As His Failures Pile Up, Trudeau Wants To Run Against Western Canada & Trump

Trudeau is willing to sacrifice Canada’s national unity and put our economy at risk if he thinks it will help him hold onto power.

Across Canada, anger and fear is growing.

Particularly in Western Canada, there is a clear sense that the Trudeau government is glad to take the resource revenue of the West – especially Alberta – while simultaneously allowing the source of that wealth to be strangled.

As highly respected economist Jack Mintz noted, “The potential for major conflict is real.”

Trudeau, along with Catherine McKenna, arrogantly lectured Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax, and the Liberals threatened Alberta for dropping out of the climate plan following the blocking of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

As a result, Western alienation is surging.

At the same time, Justin Trudeau is also clearly seeking to run against the idea of Donald Trump in the next election. That can be seen in his virtue-signalling approach on NAFTA, and willingness to have Chrystia Freeland attend an event calling Trump a ‘Tyrant’ even as negotiations are ongoing.

Trudeau – who once campaigned on bringing Canadians together – is now left with a strategy dependent on splitting the country and putting the economy at further risk. That’s because his endless broken promises (balanced budget, taxes, electoral reform, carbon tax for pipeline tradeoff) have left him without any real ‘accomplishments’ to run on.

The Liberals have watched their support in Western Canada collapse, and will seek to hold onto seats in Ontario and Quebec to remain in power. They think that by campaigning against Trump and by throwing Western Canada under the bus they can retain enough support to at least win a minority government in the next campaign.

It’s an incredibly dangerous and cynical calculation, but it’s not a surprise coming from this government. After all, the Trudeau Liberals have called conservative Canadians “neanderthals,” “disgusting,” “bigots,” “fearmongerers,” and more. If they’ve already gone that far to demonize their opponents, things will only get worse as the election nears.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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