DIVIDING CANADIANS: Justin Trudeau Called Conservatives “Disgusting” For Asking Questions About Government Ethics

Trudeau continues with his divisive rhetoric in an attempt to tear Canada apart.

Dominic LeBlanc – current intergovernmental affairs minister and former fisheries minister – was recently found to be in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act.

The Conservatives had been asking questions about LeBlanc for months, due to concern about him awarding a fishing license to a company that was set to be owned by his wife’s cousin.

So, how did Justin Trudeau react months ago when the Conservatives demanded answers for the Canadian People?

He called them “disgusting.”

That’s a quote from the Hansard, the official recording of what happens in the House of Commons.

To call Conservatives “disgusting” for asking questions about ethics is itself a disgusting act.

Asking questions and demanding answers is literally the job of the opposition, and Trudeau shows his authoritarian and anti-democratic mindset when he tries demonizing his opponents for seeking government accountability.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly demonized Conservatives, in an attempt to tear Canadians apart for his own selfish political gain. It’s incredibly dangerous, it’s disgusting, and it puts our nation at increasing risk.

Trudeau is purposely dividing Canadians as he tries to hold on to power, and his cynicism, dishonesty, and disloyalty must be rejected by the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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