MANIPULATION: Media Referred To Syrian Refugee Charged With Murder As “New Canadian” – But He Isn’t A Citizen

The media establishment keeps trying to blur the lines and manipulate the Canadian People.

We already know that the establishment media tries to manipulate the Canadian People. And yet another example of that manipulation can be seen in how they’ve framed the story of Ibrahim Ali – the Syrian refugee charged with murdering 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

CTV Ibrahim Ali Headline

Note how the CTV News tweet says “New Canadian.”

It’s not true.

Ibrahim Ali was not a “New Canadian,” because he isn’t a Canadian Citizen.

“New Canadian” refers to someone who has recently gotten their Citizenship, not someone who is a permanent resident.

Following criticism, CTV ended up changing the headline on the story, which now says Ali was “New to Canada.”

Of course, if they weren’t called out on it they never would have made the change. The establishment media is constantly trying to blur the lines when it comes to Citizenship and immigration, in an effort stop us from asking tough questions about how the federal government is managing (or horribly mismanaging) the system.

It’s the same type of manipulation we see when the media calls illegal border crossers “asylum seekers,” and demonizes any Canadian who ‘dares’ to demand answers. Much of the media – even privately owned media – often acts as the propaganda arm of the Trudeau government.

Additionally, the media has downplayed a truly horrific aspect of an already horrific crime:

“The murder of 13-year old Marissa Shen by 28-year old Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali happened in the course of a sexual assault. The media stories that chose to take away from Marissa Shen’s horrific death by talking about how we need to love all refugees disgust me”

That’s why this latest example of media manipulation will further undermine the already-collapsing confidence in the establishment media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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