WATCH: Maxime Bernier Announces The People’s Party Of Canada

Bernier unveils logo, name, and HQ of new federal party.

Maxime Bernier has announced the new name of his political party:

The People’s Party of Canada.

Bernier says the current federal parties are dividing Canadians into little tribes, and nobody speaks for all Canadians, and for “ordinary people.”

Bernier says the party will stand for individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness & respect.

“We want smaller government, because we support individual freedom and responsibility,” said Bernier.

The current parties are unable to solve problems like the illegal border crossing crisis and pipeline approvals Bernier noted.

The new party will have its headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec.

Bernier says he has raised $140,000 for the new party.

The party will run candidates in all 338 federal ridings Bernier said.

You can watch Bernier’s announcement below:

Bernier’s new party has a website. The link is below:

People’s Party of Canada

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube