WATCH: Doug Ford Slams Ruling By Liberal-Appointed Judge, Says “I Was Elected. The Judge Was Appointed”

Ford refuses to back down after Liberal-appointed judge makes horrendous ruling on Bill 5.

In the wake of the ruling striking down Doug Ford’s Bill 5 by a Liberal-appointed judge (the same judge who ruled for Omar Khadr against the widow of the man Khadr admitted to murdering in Afghanistan), Ford has made clear that he will fight back.

In a press conference, Ford said he would invoke the Notwithstanding Clause (Section 33 of the Constitution), and appeal the ruling.

“I was elected. The judge was appointed,” said Ford.

You can watch his remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Doug Ford should seriously look into removing Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba from office. It is obvious that this judge can’t make an unbiased ruling.

Moe. S.

Ford’s absolutely right. He was elected by 2.3 million Ontarians and given a majority gov’t. Justice Edward Belobaba was appointed by Dalton McGuinty the Liberal Premier of Ontario and Kathleen Wynne’s’ gov’t.
Ontarians do NOT want unelected judges making decisions for an ELECTED majority government.


Way to go Doug Ford…..Great to see you use the constitution, all governments should be made to do the same. .

S. Willis

After 15 arduous years of corruption and rot at the hands of the McGuiLTY-Wynne Liberals, thankfully Ontario finally has a strong Premier in Doug Ford, a person who truly honours his role and responsibilities and refuses to pander to the radical left. A Premier who takes the meaning of the word “democracy” seriously! Judge Edward Belobaba’s ruling is a clear demonstration of superseding his authority. He and all judges who take it upon themselves to “write” law as their rulings must be removed from the bench immediately for gross incompetence and/or outright malpractice! The supreme arrogance and mammoth usurpation of… Read more »

Moe. S.

CORRECTION: Judge Belobaba was appointed by Federal Prime Min. Paul Martin’s Liberal gov’t.

Gonzo the Magnificent


Norbert Kausen

RIGHT ON, Doug!!! Invoke the “notwithstanding” clause!!! The courts have NO business usurping the democratic process, and THAT is exactly what the liberals and their appointed judge are attempting to do, override our emocratic process!!!

Wallace Klinck

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is quite right in appealing Judicial rejection of his Government’s recent legislation which substantially reduced the size of Toronto’s City Council. The cities and municipalities are creatures of the Provincial Governments. Canadian “psyches” have been “dissociated” by unrelenting propaganda directed upon them by an alien monopolized media while both public and private educational institutions have been infiltrated and subverted, especially by severing us from our historical roots or cultural foundations which we require as a reference point upon which to build civilization. The proper function of the courts is to adjudicate laws enacted by a properly… Read more »

Marco Del Degan

Bravo Doug!! Keep up the good work! WE ARE taking a stand. ME TOO.