REPORT: Contrary To Trudeau Government Claims, Illegal Border Crossings Have Wrecked Canada’s Refugee System

The system has broken down.

Crossing into Canada illegally from the United States is not a legitimate act, and it is illegal – regardless of what the disloyal open borders elites try to say.

For a long time, the Trudeau government attacked anyone who raised questions about illegal crossings. The Liberals claimed that the system could easily handle it.

Of course, we’ve seen that the system can’t handle it.

Canadian taxpayers are getting screwed over, as people who illegally entered our country are getting services funded at taxpayers expense.

And now, it’s become clear that the refugee system is crumbling.

According to a recent report, “The wait time for a refugee claim hearing in Canada increased more than a third over the past two years, to 19 months, as more than 30,000 asylum seekers arriving via unauthorized border crossings placed significant pressure on the system. Overwhelmed by the number of migrants, the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has only managed to finalize 15 per cent of the 27,674 asylum claims made by people who illegally entered Quebec – where the majority of the crossings took place, mostly at a single location near St. Bernard-de-Lacolle – between February, 2017, and this June.”

Additionally, “The resulting backlog has created a growing queue for any and all asylum seekers.”

So, the system has crumbled because of Trudeau’s unwillingness to enforce Canada’s border.

The government said this would never happen. This is yet another lie of Trudeau that has been exposed.

The refugee system is meant to handle a certain amount of claims per year. That requires a controlled border. If the border is not controlled, if people are allowed to cross illegally, then the system can’t cope and it breaks down.

Also, the surge of claims aren’t even legitimate. People crossing into Canada from the U.S. aren’t legitimate refugees, and the more the system is overwhelmed by illegal crossings, the more that legitimate refugees (like Christians in the middle east), get pushed back further in line.

Trudeau has broken the refugee system, and it’s yet another example of the damage he’s doing to the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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shawn harris

Trudeau likes to twist his words, their meaning , and in the process, he becomes very duplicitous . Thus he betrays the very people, the legal immigrants, he claims to want to help get into Canada, while aiding and abetting the illegal immigrants, by allowing them to jump the que and get citizenship before those who have waited years to get in. Worse yet, Trudeau helps the process, which he started, to breakdown our sovereignty, our borders, and our national unity, by destroying the value of our citizenship, with his deliberate flooding of Canada with illegal immigrants and refugees. It… Read more »


Spencer, take a look at this photo and read what he says about his plans on ‘immigrations’. As you can see he is doing just that.


All the Lieberals should be packed and sent to live over there with the people they claim to care about and just let them try their fake virtue signaling. Then we can put our country back together again, hopefully.

Wendy Lush

The two horns are missing.


Does anyone else see a ‘global’ pattern here? It is the elephant in the living-room, and we just need to see it for EXACTLY what it is. The enemy (in the form of globalism) has breached the gates, and the solutions dispensed by this pariah has, have and will (with malice and forethought) continue to spread its disease until the host(s) have lost their will and ability to defend. Say it ain’t true……… _ _ _ “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only… Read more »


Canadians fully deserve whatever happens to them. Vote for incompetence will bring many lasting negative effects.


Are you Canadian? Did you vote?


Excellent statement as a title! All we need to know is that those illegal immigrants ARE NOT REFUGEES.


One has to wonder with the Crown prince of Saudi Arabia donating his fortune to the proliferation of Islam, of its connection. Is the Government of Canada receiving large donations to take in more Muslim people? so than this becomes about their “Rabbit Hole” of money being given personally to people in government to sneakily add this agenda in. We all know of Trudeaus aspirations of a UN seat. So is all of this a reflection of Soros, Obama and Saudi Arabia (UN) influence on Trudeau? it most certainly is very obvious that Canada and its nation is not having… Read more »

Wendy Lush

I might be wrong, but I seem to remember a newsclip about Saudi Arabia donating millions to the Trudeau Foundation or the Liberal Party prior to the 2015 election, just before the legal cut-off deadline according to federal election rules. Anyone else remember?

David MacKAY

It is all about Islam
or is it about Western Willful blindness to Trudeau’s advancement of Islamic tyranny and Canada failing asleep…falling asleep like Sweden

Moe. S.

Sweden awoke too late, only to discover they now have 62 violent “no-go zones” that have been established by the 170,000 migrants the gov’t invited into the country. These colonized no-go zones are outnumbering many town locals. The present population of Sweden is 10 million. Predictions are that by 2050, Swedes will become the minority. Many Swedes want out of their own country due to the violent no-go zones occupied by new migrants to the country. Belguim is called “the jihadi capital of Europe.” It has 22 mosques within a 4-mile radius. Belguim gave a 100-year land lease to Saudi… Read more »