Trudeau Was So Quick To Comment On The Hijab Hoax, Yet Remains Silent On Syrian Refugee Charged With Killing Burnaby Girl

Why the double-standard?

When the Hijab Hoax first started getting reported, Justin Trudeau literally rushed to the cameras to make a statement.

He used the moment to smear Canadians as ‘islamophobes,’ and said it showed a problem in our country. Trudeau turned it into a global story.

Of course, we now know that the whole thing had been made up. But Trudeau never apologized for his lack of judgement or for his attacks on Canadians.

His quick response is a stark contrast from how he responded to the horrible story of a Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali being charged with the murder of 13-year-old Burnaby girl Marrisa Shen.

He hasn’t responded at all.

No tweets, no press conference. The media coverage has also been far less than what was given for the hoax.

And that has not going unnoticed:

Here’s what Min Xie, a candidate for the Toronto District School Board posted on Twitter:

Xie’s comments echo what people across the country are wondering: Why is Justin Trudeau and the media so quick to respond to some crimes (even ones that turn out to be hoaxes), while completely ignoring/downplaying others?

After all, even if the Hijab Hoax had been real, it wouldn’t have been about the loss of a life. But in the case of Marrisa Shen, an innocent life was lost at the hands of a killer.

This double standard is an absolute disgrace, and Canadians deserve far better. We deserve a leader who will actually do what it takes to keep our people safe, instead of playing politics with everything.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

1. We Canadians need a real leader who has the interests of Canadians as a priority.
2. We need someone who is playing with a full deck.

alan skelhorne

too much gangi for the so called pm. always living in a cloud. so much for sunny ways

Don Taylor

It is becoming clearer every day that Trudeau and his Liberal party are being controlled by the Global Elites,they certainly are not helping Canadians in fact they are breaking the country apart

Connie Cattle

This incident doesn’t fit his narrative. I cannot wait till this Immoral, corrupt, moron is out of power.

Moe. S.

Trudeau had no problem with a public display of condolences for Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro upon his death. He has had plenty of practice ‘apologizing’ for just about every traumatic event in Canadian history. Why so silent? No public condolences to the family whose child has been murdered. Could the left-wing media be protecting Trudeau from the fact the criminal is one of the Syrian refugee’s brought to Canada by Trudeau? The same Syrian refugees Trudeau chose NOT to have properly vetted before entering Canada. It is my opinion, this murder will be one of many to come. “Trudeau is… Read more »

Paul Alexander

yes, what you say appears to be unfolding, many Canadians will die due to the unvetting. high risk people were brought here when the USA said it would not do same. even our police are being attacked. I fear as we see deaths are happening, and many many Canadians will get raped, die as a result of the liberal immigration polices, including the new immigration minister who has speeded up the ability of residents to get citizenship. who do you think will benefit in this new law/rule? as happened in Europe, the rapes will start now (see the 6 girls… Read more »


Trudeau and the liberal party are very dangerous people

Wayne Hawthorne

Fortunately, the Fiberals are more stupid than dangerous. Pee-air was smarter and certainly dangerous.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Trudeau’s and the MSM’s lack of response and proper coverage repeating what Trudeau stated re: being responsible for crimes any Syrian refugee committed, is just a reminder that all Canadian’s especially the peaceful Chinese community should never trust the MSM and never vote Liberal /NDP again.

sandra c

Trudeau only plays down and supports one side. His new immigrants. If Trudeau wants to support them and make them new Canadians, then he must treat them and expect better from them to integrate into Canadian Citizen’s and the Canadian way of life. They must follow the laws of our land, not be exempt from our laws and get special treatment. He must condemned them also, for their behaviour and support and speak for the victim, no matter what race a person is. Does he not support diversity and his own…everyone is equal mantra? He makes excuses for them and… Read more »

JC Barker

Join the discussion…

JC Barker

well said Sandra ! This guy is literally killing us.