DISGRACEFUL: Journalist Paul Wells Calls Maxime Bernier Supporters “The Stupidest People On Twitter,” CBC Host Only Says “No Comment”

And yet we’re forced to fund this.

During a segment on Power & Politics, journalist Paul Wells shared his thoughts on Maxime Bernier’s voter base.

The elitist arrogance and condescension is obvious for all of us to see.

And the reaction of the CBC host is very telling. Instead of calling out Wells for his terrible rhetoric towards a segment of Canadians – especially considering that the people being insulted by Wells are taxpayers who are forced to fund CBC – she only says “no comment.”

Does anyone think she would have only said “no comment” if Wells had called Liberals or New Democrats ‘stupid’?

Of course not. She would have pushed back.

But when it’s conservatives being insulted, that’s totally fair game at Trudeau’s state propaganda network.

Wells has since apologized:

Despite his apology, Wells’ comments are a clear expression of what the arrogant establishment elites really think about Canadians who disagree with them. If you question the system, you get treated like you’re stupid. You get denigrated, you get insulted, and you get shamed.

At the same time, you’re still expected to give your tax dollars to the same corrupt establishment that is denigrating and insulting you.

It’s an absolute disgrace, and it adds to the many reasons that CBC should be stripped of taxpayer funding.

Spencer Fernando

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