Mexico Reiterates Willingness To Sign NAFTA Replacement Deal Without Canada

The government of Mexico is looking after the interests of their own people. Meanwhile, Trudeau is playing political games.

Mexico has once again made clear that they are willing to sign a trade deal to replace NAFTA – even if Canada isn’t a part of it.

While Mexico doesn’t seem to want a deal that doesn’t include Canada, they’re working with the reality on the ground, and positioning themselves for the best possible outcome they can get for their nation.

Mexico’s Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said “NAFTA is trilateral deal, and that fact is a great asset. If in the end we see a scenario that we don’t expect nor hope for but can’t be ruled out — that there’s no agreement between Canada and the U.S. — then Mexico needs to take the next step, advancing on a bilateral deal, if it’s necessary. But I repeat, we’re betting that the trilateral nature is maintained.”

The approach of Mexico’s government is an interesting contrast with how Chrystia Freeland and the Trudeau government have ‘managed’ things.

Donald Trump is very unpopular in Mexico, and it would be easy for Mexico’s politicians to score political points by having a big economic fight with his administration. However, they have mostly set politics aside to get a deal and protect their economic interests.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government spent over a year virtue-signalling, which has resulted in Canada being on the outside looking in.

True leadership is being willing to put short-term political benefits aside for the good of the nation. The Trudeau government is doing the exact opposite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

The Trudeau Govt is now facing Karma, that they brought themselves,which they so richly deserve

shawn harris

With Trudeau and his gang of brilliant strategists, strategic and long term thinking and planning are lost on the socialist altar of political correctness and gender equality. All the while Canada and Canadians suffer because of the socialist thinking and desires of Trudeau, who places a higher priority on them , than the immediate needs of Canadians. Trudeau is locked in on his beliefs that he would rather Canada suffer extreme economic damage, than admit that his approach and demands are the single biggest reasons why our economy is slowly dying and our economic future looks bleak. Mexico has the… Read more »