NUTSO: Jagmeet Singh (Polling Under 20%) Thinks Doug Ford Is “Fringe”

Math is hard.

Jagmeet Singh is polling around 12-15%.

The Ontario PC Party led by Doug Ford won a landslide majority with 61% of the seats, and 41% of the popular vote in the Ontario election.

But in Jagmeet Singh’s world, that somehow means that Doug Ford and Conservatives are fringe candidates, while he somehow represents the majority.


As noted in a recent report, here’s what Singh said:

“Singh told his caucus during a retreat in Surrey, B.C., that Trudeau’s explanation for disavowing the promise was that he was worried a new electoral system might facilitate the rise of far-right, fringe parties.

“First-past-the-post didn’t stop Doug Ford from coming into power in Ontario,” Singh said, to laughs and applause from NDP members of Parliament.

“It didn’t stop him from using the notwithstanding clause to continue a petty vendetta against the City of Toronto, to abrogate our charter rights to continue this vendetta.”‘

Singh also oddly implied that the electoral system should have stopped the Conservatives from hiring Hamish Marshall, and then claimed that Maxime Bernier was creating an “anti-immigrant” party.

Singh’s comments only confirm that he’s a far-left, social justice warrior who is totally out of touch with reality.

If Doug Ford is a “fringe” candidate despite winning 41% of the vote and getting a huge majority of seats, what does that make Jagmeet Singh – who polls show is way back and tied with Elizabeth May for ‘preferred prime minister.’

No wonder the NDP can’t raise any money or gain any support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Bainard

What planet is this guy from?

Mike Allan

I believe it’s a place that’s hot and has an abundance of sand.Between the sand and the heat the left side of his small brain has done melted away.

Don Taylor

You cant fix Stupid !!

Gonzo the Magnificent

The guy is as stupid as he looks


It Seems That all we have here is a gigantic lot of “Sour Grapes!”

Ed Peebles

Muriel Altiparmakyan

Tell him to go back to Brampton and write letters to help his fellow Sikhs claim false claims to crook the system.

Scott Heron

Why does he keep changing his turbin, can’t even decide which one to wear today, what a complete loser he is, also anyone voteing for NDP trash should have their heads examined

Norbert Kausen

HAHAHA, YEP, Math is hard when you don’t have a brain, like the brinless NDP… AND Liberals! They can squawk all they want, it is meaningless!


Just a heads up to Conservatives – Many Canadians would recognize Singh, but far fewer would identify Scheer.

don morris

You’re probably right,but they’d possibly recognize Singh because of the turban. I’d like to post a poll with photos of all the other leaders,and a fake one of another Sikh gentleman wearing a turban,just to see how many would identify him as the leader of the NDP.


Jagmeet Singhs picture is in our Lieberal/ndp mainstream news everyday at least once, while maybe every few weeks we see something about Andrew Scheer, and rarely with a good news story just slanted or lies against them, in fact Bernier is in the Globalist news more often attacking Scheer?


-Why waste time reporting on this looser ? NDP are toast as the Liberals will be in 2019

don morris

I DO hope the voters of Burnaby don’t vote for this parachute candidate,but as that Riding is dyed in the wool socialist,they probably will. Singh will be lucky to retain more than a half dozen seats in Quebec, and is going to see the NDP almost wiped out in the West,if the Dippers win 15 seats it will be a big surprise. Moderate socialists will go over to Trudeau, radicals to the Greens, none to the CPC and maybe a few to the Communist party.It will take at least an election cycle for the NDP to get back to respectability… Read more »