SICK: Judge Who Struck Down Doug Ford’s Bill 5 Is Same Judge Who Ruled Against Widow Who Wanted To Freeze Omar Khadr’s $10.5 Million Trudeau Payday

The sick thinking of the far-left continues spreading throughout our increasingly corrupt system.

In the wake of the ruling striking down Doug Ford’s Bill 5 that would have slashed Toronto City Council, it turns out that the judge who struck down Ford’s legislation had made a past ruling in favour of Omar Khadr.

As shared by David Jacobs on Twitter, it turns out that judge Edward Belobaba is the same judge who ruled against Tabitha Speer – the widow of U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer who Khadr admitted to killing in Afghanistan.

The decision by Justice Belobaba meant that Khadr could keep his disgusting $10.5 million taxpayer-funded payout from Trudeau:

As reported at the time by Macleans, “A judge in Toronto has dismissed a request to freeze Omar Khadr’s assets.

Justice Edward Belobaba said the request for an injunction from the widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan was “extraordinary” and the decision to reject it was not difficult in law.

Tabitha Speer and a former U.S. soldier had asked for the injunction to preserve any money the federal government paid Khadr for breaching his rights. Ottawa reportedly paid the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner $10.5 million last week.”

It’s the same judge who ruled against the duly-elected Ford Government:

“In a scathing decision, Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba said Ford and his Progressive Conservatives interfered with the right to freedom of expression for both candidates and voters when the province enacted the Better Local Government Act last month.”

This shows how deeply the far-left mindset has come to dominate the corrupt system. When we’ve reached the point where a judge sides with Omar Khadr, yet goes against the duly-elected provincial government, we know that the system is deeply sick, upside-down, and broken.

And making it all the worse, we’re forced to pay taxes into the very system that constantly insults and betrays us. Clearly, we must give citizens far more direct control over the tenure of judges in this country, because the way things are going now can’t be allowed to continue.

Spencer Fernando

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Gonzo the Magnificent

By the time this system gets turned around , we will all be buried. WE NEED A TRUMP-LIKE PERSONALITY TO “TURN THE TABLES OVER AND WRECK THE SALON”. Other wise change will never happen.


With any luck Ford is that man.

Don Taylor

I think the judge should be fired

Trudy Craig

oh look another lieberal judge


Can clearly discriminatory Judges be un-appointed?

George Bacon

sounds like we have another leftist activist on the bench….not good.


You say this so well Spencer. Thank you This is what brought the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper down, I hope Andrew Scheer is planning to change our laws back to secular (common law and civil law) and replace all these social justice warrior judges immediately if he wins a majority government and the media to truthfulness or like President Trump the communists will take him down and demonize him for trying to get the country back from the socialist destruction. (Have you heard about the globalist climate change farce meeting as yet? I guess they are falling apart as the… Read more »


Judges need to be elected by the taxpayers of Canada and not appointed by crony politicians to server their purposes. When elected judges make a bad decision we can vote them off the island. Maybe then they will work for all Canadians and not just politicians.

Trudy Craig

you mean vote them off the island – I agree,but remember the liberal have changed everything to suit them NOT CAnadians


Judges shouldn’t be elected. Judging by the example in the USA, people aren’t educated enough to vote on such a serious issue. The supreme court unanimously agreed that Kadr should be compensated. Don’t forget Harper’s compensation to this person. I’m not happy with either government.

Elizabeth Thorne

I attended court for 3 years, if people would go and sit in a courtroom and listen to the rulings, they might realize where this country is headed.

Eric Blair

Just like the Federal Court of Appeals judge from Burnaby who had previously struck down northern gateway and this judge in Ontario who had previously struck down the appeal of stopping Kadr payoff, the question must be asked “who decides which judge(s) get selected for each case?”. There is the problem. They, the selectors, know what political leanings these judges have so they arrange for the judge to sit on the bench for cases they are interested in having go their way.

shawn harris

The provincial government of Doug Ford has the authority under the constitution to allocate when and where a municipal government will be and the size and number of elected members. After all, how were the first municipal boundaries set, by the provincial government. The same provincial government we have today. Thus the provincial government has always had the authority to set municipal boundaries. This politically driven decision , must be appealed immediately. To say that freedom of expression was violated is nonsense. Freedom of expression isn’t determined by size of a city or the number of its citizens or the… Read more »

S. Willis

In addition to federal, these are the same electoral boundaries for Ontario. The city of Toronto believes itself to be so special that it needs 47 ridings, even though the entire province and the federal government manage with 25 each!

Vote FAITH GOLDY for Toronto Mayor on October 22, 2018!

Ron Voss

Don’t know how you can fix the broken legal system.


Ouch! I knew as soon as I saw the decision of the judge, I knew he had to be a Liberal. And finding out now that he was THE judge involved in the Khadr case, it is a plainly obvious that the rot really smells here. I saw a survey this morning and it said that 75% of respondents answered that the judge made the right decision. They must all be liberals.

Trudy Craig

scares you doesnt it?
they are installed by the liberals so they will rule for the liberals


Most of our judges are activists. This is what you get for government sponsored socialism. Mini Me isn’t going to fire the judge. The judges are following leftist activism. Must get rid of socialism first.

Mike Allan

I believe you’re totally right Nancy W.Why do the Canadian voters still believe that the socialist libtard party of trudeau will bring satisfaction and riches to them.After all these years of leftist CBC is calling the shots and the Canadian voters trust their full blown lies and deceit.Pm mr Harper had Canada going in the right direction.He was not flashy and not perfect but had the Canadian people in his heart. Insanity is voting for trudeau knowing his views of outing the true legal voter by having a globalize country until the money runs out.Then what? bring in the conservatives… Read more »

Chris vrecko

You said it perfectly.


And the far left appeal court judge who ruled against Northern Gateway and TMX.

Dwaine Logan

ford is prime minister he has the write to decide how much government is needed in the city of Toronto as there is way to many politians get fat for doing nothing to help the tax payers

Alex King

Let me decipher that for the common man……”Ford is Premier of Ontario. He has the right to decide how much government is needed in the city of Toronto as there are way too many politicians getting fat and doing nothing to help the taxpayer.”


Not enough consultation with Indians, not enough study of ships by a pipeline, a not guilty decision regarding a Muslim swimming pool molester, a not guilty decision for a killer who was only briefly / temporarily traveling 90 km over the speed limit when he ran a red light and broadsided a car – Just who the hell is running this country now, friggin leftist radical Judges? It is absolutely no wonder why Canadians have no trust in Canadian Courts or judges, not much trust in politicians and are losing trust in a current provincial and Federal Governments. They all… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Fire the bloody judge

Norbert Kausen

This judge MUST be removed from the bench!!!

Robert Gleim


Bonny King Lewis

“We’ve got to protect our phoney-baloney jobs!”


Don’t forget the time the conservative government gave a 10 million settlement in 2007 to Mahar Arar. And no we don’t need a Trump-like idiot in Canada.

Rob Baron

WOW!!!! What happened to unbiased reporting?? Where in the article does it mention that this was STEPHEN HARPER’S fault for violating someone’s charter rights, and Trudeau was simply FIXING this before it cost Canadian taxpayers EVEN MORE money. Omar Kahdr won 3 straight SCoC decisions AGAINST the Harper Government – he was going to get money regardless, because of what HARPER did, NOT Trudeau. Do we simply get to pick and choose who’s rights get upheld and who’s doesn’t based on a popular vote, or do we apply the same rights to all Canadians? If you’re a Conservative, you pick… Read more »


If there was ever a time to use the “notwithstanding” clause it was against Omar, they should have used it to stop the payment after letting it go to court, assuming that Trudeau was right in saying that we would have lost. That to me is a prime example of Justice vs. some terrorist’s personal so called rights, when he should not have had them as a Canadian anyway. This judge should be removed from the bench!

David MacKAY

Canada’s increasingly corrupt system becomes increasingly worse because Canadians prefer doing nothing rather than face the embarrassment that Canada has an increasingly corrupt system.
The increasingly corrupt system does not allow liberals freedom of thought – they may not be an MP if they do not support abortion in all its forms.
They will be prosecuted and imprisoned for hate speech if they question the criminal political and economic hegemony of Islam.
These thing only happen in an increasingly corrupt system.

J Smadello

I wonder how omar’s Lawyer…you know the one that Trudeau just appointed as federal judge that fought for Omar for his 10.5$ is feeling maybe they know each other ?