WATCH: Unhinged NDP MPPs Expelled From Ontario Legislature

They tried to stop the duly-elected Ford government from passing legislation to slash Toronto City Council. They failed, and looked like total fools in the process.

As The Ford government used their constitutionally-delegated authority to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause and pass legislation cutting Toronto City Council to increase efficiency, the NDP went crazy.

They started hysterically banging their desks and shouting out, in an attempt to stop the proceedings from continuing.

Finally, the NDP MPPs had to be removed one-by-one, including NDP leader Andrea Horwath.

Of course, we all know that the NDP has never gotten this angry about other things. It’s only when the jobs of elitist politicians are on the line that they seem to care.

“The leftist elites have shown far more concern for 22 Toronto city councillors losing their jobs than they ever did for the safety of the Canadian People or the well-being of Canada’s Workers. Horribly misplaced priorities.”

It just goes to show how the left goes absolutely crazy when someone actually governs for the People, instead of the elites.

You can watch clips of the absurd spectacle below:

Another example of why the radical left can never be trusted to govern.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

just like a bunch of little kids,this is to remind me never to vote for these nitwits


Love this!! Thankyou Doug Ford!!!


What do you mean?


Please tell me that they are fined and have their huge pays docked for unbecoming behaviour and being against democracy. When will these horrible brainwashed people leave our country and go to Venezuela or another broken socialist country and try and be dictators against their own people, that they are supposed to represent. Thank you Doug Ford and Ontario Conservatives, and this really great speaker of the house good job. Maybe we can get back to democracy and getting the business done to save the province of Ontario. Now if we can just get a real democratic Canadian government for… Read more »


Oh I am sorry and apologise to any Venezuelan person who had to flee their country and came here hoping to get away from these totalitarian socialist governments, we want rid of them too as you can see. just vote Conservative and we all hope it is not too late here before the next election.

Scott Heron

Spoiled brat Horta this and her bunch of cronies, nice job King Ford

Moe. S.

This is a prime example of how social justice warriors, the NDP, turn into absolute fools! Such childish behavior. One of the many reasons Andrea Horwath LOST THE ELECTION. This spectacle just confirms for Ontarian voters they indeed voted in the right person and gov’t to govern Ontario for four years, and four more years after that. “Go Doug Go.”


And that temper tantrum by supposed “adult ” politicians is why they will nvr been in power, sad and pathetic

Dennis Creighton

True enough. You don’t see the apparent people’s party jumping on their desks and demanding free post-secondary education for all its constituents. They’d rather give or steal a fish rather than teach how to fish.


Can’t watch the clips, reminds me of playground spoiled brats banging their heels in the dirt.

Ron Voss

Quite a spectacle. The last time I saw something like this was in junior high when we had flip top desks and one of the delinquents wanted to goad the teacher.

If they weren’t sitting in the house as MLAs, they could well join their Antifa friends on the left.

Ron Voss

One is reminded of the obstruction of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings last week on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Birds of a feather flock together.


Sometimes you got to get a little authoritarian to restore democracy especially if you against the non-democratic progressive left.


It’s really sad when members of our Government act in such a disgusting and shameful way. If they would only put that same energy and enthusiastic support for council members keeping their jobs and put it towards running Canada properly and doing what is best for our Country and our Tax Paying Citizen’s. We, the people, are footing the bill for far too many Government Employee’s, who by the way are not doing their job properly. Andrea Horwath is a sore loser and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if she organized this scenario, in Parliament. I wouldn’t even think… Read more »

sandra c

There are two different sandra’s on this page. Seems I am going to have to change something in my name. This is my post.


Bunch of little babies .. they should lose pay for this behaviour. So disrespectful!

shawn harris

The NDP have joined with the elites, Liberals ,SJWs and others all to prove that they really are just in parliament to get what they want and not what the public needs or demands from their parliamentarians. This despicable lot of politicians, namely the Liberals, NDP, just can’t resist showing their deceit,arrogance and hypocrisy. They are always first to deceitfully proclaim their love and defence of democracy, just so long as they get what they want. But when the Conservatives have power, they are demonized, delegitimized and lableled racist dictators, all for having the courage to stand up to these… Read more »


Nice to see we finally have a leader who will fight for the citizens of Ontario. The NDP have shown that they are nothing more than children who need to be removed from any representation of our political system. Keep up the good work Ford. Maybe Schear needs to take a lesson from the premier of Ontario.