Trudeau Totally Fine With Freeland Headlining Panel That Called Trump A “Tyrant”

Virtue-signalling always takes precedence for the Trudeau Liberals.

As I recently reported, just as NAFTA negotiations were starting up again, Chrystia Freeland was the headliner of an event called “Taking on the Tyrant.”

And at the event, the “Tyrant” was very clearly a category that included Donald Trump. In fact, Trump was prominently featured in a video and in photos at the event, leaving zero doubt that he was being put into the ‘tyrant’ category.

Obviously, from a logical and objective point of view, having Freeland at that event was incredibly dumb as tense negotiations are taking place:

“The Trudeau government has sent the clearest possible signal that they could care less about our auto industry and economy being devastated. They see a chance to score some domestic political points by jumping onto the elitist virtue-signalling.”

And of course, Justin Trudeau is just fine with that. As noted by iPolitics, here’s what Trudeau said about it:

“Canadians expect their government and their representatives to stand up clearly for Canadian values and defend Canadians’ interests,” Trudeau said.

“It needs to be crystal clear to Canadians that we will always be there to defend our values and defend our interests and that’s exactly what Chrystia is doing around the negotiating table and in her work as foreign affairs minister.”

It’s an absolutely pathetic response. Freeland wasn’t there standing up for Canadians. She was there standing up for the globalists, and for Trudeau’s electoral hopes. And if that screws over Canadians, that’s totally acceptable collateral damage in Trudeau’s mind.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

This woman is a disgrace.


And her boss is worse!


No one who cares about our country could possibly support this very “not for Canada” unethical rude foreign controlled government.

sandra c

What Trudeau states about standing up for Canadian Values and defending Canadian’s interests….is nonsense. He’s already stated that Canada has no Values and he does not defend Canadian’s interests or he would be doing everything possible to fix this problem with the NAFTA negotiations. He would also stop the illegal border crossings that is costing the tax payer tons of money, he wouldn’t be jeopardizing the pipelines, he would control spending in all areas, he would not put our Country in severe debt, giving tax dollars by the billions to other Countries…etc., etc., and he wouldn’t be calling us racists,… Read more »


The event “Taking on the tyrant” was obviously a direct attack on Trump and was organized as I can see to spite him. The Toronto Star says in an article:”“taking on the tyrant”, about the global rise of populism and “authoritarian strong men leaders.” It would have been the time to attack the dictators of the United Nations who impose mass immigration on all countries to destroy them. They are authoritarians. To call the leaders of democracy such a Trump and Orban authoritarian is very far from the truth. The event was organized by Heather Reisman.

fred Dimmick

It’s called CYA when the negotiations fail as planned, they can say ‘told you so, we can’t deal with a TYRANT it’s all Trump’s fault’ and the Trump hating Canadian idiots will suck it up!

Brian Dougan

Hi Fred. I had to Google the acronym CYA. “Cover your ass.” Just like Kinder Morgan; it looks like they’re trying to run out the clock.


Initially annoying in an ‘as expected’ leftist cow sort of way. But the constancy of Canada’s bad behavior demonstrates that they are trying to loose and are now the Globalist Union. This is not a safe place for the US auto industry. Goodbye Canada ally; hello Canada enemy.
This isn’t Trumps fault; the Canadian people have voted to treat the US as an enemy. The US now must respond in kind without any restraint.

Brian Dougan

Sadly; I agree with you. The three words–“America’s best friend” haven’t been true for quite some time. However; I disagree with your generalization that “the Canadian people have voted to treat the US as an enemy.” Like most Canadians on this forum; we are patriots, and despise the Trudeau government. They are acting like communists. That insect Trudeau doesn’t speak–or act–for us.


“Canadian values”? Trudeau has already said we have no core identity; what values?
Lets just wait until everything crashes and he can say; “let them eat cake”
“Canadians” will do nothing because we’ll already be disarmed, and in cities with a militarized police force.

shawn harris

Up until the arrival of Trudeau and his hypersensitive team of virtue signallers came to have power and their endless need to be seen as self righteous and saving Canada from a fate worse than death: we had the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, which was respected around the world, even by the American government of Barack Obama, for it’s highly professional approach to both diplomatic and international relations. Contrast that with Trudeau’s arrogant,ignorant, self righteous , virtue signalling and abusive approach towards international relations, it soon becomes clear as to why we will never be able to achieve a… Read more »