UNBELIEVABLE: As NAFTA Negotiations Resume, Chrystia Freeland Headlines Event That Calls Donald Trump A “TYRANT”

The Trudeau government is putting our entire economy at risk in order to score some pathetic virtue-signalling points with the global elites.

It seems unbelievable.

It seems like a joke.

It seems like it has to be made up.

But it’s not.

With NAFTA talks on the brink, and with our auto sector potentially on the line, Trudeau’s foreign affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland headlined an event that insinuated Donald Trump (who was democratically elected) was a “threat” and “tyrant” comparable to unelected dictators in China, Syria, and other countries.

You can watch the video below:

The video seems like a far-left anti-Trump online ad. Including the democratically-elected leader of our closest ally among those other leaders is crazy.

And whatever people think of Trump, to have Chrystia Freeland not only attending, but headlining an event with that intro and that topic would be terrible at even the best of times.

But this isn’t the best of times. NAFTA is on the brink. So having Freeland attend that event while NAFTA negotiations are ongoing – knowing very well that it would obviously get back to the Trump Administration – is an absolutely appalling decision.

It’s also clearly not an accident.

The Trudeau government has sent the clearest possible signal that they could care less about our auto industry and economy being devastated.

They see a chance to score some domestic political points by jumping onto the elitist virtue-signalling.

As people turn against the globalist agenda, the elites are trying to silence the pushback by calling it ‘populism,’ and then calling ‘populism’ a ‘threat.’

And yet, the Trudeau government should have been able to put aside their political agenda for at least a few weeks to get a deal for the country, and Freeland should have skipped that event.

The fact that she didn’t, and the fact that she was so evidently basking in the glow of the elitist applause (at an event hosted by billionaire Heather Reisman) despite the damage she could be doing to the country, demonstrates once again how the Trudeau government is willing to throw Canadians under the bus when they think it will snag them some votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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