WARNING: Canada’s Lost Tax Advantage Over The U.S. Puts 635,000 Jobs In Danger

Price Waterhouse Cooper says it could be far worse than even the termination of NAFTA.

Canada’s lost tax advantage over the United States – caused by the failure to respond to tax cuts in the U.S. – puts a massive amount of Canadian jobs at risk.

That’s according to common sense, and also a new report from Price Waterhouse Cooper Canada.

Here’s a key section of their study:

“Our analysis suggests that the U.S. tax reform has eliminated one of Canada’s main competitive advantages. We are of the view that this loss will have a significant negative impact on capital-intensive sectors in Canada. All else being equal, these sectors as a whole would likely face a significant shift in investments from Canada to the U.S. over the next 10 years.”

In addition to the potential massive job losses, $85 BILLION in GDP is at risk.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “PwC said $85-billion in GDP – about 4.9 per cent of total output – and 635,000 jobs are at risk due to the U.S. leapfrogging Canada on the competitive front. It forecasts the chemical, machinery manufacturing and plastics industries would be most at risk. On a provincial basis, PwC said Ontario has the most on the line, accounting for nearly one out of every three dollars identified at risk.”

We already knew this was a huge risk. It’s simply common sense.

Investment goes where it can be the most successful. Right now, Canada is moving in an anti-business direction, with higher regulations and a destructive carbon tax. Meanwhile, the U.S. is reducing job-killing regulations and substantially cut their business and personal tax rates.

Predictably, investment is heading south.

If the Trudeau government wanted to stop this damage and stop the huge risk to so many jobs, they could easily achieve it by reducing the business tax rate, cutting taxes for Canadian workers and families to spur demand, eliminate the carbon tax, and reduce regulations.

So far, none of that is happening. Instead, our economy is being strangled, and the risks are piling up.

Spencer Fernando

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Lieberals good friends, Clintons, Obama, Rothchilds, Bildenbergers, and of course Soros and the UN and affiliates are busy trying to collapse the Americas, Obama did not work hard enough and President Trump has Soros out of retirement with all their mainstream medias frothing at the mouth with more lie, as Trump is wrecking and slowing down, his one world order plan etc. “It is hard to build trust, but easy to destroy it”(Soros), and no boarders, and his social justice warriors, working for their much better world for themselves through the Lieberals around the world. Like the Lieberals he will… Read more »


What do the NDP think about this? We don’t hear much so do we assume they support Trudeau?

Why does Trudeau hate Canada so much?

Mike Allan

Read the history on trudeau sr because it tells of what an enormous socialist he was.trudeau jr is finishing the job.Many jobs at stake and the next election is so far away.Jr has and will do a lot more damage.Read watch and learn what socialist like trudeau will do if not stopped.

shawn harris

With just about one year to go before the next election, it is now very clear, after three years of Trudeaunomics , that Canada and our economy are heading towards a very solid wall of reality. That will result in a very devastated economy, along with a national unity crises. With his almost complete shutdown of the oil industry, his NAFTA failure, and refusal to lower taxes and rewarding of terrorists and foreign funded NGOs, he has shown that he is beyond being out of touch and is focused only on his socialist dream of turning Canada into another Cuba… Read more »


When are all Canadians going to get it through their thick sckulls that the Media, Liberals and Soros are corrupt and Destroying our once beautiful country. Their interests are to take over and controll all of us. Go to sites other than CBC and CTV where you will find some truths. This is serious stuff. We have a war going on in our very midst and no one is doing anything about it. We cannot wait till 2019.


All intentional pre planned NWO agenda 21. Canada will be annexed by the USA if the fool is not stopped.


My comment below is a result of the mess the Liberal gov. did with NAFTA. No wonder Trump is giving us a thumbs down.

Sewer Rat

Paranoid Cons! Budgets balance themselves, and so will this! All that is needed, is, to create more government jobs and print more money. Sunny ways are ahead of us!

*shower is now needed *

Mike Allan

We all know what trudeau is trying to do and succeeding.Like the comments above why is there no protest in every city in Canada. I’m almost believing that the most of the citizens/voters of Canada somehow want this socialist libtard change this country much like obama tried in the United States.

David MacKAY

Lets see what will be Justin Trudeau’s response….
George Soros and Mr Moreau made me do it?

Wendy Lush

Canadian jobs won’t be moving only to the US but to Mexico as well; we got frozen out of the Mexico-USA deal – thanks to Trudeau’s nasty and careless comment about Trump at the G7 summit.

So we’ll be getting a double whammy of Perot’s “giant sucking sound”.