from me flood my eyesight, why does this happen??? I’m so upset at this man for taking away her life and not only her dignity. God please make the hurting stop !?


Isn’t that just lovely!! A freaking Syrian- one of Trudeau’s lovelies and probably one of the Syrian refugees that some of the Aboriginals so gleefully welcomed with open arms at the Winnipeg Airport (yes, I saw them — was disgusted with them) as they tell those who are not Aboriginal to leave “their” land!! What a bunch of hypocrites!!


More blood on trudeau’s hands.

Jacob Hiller

I can’t hardly believe that they charged him. We have pipe fitters Yay don’t know anything about pipe and welders that can’t weld as Canada brings skilled workers to repeople the workforce with inferior qualit



Thanks to, we knew from the start that the vetting process was not done properyly, actually there was NO VETTING. TheRebel. Media tried to warn the population but many, many people pretended not to hear. Many people thought it was not their problem.


Now make an example of him in the middle of town and make sure every refugee attends to watch. Not quite as bad as their own countries so they should be grateful