Doug Ford’s Use Of Notwithstanding Clause Is Essential Pushback Against The Anti-Democratic Far-Left Elites

For far too long, the leftist elites have sought to undo Conservative policies even after they lost elections.

In the wake of Doug Ford’s decision to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause following a totally incorrect court ruling striking down Bill 5, the usual suspects in the elitist media have gone crazy.

Some have even gone as far as calling Ford a ‘dictator,’ even though he is using a provision that is in the constitution and is entirely lawful and democratic.

But the hysterical reaction to Ford’s strong leadership is really about the far-left elites panicking.

They’re panicking because someone has finally stood up to them.

Someone finally called them on all their games and all their bullshit.

For so long, the elites were able to strike down common-sense Conservative policies even when they lost elections, because they have control over the courts.

Now, Ford has pushed back and fought back, making clear that he will use every tool at his disposal to protect the democratic decisions of the elected Ontario government.

Ford has set an example that needs to be followed by leaders across Canada. The far-left elites are trying to subvert and destroy our nation, and only by standing against them and ruthlessly fighting back can our country be defended.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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