CRAZY: A Man With Gang Tattoos Is Afraid El Salvador Will Think He’s A Gang Member. So A Judge Halted His Deportation From Canada

You can’t even make this stuff up.

I really wish I could write about all the amazing, common-sense decisions being made by the federal government and the court system.

But you can’t write about stuff that isn’t happening.

Instead, we’re seeing a steady stream of absolutely absurd and crazy decisions from those in power, decisions that make law-abiding citizens question the very authority and legitimacy of the government.

Here’s the latest, as first reported in the National Post:

“A Toronto man ordered out of Canada for being a member of the notorious crime gang MS-13 has won a reprieve — with a judge accepting that his MS-13 gang tattoos could lead people to think he is a member of MS-13.

The decision to grant René Pacheco another hearing to assess the danger of deporting him to his native El Salvador means the same tattoos that prompted his deportation order have now saved him from immediate deportation.

Pacheco’s strange case started when he was arrested in 2016 for several criminal charges and, while he was in jail awaiting trial, Canada Border Services Agency officers interviewed him.

Pacheco, 25, whose nickname is “Machete,” boasted of his ties to MS-13, an international gang also called Mara Salvatrucha that is widely condemned for liberal use of brutal violence.

He showed officers a tattoo of the number 13 on the back of his hand. He also has a teardrop tattoo on his face, a symbol often taken as a sign of serious criminality, and tattoos on his knuckles and back.”

Additionally, “His admissions were deemed believable and CBSA moved to deport him for being a member of a criminal organization. Although he came to Canada at the age of six, he did not become a Canadian citizen.”

Then, he backtracked. Saying he wasn’t in a gang, and that he would be in danger if deported to El Salvador because the tattoos would make people think he was in a gang.

Two court rulings said he could be deported. But then, a judge “noted that Pacheco’s tattoos were the catalyst for his perceived risk,” and stopped the deportation.

As a commenter pointed out online, the ruling is absolutely crazy, and shows no concern for the safety of Canadian Citizens:

“This judge is an example of what is wrong with the justice system in this country. The guy is a gang member, wearing gang tattoos. So her logic is we keep him here because HIS life might be in danger if returned to his home country? No concern about the safety of Canadians. Things have to change in this country, or there is going to be civil unrest. No wonder junior wants to take guns away from citizens.”

Clearly, the justice system is corrupt and broken, with judges living in safe neighbourhoods protected from the crime they unleash upon us with their weakness. The disloyalty and insanity of those in power is growing worse and worse by the day.

Spencer Fernando

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Makes you wonder if the judge bought her law degree or lied about having one on her CV.


Isn’t anyone else scared, these fake Lieberals are quickly destroying our country on purpose, this is social justice folks, whatever the rich and powerful enjoy doing to us is coming, and we have no protection, except to try to hang on to the next election, but… I really do not want to see the finish, glad I am old.


Re: “decisions that make law-abiding citizens question the very authority and legitimacy of the government”

alan skelhorne

this sounds like another trudeau decision


Here is a brilliant song which reflects much of what many think and feel.
Listen carefully to the composition – of words.
It is appropriately titled – ‘State of Mind’


We have the right to know the name of the judges in every single court case we see in the news. Keeping them anonymous simply encourages them to make irresponsible “feel good” but very wrong decisions. Female judges making stupid incomprehensible decisions are becoming more common. The female pipeline judge claiming Indians haven’t been sufficiently consulted”? What is the legal definition of those words? The insane decision of the female judge declaring a Vancouver driver was not guilty of killing a man in a broadside collision because the killer was only speeding 140km / hr for a short time. We… Read more »


I agree, the problem is liberals are all corrupt in government.

Norbert Kausen

The government AND judicial system have destroyed their credibility, their legitimacy, their very moral authority with these imbecilic left-wing, liberal decisions! It is up to the Canadian people to fix this problem!


So why wouldn’ Trudeau use the Notwithstanding Clause like Ford did to protect our rights and freedoms from Left Wing Activist Judges ? Why, because he cant or he would be labeled anti immigration. He’s got no way out of this box.

Brian Dougan

So…The gang member’s nickname is “Machete.” Perhaps he was a field laborer; chopping down sugarcane? Not a chance. Just tattoo”Dismember” on his forehead. That would dispel any doubt. Another fine; upstanding resident of the “new” Canada.

Connie Cattle

Well, this is fixable order the removal of the tats and deport he is a criminal. You are not supposed to commit crimes in the country you wish to become a citizen of this is stupid. Why didn’t his parents apply for his citizenship when they came or did they stay illegally as well. This a game they play. They may as well have no border if we are going to keep pandering to criminals and people who come here illegally. It is dangerous as he has already committed crimes here and is here illegally. This is a mockery of… Read more »


It boggles the mind. What the hell happened to common sense?


So he’s 1 here illegal 2 has a criminal record 3 known ties to a brutal gang an organized gang, ya sure he only has 3 strikes he should be allowed to stay till he kills someone hell trudope should give him few million for having to go to court, fml the courts are corrupt the liberals are corrupt, no wonder Canadians are at breaking point, it’s bout time march on capital hill with torches and pitchforks