WATCH: Maxime Bernier Announces The People’s Party Of Canada

Bernier unveils logo, name, and HQ of new federal party.

Maxime Bernier has announced the new name of his political party:

The People’s Party of Canada.

Bernier says the current federal parties are dividing Canadians into little tribes, and nobody speaks for all Canadians, and for “ordinary people.”

Bernier says the party will stand for individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness & respect.

“We want smaller government, because we support individual freedom and responsibility,” said Bernier.

The current parties are unable to solve problems like the illegal border crossing crisis and pipeline approvals Bernier noted.

The new party will have its headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec.

Bernier says he has raised $140,000 for the new party.

The party will run candidates in all 338 federal ridings Bernier said.

You can watch Bernier’s announcement below:

Bernier’s new party has a website. The link is below:

People’s Party of Canada

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

oh boy, here we go again. another quebecer wanting a piece of the pie. come on people, just take a gander into this guys past. stay in quebec mr. bernier, and run for a local party, the roc doesn,t like a quitter.


Scheer doesn’t like hearing the truth from his people and if they can’t speak then what is the point of staying? We don’t need trained seals. Stephen Fletcher was ousted because he spoke. Scheer just doesn’t like the competition. He is not politically knowledgeable as Bernier and Fletcher. He was just an insurance salesman and why was he picked? Something rotten in Denmark as the saying goes.

Ralph Knapp

Maxime, Trudeau must be delighted to see you dividing the right. Surely, there was some way the differences between you and the Conservatives could have been resolved. However, it appears anger and ego trumped common sense. I sincerely hope that you and Scheer can sort out your differences before election day because the country may not survive a 2nd term of the Trudeau kindergarten.


Another Quebec People of Running Canada again, but no real answers as yet, we have seen this repeatedly and Quebec has not been fair to the rest of Canada yet. Waiting to hear how this party is different, besides trying to figure out what is really anything different as yet, with no answers except Quebec breaking the vote of the Conservative party and attacking them, because they know Trudeau may loose the next election, unless it is fixed by foreign groups again, this leaves way more questions than answers for me, what is this new party really about? Canada needs… Read more »

Stephen Miechkota

Mr. Bernier must be star in the world of politics. If I understand it right, he think he can create a new political party and he must think he has a chance to win. A thought many people have is, “anyone will do, we just want Trudeau out.” Trudeau is hustling around seeing where he can find votes. Andrew Sheer is the favorite to this point. Canadians will be watchful of the next government. Trudeau came in and did what he wanted. He took care of “enough” in Canada to keep him from even further distain. Bernier seems to have… Read more »


Question is who is Bernier? Does he represent Canadians, is he the trogan horse to help Quebec separate or is he a Trudeau insider to destroy the conservative party?


I think some people are missing the point on what the situation of Canada is. We are in real trouble with Trudeau the socks. A PM who finds every way to destroy this country economically and socially. And on top of killing all possible prosperity, he breaks the law and burdens our country with thousands and thousands of immigrants that we have to feed in hotels in Toronto at $250 per night. So Bernier is way pass the ego I can tell you. Scheer has not succeeded in bringing common sense and rationality to the Liberals. Giving billions away to… Read more »


Ha, he should have just called his new party the Peoples Republic of Quebec. Bernier’s true colors are coming out – party headquarters in Quebec. Sure hope voters will see through this masquerade.