Bernier Backed By Former Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal

Former Dragon’s Den personality Michael Wekerle and marijuana activist Marc Emery also endorse Bernier’s soon to be announced party.

Maxime Bernier’s upcoming new party is being backed by former Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal. Grewal is from B.C., and says he would run as a candidate if Bernier asked him. He also criticized the current Conservative Party:

According to the CP, “Grewal, a Conservative MP between 1997 and 2006, said while he played a key role in merging the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative Party, the new party has “lost touch” with grassroots members and is run by “inexperienced kids.” “They became arrogant, the leadership became arrogant,” he said.”

Michael Wekerle – who was formerly on Dragon’s Den and is a merchant banker, said that with Bernier, ‘”What he says is what he does is what he believes in. He’s a politician yet he doesn’t wade outside his core principles and for me, I thought that was very impressive,” said Wekerle. Wekerle said he believes Bernier has “Canadian interests at heart” and also called Bernier “very Canadian.”‘

Marc Emery – a libertarian who was advocated for marijuana legalization – says he has donated $1000 to Bernier and plans to help the new party.

“I’ve never seen anything I disagree with,” said Emery regarding Bernier.

Bernier is expected to make an announcement about his party on Friday.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube