Dangerous: The Trudeau Government Is Injecting Identity Politics Into The Canadian Military

The Trudeau Liberals have now spread the social justice warrior virus into the Canadian Armed Forces, through ‘diversity is strength’ rhetoric and arbitrary ‘diversity’ quotas.

While all of society should be as meritocratic as possible, that’s more important in the military than anywhere else.

As an institution that could literally hold the life or death of our nation in its hands in the case of a war, the military must be based on a ruthlessly meritocratic system.

For much of history, that has been the case, since it was simply common sense.

But now, the longer the Trudeau government is in power, the more the military is being infected with the social justice warrior ideology.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to force that ideology on the military through “diversity is strength” rhetoric, and through arbitrarily imposed ‘diversity’ targets.

According to a recent report, “The Canadian Armed Forces are struggling to hit their own targets to get more women, Indigenous people and visible minorities into uniform, new data obtained by Global News shows. And, in an attempt to to boost numbers that appear to have been largely stalled for more than three years, the Department of National Defence (DND) will launch a suite of new digital tools — including a smartphone app that, in its functionality, will resemble the matchmaking app Tinder — aimed at convincing more Canadians to consider a life in the Armed Forces.”

And now, the military appears to be echoing Trudeau’s rhetoric:

“The Canadian Forces believes a more diverse group is also a more effective group. “It’s important in that it gives us operational effectiveness,” Brig.-Gen. Virginia Tattersall said in an interview. “If we were all that one sort of vanilla, you won’t get that same range of opinions, those different ways of being able to think about issues, that different approach to how to solve a problem.”’

Of course, the truth is that diversity of thought, and creativity in individuals is based upon intelligence and training, not ethnic group or gender. A group that is not diverse in gender or racial terms could be very diverse in terms of ways of thinking and creativity. Also, a group of people that is very diverse in gender and racial terms could be filled with group-think and be devoid of creativity. Just look at universities today. They are often incredibly diverse, yet are being choked with oppressive group-think.

Think about it: Most people who join the military are civilians who know nothing about military strategy until they get trained in it. What the hell does their ethnic group or gender have to do with their ability to successfully integrate that training and become an effective member of the armed forces?

There is simply no logical reason why the military should be 25% women (which is the target the Trudeau government set) or some arbitrary percentage of any other group. There’s no logical reason why it should be either less than that, or more than that. What should matter is that each person is picked because they are the best for the role. If that results in 30% or 40% or 50% women that’s fine. But it’s also fine if that results in 5%, 10%, or 15% women. And considering that throughout all of human history men have been far more likely to be warriors, the Trudeau government is walking on very dangerous territory by trying to mess with that with arbitrary politically correct quotas.

The military should be seeking out the best individuals regardless of gender or race. To purposely seek out quotas could mean that group identity, rather than individual competence, takes precedence – which is disastrous.

This is dangerous, because it means that identity politics has now spread to parts of the military, and if it’s there, then it is infecting everything.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Have a brigade of liberal SJWs train by themselves in some paintball fashion and let the real men train as they normally would. We can’t have our military knocked down to the lowest common denominator.

Beverley Campbell

To suggest that ethnics and gender will improve the Military is absolutely ridiculous, and diversity of thought simply does not fly in a situation where “following orders” is the main backbone of the entire situation


It is time for vetting in more ways than one. Getting the wrong people to be in the military could have serious consequences. Conscription might be a good thing too, then many young people of every race and color would not have so much “time” on their hands to think dark negative, self centered, rebellious, violent, thoughts about hard done by they are but get into defending /contributing to ONE country with ONE law and be proud of it or — not!! Scary future ahead!!


Trudeau is mentally defective. It is disturbing that he is so horribly concentrated on sex. He should undergo a protracted and thorough mental evaluation. Even the average Canadian can see that he is obsessed with sex, gender and ignoring Canadian law. He truly does think he is superior and is horribly arrogant.

Bradley Holdner

It’s quite clear when Trudeau’s medication becomes unstable, all one has to do is observe.

Glen Aldridge

What’s next? A prescribed number of dog breeds trained for their specific roles? Maybe we have to include Carrier Pigeons, Monkeys, Chimpanzees & Dolphins for the Navy? They’ll all have to be Bi-Lingual, Gender Neutral & accepting of other diets. Not sure what happens if the fish & parrots feel they are being ignored.

Moe. S.

Sooo…funny. I laughed out loud. “Best comment of the day.”

Gonzo the Magnificent

No wonder Putin ridiculed the Canadian Armed Farces. Stupid is as stupid does (Forrest Gump circa 1994); and THIS IS STUPID!

Norbert Kausen

And General Vance, the Chief of Defence Staff is allowing this??? It is a sad day in the military, if this is happening!!! This will destroy the very thing the military is supposed to uphold!

don morris

General Vance is undoubtedly just another politicians who chose the military as a stepping stone, like so many others I won’t mention. We can’t expect a peep from him, might affect his chances of a Senate seat after he retires.


I’m 100% male, 12% Native, 23% French, 30% Irish and the rest of me is Jewish. That’s diversity! All of me is WARRIOR! Are you telling me Trudeau would pick a woman over me if it came down to meeting diversity quotas? I’m not saying I’d be a better warrior than a woman; I’ve met some pretty excellent female warriors. If it came down to it, if the woman was smarter, stronger and faster than me, then I would concede; however, if I was the better pick, then I’m thinking it wouldn’t matter to Trudeau: He’d pick her instead just… Read more »


Yes happening everywhere right now and it is not a good think, Diversity is NOT our strength our Freedom is!

Wallace Klinck

The Trudeau Government is obsessed with abstract ideology which places Revolutionary socio-economic theory and practice above functionality. Debate over such matters could well extend beyond the real or perceived requirement for action. The entire advocacy for equality and diversity is internally self-contradictory. The Marxists who are behind it are well aware of the contradiction. They are using this Marxist strategy of the dialectic to create conflict from which they can achieve a “synthesis” from the opposition of a false and contrived dichotomy between “thesis” and “antithesis”. The objective is to destroy the existing “bourgeois capitalist” social and economic order through… Read more »

Hans Rysdyk

And prior to battle they’ll break into small discussion groups to plan the preferred, strategy taking into account all genders, minorities, ethnic backgrounds and religions.
The good news is that they will not be allowed to smoke pot 24 hrs before they may have to use weapons. Therefore we must demand that potential enemies give us adequate warning prior to attacking except for during religious holidays in which case we will need at least one week advance notice


Virginia needs to explain how ”a more diverse group is also a more effective group” She should also explain ” these different ways of being able to think about issues , that different approach to how to solve a problem” She has been drinking the liberal kool-aid. Were talking about soldiers ! They are not paid to think about issues or solving problems . There trained and told what to do and they do it .They are supposed to follow orders from there superiors and NOT question them ! She seems to think she is running a business school not… Read more »

bill Campbell

Obviously none of the people swallowing this crap from Trudeau know absolutely nothing about the Military, keep the Military out of your crappy politics. The Military should be set apart from Politicians especially the crooked ones.


Take a good look at the liberal party itself..does diversity support the success of outcome principle.They went the diverse route and instead of picking the best folks for the job they filled quotas.According to the CBC ,who had all and actually more of their funding restored, they are hugely successful .How many folks not living on the taxpayers dime believe this.I will not roll out their failures because most informed people are aware of them and the successes…….anyway.Take for example immigration as being their worst failure.Immigration is fantastic but the cultures involved must have a great deal in common.The population… Read more »

Pegasus 7611

Perhaps the good news is that quotas (oops, sorry, “targets”) are not being filled means that fitness and other standards are not being diluted or ignored just to get someone to join. The thing to watch for is the allocation of extra points on each member’s annual Performance Evaluation Report for things such as gender, skin colour etc. When I was in the armed forces this was (still is?) done for bilingualism. As late as the 1980’s, the promotion selection boards would go down the merit list to find enough individuals to meet the quota for 25% Francophones, thereby bypassing… Read more »