MANIPULATION: Media Referred To Syrian Refugee Charged With Murder As “New Canadian” – But He Isn’t A Citizen

The media establishment keeps trying to blur the lines and manipulate the Canadian People.

We already know that the establishment media tries to manipulate the Canadian People. And yet another example of that manipulation can be seen in how they’ve framed the story of Ibrahim Ali – the Syrian refugee charged with murdering 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

CTV Ibrahim Ali Headline

Note how the CTV News tweet says “New Canadian.”

It’s not true.

Ibrahim Ali was not a “New Canadian,” because he isn’t a Canadian Citizen.

“New Canadian” refers to someone who has recently gotten their Citizenship, not someone who is a permanent resident.

Following criticism, CTV ended up changing the headline on the story, which now says Ali was “New to Canada.”

Of course, if they weren’t called out on it they never would have made the change. The establishment media is constantly trying to blur the lines when it comes to Citizenship and immigration, in an effort stop us from asking tough questions about how the federal government is managing (or horribly mismanaging) the system.

It’s the same type of manipulation we see when the media calls illegal border crossers “asylum seekers,” and demonizes any Canadian who ‘dares’ to demand answers. Much of the media – even privately owned media – often acts as the propaganda arm of the Trudeau government.

Additionally, the media has downplayed a truly horrific aspect of an already horrific crime:

“The murder of 13-year old Marissa Shen by 28-year old Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali happened in the course of a sexual assault. The media stories that chose to take away from Marissa Shen’s horrific death by talking about how we need to love all refugees disgust me”

That’s why this latest example of media manipulation will further undermine the already-collapsing confidence in the establishment media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is it true that permanent residents of Canada can vote in our elections? I think so. If so, he was just given a Canadian citizenship, looks like it to me? Many of these people given this permanent residency cross the boarder more than once rumour has it so can vote more than once? We have nothing in place to stop this?

Jill Ward

we can all be assured the coming election will all be anti conservative and anti canadian as it will be all pro liberal and all pro trudeau! Just like the last election where the conservatives /Harper were relentlessly bashed, vilified and ignored while trudeau and his liberals were non stop full coverage and lies!
my bet is trudeau gets in again and then we are all done with no place to flee to and canada officially a third world bankrupt, borderless, lawless, hopeless terrorist filled sewer!

Norbert Kausen

One option is to begin a class action lawsuit by Canadians against the Trudeau government charging them with MALFEASANCE and TREASON! Everything Trudeau is doing, is exactly that! The other option is to secede from confederation, along with Alberta and Saskatchewan, and maybe Quebec. Perhaps there are now provinces in the maritimes looking to get away from Trudeau’s totalitarianist treason also. The provinces can separate; secede from confederation and band together to begin a new more streamlined confederation! Either way, Trudeau now has the blood of a 13 year old girl on his head! He should be held accountable! He… Read more »


The maritimes will never secede, they get too many freebies from the libs. The maritimes all went red last election.

John w. Kent

It is true that the Maritimes all went red last election. The biggest problem we have is that the general population is not well read and the only thing they vote on is what they see in the news media at the time of the election. The media harps on the what we are given by the liberal government not the policies such as immigration and the total abandonment of our laws when it comes to immigrants. That’s why you see Muslims ride without helmets and our RCMP give up their uniform.

Gloria cook

West Nova, the western end of Nova Scotia, went Conservative in the 2019 Election, while most all CANADA went Liberal. The Maritimes isn’t responsible for who wins the election anyway. We could ALL vote against the Liberals and they’d STILL win. We don’t have enough population to even make a dent in the Liberal LOVERS.


Lets see a syrian asylum seeker that murders a 13 yr old chinese canadian has morerights tha she does.are we living in the twilifht zone……..

Ana Gomes

That is Trudeau’s basic dictatorship world. You get what you vote for. And after the second term you may not even be able to vote, if things go the way the Obamas and our Prime Mistake intend to make them go.When corruption is possible, Trudeau never fails to take advantage of it.These politicians hide behind the words Liberal and Democrat to engineer the globalist dictatorship of their very rich backers, a few dozen families who will govern the world.How can Canadians even consider voting left in the coming election?Does Venezuela come to mind? Do you remember Venezuela before the activists… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

The liberal politicians and the left-wing media have NO credibility anymore! They cannot be believed, they CANNOT be trusted!! They have beome WORSE than the National Enquirer, they have become the left-wing communist propaganda machine, directed by the globalist left-wing miscreants, such as George Soros and his handlers… as well as Gerald Butts, who is Trudeau’s puppet master! Trudeau is a mindless, thoughless mannequin… an EMPTY HAIRCUT!

shawn harris

Since the mainstream media are all but complicit with Trudeau and his agenda, in every way they report a story or the views they hold; it makes it very clear to those who want the truth to do more research and stand up, be counted. Not just on social media, but in their daily conversations; we all should freely speak our mind , use the protections of free speech and association and never ever back down from accusations of being called racists, bigots , hateful or whatever political label the left would chose to apply to you, just because we… Read more »

Moe. S.

It has been reported by Sheila Gunn, that mainstream media ie; CBC is indeed protecting the Federal Liberals, Syrian refugees. CBC apparently has literally sought out Syrian migrants living in Canada with the intention of allowing them to express, “fearing a backlash from the Canadian public” as a result of Syrian Ibrahim Ali murdering Marrisa Shen. Laid-off journalists sought by Liberal gov’t to act as “spin doctors” propagandists for Operation Syrian Refugee. Apparently, playing down the murder of Marrisa Shen by mainstream media outlets is intentional.


This government is destroying our beautiful country, how many of these refugees have been properly screen when theirs no background check from their home country…. they have no priors, how will they their coming with lack of papers to prove to our security system & lying thru their papers


If you sent him back to Syria he would be probably be hailed a hero


the death penalty should be reintroduced to Canada, and if he’s convicted he should receive it

Ana Gomes

The family of the little girl murdered may vote liberal or not, but the Syrian criminal has only one way to vote: Trudeau is the protector of terrorists and crime coming from the ideology he admires so much.The woman ,attacking Canadian victims with hot coffee ,is the poster child for Trudeau,s heroes ,like Boyle, Atwal Khadr… and many others Would you have the courage to deport her? No, she votes liberal, for sure. She knows that she has the power to commit crimes without punishment, thanks to Trudeau,s protection of the unacceptable. Why shouldn’t we know her mane?And make posters… Read more »

Bruce Miller

Time now for massive changes to Canada, and NOT ON OUR STREETS either. Trudeau you are gone!

T. Vin

check out this video of Faith Goldy (running for mayor of Toronto) asking Trudeau about Ibrahim Ali. He runs away the the crybaby he is.