WATCH: Unhinged NDP MPPs Expelled From Ontario Legislature

They tried to stop the duly-elected Ford government from passing legislation to slash Toronto City Council. They failed, and looked like total fools in the process.

As The Ford government used their constitutionally-delegated authority to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause and pass legislation cutting Toronto City Council to increase efficiency, the NDP went crazy.

They started hysterically banging their desks and shouting out, in an attempt to stop the proceedings from continuing.

Finally, the NDP MPPs had to be removed one-by-one, including NDP leader Andrea Horwath.

Of course, we all know that the NDP has never gotten this angry about other things. It’s only when the jobs of elitist politicians are on the line that they seem to care.

“The leftist elites have shown far more concern for 22 Toronto city councillors losing their jobs than they ever did for the safety of the Canadian People or the well-being of Canada’s Workers. Horribly misplaced priorities.”

It just goes to show how the left goes absolutely crazy when someone actually governs for the People, instead of the elites.

You can watch clips of the absurd spectacle below:

Another example of why the radical left can never be trusted to govern.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter