Bernier Backed By Former Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal

Former Dragon’s Den personality Michael Wekerle and marijuana activist Marc Emery also endorse Bernier’s soon to be announced party.

Maxime Bernier’s upcoming new party is being backed by former Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal. Grewal is from B.C., and says he would run as a candidate if Bernier asked him. He also criticized the current Conservative Party:

According to the CP, “Grewal, a Conservative MP between 1997 and 2006, said while he played a key role in merging the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative Party, the new party has “lost touch” with grassroots members and is run by “inexperienced kids.” “They became arrogant, the leadership became arrogant,” he said.”

Michael Wekerle – who was formerly on Dragon’s Den and is a merchant banker, said that with Bernier, ‘”What he says is what he does is what he believes in. He’s a politician yet he doesn’t wade outside his core principles and for me, I thought that was very impressive,” said Wekerle. Wekerle said he believes Bernier has “Canadian interests at heart” and also called Bernier “very Canadian.”‘

Marc Emery – a libertarian who was advocated for marijuana legalization – says he has donated $1000 to Bernier and plans to help the new party.

“I’ve never seen anything I disagree with,” said Emery regarding Bernier.

Bernier is expected to make an announcement about his party on Friday.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

I wouid hope that Bernier’s party isn’t determined by whoever steps forward to say they publicly support him, but, rather, by the ideas that he advances.


Another 4 years of the groper boy, hope everyone will be happy splitting the right vote on a federal level. Nobody better bitch when it happens.

Eric Blair

The new party is run by inexperienced kids and is arrogant is the exact definition of what the liberals are. So basically this is no difference between the two of them. Nuff said.

Gonzo the Magnificent

There is a world of difference! The Liberals will totally remake Canada into a bigger disaster still. While I would rather have Bernier as the Conservative leader, Scheer at least is not the traitor Trudeau is, who is a globalist and Scheer is idealogically conservative.

A.A. Burley

Bernier was my pick but he lost. Scheer is captain, Bernier performed Mutiny and when no one followed him he sailed into the SunnyWays of his own doing. Soon Max will realize he basically has performed Political Harikari. At least with Emery, he is taking votes away from Trudeau.


Maxime has some good ideas, however unless you want Trudeau for 4 more years this would be a real bad time to split the vote, letting Trudeau slide into another majority government. What a disaster that would be. Scheer and Bernier should patch things up for the sake of a Conservative win.


Scheer had the ball in his court and he let it go. He missed a wonderful opportunity to get back on track. A nice and smooth political life with the status quo is not what the role of true political leaders will be in the future. The “dont rock the boat” leaders have no place in our country. We need strong politically incorrect leaders.


Marc Emery, a pot activist, with the Dragons Den? (O Leary) associated with the Democrats? if I am not mistaken. Germant Grewal tried to lead the BC Lieberal party was in the Reform party then the Conservatives quit in 2006?, a little unstable like Mad Max Bernier, the separatist in Quebec, then moved on, any politics will do if you think it is popular and might win, the money and pay offs are great, if you believe any of this might as well vote Lieberal, Trudeau is well on the way already to scrap Canada, for how corrupt and unstable… Read more »


This actually might be a good idea. Since there is no competition with the NDP. If people have more to vote for there might be even less Liberal government.


How about this? A Conservative Minority government with Max and his people (whoever they might be) holding the balance of power. The Liberal party reduced to 20 seats, 21 counting an NDP member who will crossover to join Liberals. Together the Maxies and Conservatives provide an adult government complete with a nationalist agenda.


There is no vote splitting at all. We all go for Bernier is the answer. We need to get the work done. We need a leader with a backbone and I have not seen that with Scheer. Immigration, illegal or legal is now a total chaos and Scheer is not about to change that. We need to stop immigration and review who is coming to this country and why. We have to invite immigrants who want to espouse Canadian values that are called freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of enterprise. We need to get our house in… Read more »

A.A. Burley

I am sure people as couples can live together with differing views, like a Liberal and an NDP under the same roof, but one a Conservative and one a Liberal? Come on Max. Couldn’t you have waited until you had someone else to roll out? Seriously, Marc Emery’s wife was seeking a Liberal seat. Conservatives shaking with belly laughs.