HORRIBLE: Horwath Tweets, Then Deletes Comment Attacking Ford In Tweet About Humboldt Broncos

Every time it seems the radical left can’t get even more unhinged, they go even further.

Andrea Horwath has deleted two tweets, after being slammed for using the moment of the Humboldt Broncos first game since the tragedy to slam Doug Ford.

Here are screenshots of the deleted tweets:

The tweet and deletion was brought to attention by journalist J.J. McCullough:

“I see just deleted a tweet in which she used the Humbolt tragedy as a excuse to take a partisan potshot at Premier Ford.”

The NDP and their fellow radical leftists are becoming increasingly unhinged. The deleted tweets from Horwath are appalling, as it takes incredibly poor judgement to try and score political points while discussing the Humboldt Broncos playing their first game.

This comes just a day after the NDP went crazy in the Ontario Legislature, screaming and banging on their desks before eventually being ejected.

The more hysterical and unhinged they become, the more the NDP shows why they were rejected by the People. After all, if this is how crazy Horwath and the socialists are without power, imagine what they would be like with power…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

The establishment media won’t report on this story, but if a Conservative had done it the media would make a massive story out of it. If you want to push back against the corrupt establishment, you can help contribute to SpencerFernando.com through PayPal at the button below:

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Well you don’t need to look at Ontario and see how the Socialist NDP have created a mockery of our nation.
Just look at what Notley and Horgan have done to create uncertainty in our two provinces. However, that is what the folks who enjoy government handouts voted for here in Alberta and BC.


The nasty programmed communist NDP/lieberal party are supported in Toeonto and other Ontario cities, they are totally out of control but claim this is democracy, can’t except they were voted out still and because their support came from the cities they should retain their totalitarian control, even if we are a whole province, whose majority wants them gone, or at least quiet and respectably behaved. As one person said: many are already out of work and if Trump stops NAFTA more will be out of work, so if Ford cuts these council members jobs back he is doing us a… Read more »


Governments in all provinces are already bloated with ‘government jobs’. It’s time to trim the fat from ALL government employees. An mp is an employee, they just get elected.

shawn harris

The NDP and other hardcore leftist socialists show themselves to be devoid of any rational thinking and logic by their hysterical and outrageous behaviour. They have deliberately chosen to get rid of any pretense of actually serving the very public, they persuaded to vote for them. To them, voting in a democracy is just a means to an end for power. They put on a great show and loudly pretend to be defending democracy, but only so long as they are in power or have a chance at gaining power. If they are defeated, as the Wynne Liberals were, then… Read more »


From what i see, from BC, the people of Ontario spoke loud and clear at the poles.The socialists were not only punted, they were drop kicked out of stadium. Is Ford a tad brash? Maybe. But, he said what the people wanted from him. Now, lets see if he has the balls to git er dun

Diane DiFlorio

It’s just a handful of Orange and Red talking heads and their scripted media that are crying foul. Oh enough BOO HOO’S ALREADY. So what, a dozen or so Councillors will be handing out their resumes. Toronto needs to be streamlined, like other major cities around the nation. Long Story Tory is quite the S disturber and will do whatever it takes (at taxpayers expense) to call undemocratic. There are many that need to go and in my opinion, anyone at Toronto City Council that is supporting Doug Ford is a keeper !!

Chaz Martel

The twisted dementos of the Left. The more their irrelevance becomes clear the more desperate they become. The Left has nothing to offer but extremism and glaring insanity.