DIVIDING CANADIANS: Justin Trudeau Called Conservatives “Disgusting” For Asking Questions About Government Ethics

Trudeau continues with his divisive rhetoric in an attempt to tear Canada apart.

Dominic LeBlanc – current intergovernmental affairs minister and former fisheries minister – was recently found to be in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act.

The Conservatives had been asking questions about LeBlanc for months, due to concern about him awarding a fishing license to a company that was set to be owned by his wife’s cousin.

So, how did Justin Trudeau react months ago when the Conservatives demanded answers for the Canadian People?

He called them “disgusting.”

That’s a quote from the Hansard, the official recording of what happens in the House of Commons.

To call Conservatives “disgusting” for asking questions about ethics is itself a disgusting act.

Asking questions and demanding answers is literally the job of the opposition, and Trudeau shows his authoritarian and anti-democratic mindset when he tries demonizing his opponents for seeking government accountability.

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly demonized Conservatives, in an attempt to tear Canadians apart for his own selfish political gain. It’s incredibly dangerous, it’s disgusting, and it puts our nation at increasing risk.

Trudeau is purposely dividing Canadians as he tries to hold on to power, and his cynicism, dishonesty, and disloyalty must be rejected by the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The whole concept of having Trudeau representing Canada is DISGUSTING. Seeing his picture makes me want to throw up.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Throw up? I start convulsing!!


I can’t stand Trudeau, and his diversity politics, and his open borders policies he has divided Canada, with his hatred against old stock Canadians and put us taxpayers in economic despair. He is the enemy of us Canadian citizens, since most of Canadians did not vote for his open borders or his globalist agenda. I can’t wait to vote this vile so called Leader out, we Canadian citizens deserve better! I will be voting for a Conservative Government.

Mike Allan

How much time does Canada have before trudeau disgraces the honest hard working Canadian taxpayers even more.A lot of Canadian citizens do not understand or know what type of bills are being passed behind or backs such as bill c69 about the building of pipelines or the gangs getting into our country with little or no accountability or vetting.Pls citizens of Canada read, listen, and watch because CBC will never give you the real news.Thanks to Spencer he’s doing a great job but behind the scenes there’s so much we don’t understand or know.We also have the conservative freedom fighters… Read more »

Patrick Scally

You “old stock Canadians” can piss off and hurry up and die off so we can have a society without your hate!!

Mike Baker

Patrick – How on earth did you get your head so far up your ass with those bolts on your neck? Divisive is synonymous is a way with the word hate. Please note just in case you can’t read, the article is about Trudeau not old stock Canadians –stupidity (*sigh)


I will be voting Maxime Bernier.


Everyday trudope shows more and more his true colours of wanting to be a dictator, and as 1st nations i find it disgusting and sad we used us to make this comment, I have also read his wife’s cousin and this business is not even owned by 1st nations, they chose the name so it appeared as it was

Don Taylor

Trudeau is the most traitorous PM in Canadian history,the question is how do we remove him from office before the next election?


The only thing disgusting about Canada is Trudeau.

Mops Jones

Absolutely agree!


don’t forget the idiots in the east who voted for him, they rank up there with being disgusting.


Problem is these tyrant socialist dictators even when voted out, think they rule and get even meaner, it is part of the worldwide UN socialist Lieberal/ndp propaganda agenda, and their owned news medias Look at the way they treat Doug Ford. Look at the way President Trump is being treated, etc. People who believe this way, either need reprogramming or be removed from our country before they cause more problems, they should be sent to the countries they have collapsed, and let them actually live with the people they have downtrodden, not their rich elite non thinking ways. They are… Read more »


You should see the groper boys defenders, deflectors & spinners on twitter. It’s unreal how ‘peoplekind’ still support this imbecile. canaduh is truly a very uneducated country.

Norbert Kausen

Let’s see who’s REALLY disgustin here…. the Liberals… of COURSE!!! They are a DSGRACE!!!


Not only am I “disgusting” – but also a long standing member of , a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy … standing on guard for Canada with continued “disgusting” pride.

yvon monahan

I never knew what true hatred was until TRUDEAU became PM, and I’m 75 years old !


I am 81 and never ever seen a PM hated as much as he is, never seen a PM being as many names as he is, this is one in history. People just hate his guts.

Bill Quest

This Liberal government is taking absurd identity politics and special interest pandering to a lethal level …… 
under this spastic Liberal government I don’t think Canada has even reached “peak moral relativism / white guilt” yet. 
They will continue trying to get away with their attempt at wooing tribal votes in their special ‘veiled’ way ….
Liberals currying favors to their pet tribes…… that’s what the LIBERANOS excel at …….


I would rather vote for loki than justin trudeau