UNBELIEVABLE: As NAFTA Negotiations Resume, Chrystia Freeland Headlines Event That Calls Donald Trump A “TYRANT”

The Trudeau government is putting our entire economy at risk in order to score some pathetic virtue-signalling points with the global elites.

It seems unbelievable.

It seems like a joke.

It seems like it has to be made up.

But it’s not.

With NAFTA talks on the brink, and with our auto sector potentially on the line, Trudeau’s foreign affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland headlined an event that insinuated Donald Trump (who was democratically elected) was a “threat” and “tyrant” comparable to unelected dictators in China, Syria, and other countries.

You can watch the video below:

The video seems like a far-left anti-Trump online ad. Including the democratically-elected leader of our closest ally among those other leaders is crazy.

And whatever people think of Trump, to have Chrystia Freeland not only attending, but headlining an event with that intro and that topic would be terrible at even the best of times.

But this isn’t the best of times. NAFTA is on the brink. So having Freeland attend that event while NAFTA negotiations are ongoing – knowing very well that it would obviously get back to the Trump Administration – is an absolutely appalling decision.

It’s also clearly not an accident.

The Trudeau government has sent the clearest possible signal that they could care less about our auto industry and economy being devastated.

They see a chance to score some domestic political points by jumping onto the elitist virtue-signalling.

As people turn against the globalist agenda, the elites are trying to silence the pushback by calling it ‘populism,’ and then calling ‘populism’ a ‘threat.’

And yet, the Trudeau government should have been able to put aside their political agenda for at least a few weeks to get a deal for the country, and Freeland should have skipped that event.

The fact that she didn’t, and the fact that she was so evidently basking in the glow of the elitist applause (at an event hosted by billionaire Heather Reisman) despite the damage she could be doing to the country, demonstrates once again how the Trudeau government is willing to throw Canadians under the bus when they think it will snag them some votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Barry Bateman

The Liberals just get stupider and stupider. Can’t wait for 2019


If anyone is to be labelled a “threat” or a “tyrant”, it would have to be Trudeau who with every action he takes seeks to undermine our country, while Trump serves his country. It is hard to fathom how this strategy could actually work to buy them votes – are Canadians really this stupid?

Jill Ward

YUP and the election will PROVE ME RIGHT, AGAIN!

Nora Dekovich

Do we suppose to feel insulted by the elite calling us populist? As long as our Country is doing so good and President Trump is in the WH, honestly,I don’t give a damn about them.

alan skelhorne

yes they are for sure, i asked a few liberls around here, and all three thinks he is a superhero for standing up to trump. as for freeland, her family past tells us all what her main objective his.


Yes, many are & he may get in again with Bernie & sheer having a pissing match & splitting the right vote. Canaduh is truly stupid.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Obvious answer: YES!!

Peter Thomas L



How stupid can a government be ? That man will make Canada pay big time , he will be re-elected and like will have more power after mid terms. Inspite of what liberal news says his popularity is growing and he is doing everything right for his country not like these idiots we have , they forget Trudeau had a hand shake agreement with him and then reniged ,

Timothy Hickey

Trudeau is making one huge mistake if he thinks he will win an election with an anti-TRUMP campaign! There will be another option at the ballot boxes of the Nation, whenever the election is called, which could be within weeks! Canadians will be able to exercise their franchise, and choose an Independent Member of Parliament in each riding of thee country! In doing so, we will remove partisan governments that rule the country with only about 40% of the popular vote! The threshold to pass Legislation and/or a Motion will require the support of 2/3 of sitting and elected MPs,… Read more »


I am shocked at how many Canadians have the same thoughts and opinions as I do. I thought sometimes I was almost alone. We are together to save Canada.

Lamargo Petersen

You’re not alone!


“Any (wo)man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in (her) his error”
Marcus Tullius Cicero


That intro was horrific, these “Women in the World” do not speak for me. They speak as if their contorted opinions are fact, God forbid we end up living in the world they envision. “Somehow 62 million Americans voted for Donald Trump” – and the only reason would be what, mind control? Perhaps he is president because in the free world there are still a lot of people who believe in actual democracy and a nation with borders. Freeland is an embarrasment as is Trudeau. Hopefully Canadian voters will inject sanity back into government next time around.


Well said Kathleen. It sounds like Reisman is another swamp creature.

steve richards

Wow, I could only watch 7 minutes of this drivel. How could someone who was actually supposed to be negotiating a trade deal with the US even consider appearing on such a one sided US bashing event as this. All you have to do is watch this and then you realize there will never be a trade deal just like there never will be a pipeline as long as these out of touch fools are still in charge. What a shame to sit here and watch our country spiral down the drain under this so called leadership.

Ron Voss

And yet we have a PM who behaves like a tyrant because of a majority government and admires China’s “basic dictatorship”. The leftists project onto others what they are.

Freeland who babbles nonsense is an “erudite” woman?

Gonzo the Magnificent

That’s one of many problems with the elitist left; they are smug, they think they are sophisticated, they are arrogant and they think they are erudite. These are some of the reasons why I dispise them.


Well the US Democrats team put these corrupt Lieberals in power in Canada, along with Soros Tides foundation charity etc.and Canadian taxpayers paid for it. Obama and the Clinton’s own Trudeau Butt LIEberal party along with most of our mainstream media they want Trump gone with all the slant and lies they can develop (like Harper). They are doing their best to demonize the Canadian Conservatives, is Bernier owned by them too? and Trudeau wants to keep trashing Canada and we all suspected (knew) the illegal border crossers, no boarders, the pipelines all stopped, Nafta, stopped? , our fast growing… Read more »

Moe. S.

It’s become a habit of Chrystia Freeland, putting virtue-signaling and Trump bashing ahead of hard-working Canadians who could stand to lose 140,000 Ontario auto jobs from possible NAFTA trade failures. She makes NO mention of the millions of Canadian minimum wage women working their butts off with lousy daycare availability and huge costs. NO mention of women in Iran forced to wear the hijab or face jail time. These same Iranian women fighting NOT to wear the hijab flag of misogyny. Women who are stoned to death for alleged infidelities. Or the women who are segregated away from public enforced… Read more »


Add in trudeau’s fake preaching in yet another mosque as he referss to the women at the back of the room or in a back room. Not one single word from this BS fake feminist spoken in support of the poor Muslimas..

Gonzo the Magnificent

The left pat the backs of the left; plain and simple. That was some B.S. award like Barack Hussain Obama’s Nobel prize. What a joke!

Moe. S.

The event Freeland attended was the ‘WiTW (Women in the World) Summit held in Toronto Sept 10th. That is the reason for my rant about her not mentioning women with real issues around the world.

Ron Shaw

Trump should not deal with these liberal elitists who believe money grows on taxation trees . These people have become rich and powerful on the backs of the working men and women of Canada , vote these silver spoon fed government workers out of office , then throw “ literately “ Freeland under the bus . Her self serving , ignorant liberal ranting is sickening , I especially disagreed with the truck driver and the technology issues she brought up . All those illegal immigrants who are not working now and as she stated technology will keep them on unemployment… Read more »

Maryam McKinley

I don’t understand the fawning admiration for Freeland. She is so obviously incompetent.

Steve Azbill

Shoot the audio engineer!


Why did she go? To pander to Canadians who hate the US, and will vote for Trudeau because they hate Trump. Etc. This is not Liberal stupidy. It’s strategy.

Canadian Conservative

“Trumpaganda” Article at its finest…or maybe “fake news” or ah I got it…the Russians

Adam Harris

It’s “couldn’t care less” could care less implies they could in fact care less.


Watching that video was excruciatingly, “painful”. Sorry, but that was not the least bit interesting nor was it intellectual. It was a waste of time watching. Same old BS. Wasting time, saying nothing. Freeland needs to be replaced with a strong woman or a strong man. She acts like a Pixie sprinkling fairy dust all over the place. Trump must be laughing at our Liberal Government and by the way, he has every right to protect his country and so does every other country and it’s time our own Government did just that. Our Liberal Government lives in fairy land.… Read more »


Freeland and Trudeau are operating in their little universes; you would think they represent a small company that is going nowhere, NOT A COUNTRY OF 36 million people. We need leaders like Ford who can see the big picture and who can make the right decisions to better Canada economically and socially.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Funny, I thought the human being in the middle was a man until she, he, it, was introduced as a woman.
I will never buy another book from Chapters/Indigo in my life with elitist Reisman moderating this crap. Problem then is: who do I buy them from? Amazon with Jeff Bezos at the helm? Can some one help me with this dilemma!


Gonzo I was thinking the same thing and actually prefer Amazon now – It seems that Heather Reisman is part of the destroy America group who are fighting to form the New World Order. It puts me in mind of Orwell’s 1984 where everybody is controlled – The thought police monitor every thought and movement and they are required to attend the two minutes of hate every day.
Fortunately 65 million Americans are still able to think for themselves.

Gonzo the Magnificent

May be I’ll flip a coin for who I pick as Bezos makes me projectile vomit while at the other end, Reisman gives me diarrhea.


The radical far left jihadi justin trudeau, demanded that Mexico be included in the deal with USA. But when the far left liberals and the media played around with a bunch of ridiculous nonsense, Mexico not waiting for canada to make up her mind, went ahead to make good deals for their country with USA.

Why doesn’t Freeland go on a talk show in Mexico to slam el presidente for not standing with Canada?

Adam Ridolfi

Unbelievable joke. With NAFTA talks on the brink, and with our auto sector potentially on the line, Trudeau’s foreign affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland insinuated Donald Trump (elected) was a “threat” and “tyrant” comparable to (unelected) dictators in China, Syria, and other countries. The Trudeau government has sent the clearest possible signal that they could care less about our auto industry and economy being devastated. Despite the damage she could be doing to the country, demonstrates once again how the Trudeau government is willing to throw Canadians under the bus when they think it will snag them some votes.


Bruce Miller

If a French Roman catholic Prime Minister can switch courses and become a quasi Muslim , and then put canadian automotive sector in the hands of this relatively unqualified lady makes me thankful for the austere and secure Harper years.

George Manson

Freeland is a small minded left wing nit period

Brian Dougan

Unfortunately; Many Americans will think we’re all like that sickening; shriveled; anti-American crybaby. I cross the border every month. Pretty soon I’ll be too embarrassed to show a Canadian passport. Can this country get any worse; any stupider? I’m afraid the answer is yes.

Connie Cattle

I can not believe how incredibly stupid these politicians can be. They have no vision and are definitely not diplomates of any measure. I have finally come to the conclusion they want our economy to tank so everyone and everything will be under government control. Globalist agenda from start to finish. They have no intention of solving this it goes against their control the people with poverty. And as for the helping the middle class neither understand what that is. Trudeau wants all of us living in megacities and own nothing as he is making it nearly impossible for small… Read more »


I said, basically, the same thing to a friend the other night. This is a long-term project to introduce Social Marxism to the West by flooding Western countries with non-assimilating immigrants, thereby creating chaos, which will lead to a clampdown by the various governments. Islam is the wedge, but will be assimilated into the new order, eventually. BTW, I don’t think all of our politicians are stupid. Some are “useful idiots”, like Trudeau and Freeland, but many know exactly what they’re doing. They think they will become part of the ruling elite after the dust settles.

Brian Dougan

In an earlier posting; I wondered if Canada will get any worse. Thinking about our future; I suddenly remembered a hit pop song from the early seventies–The Canadian group “Bachman Turner Overdrive” (BTO) sang–(Trudeau to Canadian patriots:) “You ain’t seen n-n-n-nuthin’ yet.”

Scott Wesley

The wall just got 10 feet higher…we’re screwed.

Chaz Martel

Chrystia Freeland flunked out of Diplomatic School, which is the reason Justin Trudeau hired her. Trudeau cannot tolerate or is otherwise threatened by anyone who graduates or is qualified.

Freeland and Trudeau’s third rate behavior is considered acceptable in the morally relativistic swamp they belong to. When you have no standards, indeed when you often cannot even grasp the concept of standards or even spell ‘standards’, anything goes. At least until everything has ceased to work.


We all know if your a liberal, your an Idiot. I do hope trump says get out Canada, no deal, and puts tariffs on Canadian made cars. then Canada will finally see first hand how the liberals are destroying Canada in every way possible.


I agree with you whole-heartedly, Spencer. The woman is a walking train wreck.

Just for future reference ~ the phrase should be “they couldn’t care less” i.e. they care so little they couldn’t care less. When you say “they could care less” you are actually implying that they care quite a bit. I don’t think that was your intent.

David MacKAY

Conservative leader Brian Mulroney created NAFTA with Ronald Regan. Canada had done well ever since. Because NAFTA was created by Conservatives is the reason Trudeau wants to destroy it and then thinks he will be a Canadian hero and reinvent it because, “America needs us”!. Unfortunately for Trudeau Canadians are not as stupid as Trudeau thinks they are. Daily more and more Canadian view Trudeau as one man wrecking crew and do not see Trudeau as a hope for anything the same as they saw Ontario’s liberals as completely hopeless. Trudeau has never worked and doesn’t know how to fix… Read more »


Stupid, stupid, stupid and all Canadians will suffer for that stupidity – not just those wastes of good oxygen that voted for ‘the man who would be king’ and his troupe of court jesters.