BUSTED: Trudeau Liberal Minister Dominic LeBlanc Violated Conflict Of Interest Act

LeBlanc awarded a $24 million fishing license to a company that was going to be controlled by his wife’s cousin.

The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has ruled that Liberal Minister Dominic LeBlanc violated the Conflict of Interest Act.

LeBlanc is currently intergovernmental affairs minister. But when he was the fisheries minister, he awarded a $24 million clam fishing license to the Five Nations Clam Company.

That company was set to be owned by LeBlanc’s wife’s cousin, meaning LeBlanc should have recused himself. Here’s what Dion said:

“Mr. LeBlanc was aware of Mr. Thériault’s extensive involvement in the fishing industry. He was also aware of his family relationship to Mr. Thériault when he made the decision to pursue next steps in issuing the licence to the Five Nations Clam Company. In fact, Mr. Thériault raised the licencing issue with Mr. LeBlanc prior to the decision and Mr. Thériault’s name appeared on the proposal submitted to Fisheries and Oceans Canada and read in full by Mr. LeBlanc. I therefore found that Mr. LeBlanc contravened subsection 6(1) and section 21 of the Act.”

The license process was eventually cancelled.

LeBlanc will get either a tiny fine, or nothing at all. The Ethics Commissioner has no real power, and the political class has structured the corrupt system in such a way that they can’t really be punished.

That’s why punishment will have to be meted out by the Canadian people at the ballot box. LeBlanc has followed in the footsteps of Justin Trudeau – who was the first PM to be found in violation of a federal statute while in power.

There’s a clear pattern of corruption in the Trudeau government, and that corruption starts at the very top.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

corruption in the Liberal Party is nothing new,this has been going on for decades,they never take responsibilty for any thing

Gonzo the Magnificent

I believe his riding is in New Brunswick and as such he will buy his way to reelection in 2019 with proises. Not a chance of him leaving – ever! New Brunswick is so poor that they’ve developed a welfare mentality and as such will suck off the governemnt t_t until the 2nd coming not knowing the Trudeau Libs did not fight for the Energy East pipeline that would have brought oil to the Irving refinery there.


This culture of simply ignoring Canadian laws, including the Criminal Code of Canada, Sections 318 & 319, are firmly entrenched in the Liberal Party. Those Sections deal with hate literature that is followed “religiously” by peaceful people and is deliberately ignored by Wilson-Raybould.

EG: As far as we know, Monsef isn’t even a Canadian citizen yet she is in Government. She lied on her migration documents.


And what? He’ll get a $200 fine (maybe) & groper boy will say it is all good now. Sure glad the eastern idiots are happy with their stupidity in electing this imbecile.

Norbert Kausen

So WHY is he not charged!!! WHY is he NOT removed from OFFICE???!!! We have gone THAT far down the road to corruption that politicians can get away with crime, but we, the ordinary folks are threatened and put in fear because we stand up for what is right??!!! WHERE is the justice???

Nigel hogarth

When will it stop – one ethics infraction after the other and no penalties.


Of course, Leblanc and Hehr stay in Government. They haven’t done anything that violates Liberal culture. Groping, terrorism, banning free speech and now this is all perfectly OK.

Moe. S.

The top 3 portfolios in the Liberal gov’t: Trudeau, Morneau, and Le Blanc. All three guilty of ethics violations.
Entitled. Narcissists. Privileged. Men (if you can call them as such) with no shame, integrity or principals. Pity their children.

D. Briggs

Another disgusting example of the Liberal Party gone bad at the core.These so-called leaders of our government have an illness that is all-encompassing this party-the illness is called lying and if that doesn’t work you can call it cheating, corruption,unethical and you fill in the blank!We all know what they are and they should sent packing in the next election!!