Ford Government Introduces New Legislation To Strengthen Democracy & Slash Toronto City Council

“We were elected on a commitment to make government work more effectively and efficiently for the people,” said Ford.

The Ford government is introducing a bill to protect the Better Local Government Act (AKA Bill 5), to cut the number of Toronto City Councillors from 47 to 25.

The legislation had been passed in the Ontario Legislature, but was struck down by a Liberal-appointed activist judge.

But instead of rolling over like other politicians, Ford fought back, making it clear that he would use the Notwithstanding Clause to ensure the legislation goes into force.

By pushing back, Ford is strengthening democracy and ensuring that an activist Liberal-appointed judge can’t block the will of the People.

Here’s what the Ford government said in a press release:

Today, Ontario’s Government for the People brought back Ontario’s Legislature and tabled the Efficient Local Government Act. If passed, the Act would invoke Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and ensure the City of Toronto’s wards and number of councillors are aligned to 25 prior to the municipal election on October 22.

“We were elected on a commitment to make government work more effectively and efficiently for the people,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Today, we introduced new legislation to help us do just that for the people of Toronto. We have brought back the Legislature to ensure there will be an election on October 22 in the City of Toronto, for 25 city councillors.”

Aligning the City of Toronto’s municipal ward boundaries with provincial and federal electoral districts would save city taxpayers at least $25 million over four years. A smaller, more efficient council would end political gridlock at City Hall and make sure quick action is taken to get transit, infrastructure and housing built.

The Government is taking action to provide certainty to Toronto voters ahead of October 22, while it continues with an appeal.

“A streamlined city council will reduce the cost of government for Toronto taxpayers and speed up decision-making,” said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “We’re acting once again to make sure Toronto council is ready to put the needs of everyday people first.”

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is appealing the Superior Court’s decision striking down the Better Local Government Act. The province’s position is that the Act is a valid exercise of the province’s jurisdiction over municipal institutions.

  • To provide certainty to City of Toronto voters, with an October 22 election date, Ontario is introducing this new bill to preserve all aspects of the Better Local Government Act, which was originally passed by Ontario’s democratically elected legislature.

  • The nomination deadline for Toronto council candidates and school board trustees would be extended to two days after the new bill receives Royal Assent.

Here’s what Ford said about it:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Listening to Mayor John Tory, (CBC of course) he spoke with the Lieberal Feds to see if they would stop Doug Ford and they backed down, I guess they realized they had already overstepped their boundaries, John Tory has also called back the city lawyers, to see if anything else could be done. The Great Doug Ford is protecting our Democracy, and Ontario, saving the very in debt city a lot of money, what a fight. Of course the Ontario Lieberal/ndp party is trash talking Doug, and going to do everything in their power to hold up the law further,… Read more »


Way to go Doug !!! Good for you in not rolling over. Once you get Ontario straightened out maybe run for pimp minister of Canada, we needs some common sense across this land.