REPORT: Kinder Morgan Is Seeking To Exit Canada Entirely

Reuters is reporting that Kinder Morgan wants to sell their Canadian business.

According to a Reuters report, Kinder Morgan has hired TD Securities “to facilitate a potential sale of its Canadian business.”

The sale could bring in up to $2.4 billion.

The report notes that “should the move succeed, it would mark the exit of the U.S. pipeline giant from Canada, having closed its sale of the Trans Mountain pipeline to the Canadian government for about C$4.5 billion at the end of last month.”

This is directly related to the Trans Mountain debacle:

“At a conference earlier this month in New York, Kinder Morgan Chief Executive Steven Kean indicated his willingness to sell the rest of the Canadian business, noting that the original purpose of these assets was to support the Trans Mountain project.”

When a business sees a potential for growth and profit in a certain location, they don’t up and leave. The fact that – according to Reuters – Kinder Morgan is seeking to leave Canada entirely is a devastating blow to an energy sector that is already reeling from a combination of foreign-funded propaganda against Canadian oil, and the Trudeau government’s refusal to create a climate of certainty when it comes to approvals.

To really get a sense of how badly the situation has deteriorated, consider that Kinder Morgan was once willing to spend billions to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline. That then shifted to Kinder Morgan being willing to spend nothing, to then getting paid $4.5 billion of taxpayers money (for a pipeline that was supposed to be expanded which is now in limbo), to seemingly planning to leave the country entirely.


I wish I could say it was going to get better, but we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Spencer Fernando

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Wendy Lush

You’d be getting out of Dodge as well if you knew this clown was running Canada and its economy. We’re gonna sink like the Titanic.

Peter D

Trudeau is a communist. The worse for people the better for him and his gang. It is hard to rule rich and proud people, you need to make them poor, hungry and miserable first, and after that people will sell their votes for a food stamps. I have seen it in the Soviet Union.


Makes you wonder? Is this what they have been paid so much for, to leave Canada?

Brad Abernethy

First off..I did not vote Lib or PC. I did not vote Pierres’ son in. This is a bad pipeline, and oil is bad business. It goes against what our charter of rights states, regarding our native peoples. It goes against our climate change policies, and it goes against the environment of BC. We need conservation, not more pipes. Almost every oil company is investing in renewable energy. WHY IS THAT???? Additionally, we don’t need a US company piping OUR crude to BC to send to CHINA! Do you really think foreign ownership of anything here is a good idea?… Read more »


Brad do you live in a heated house? Do you drive a car or truck etc? Obviously you or your family are not employed in this or many other businesses that need oil and gas, Trudeau shut down the pipeline to the east coast so you can’t buy Canadian here so they buy it from the middle east , pipelines are the most environment friendly way to move it, I had a pipeline that went through our farm, never had a problem, the trans mountain under ground pipeline already there for 60 years has never had a spill. It used… Read more »