DISGRACEFUL: Journalist Paul Wells Calls Maxime Bernier Supporters “The Stupidest People On Twitter,” CBC Host Only Says “No Comment”

And yet we’re forced to fund this.

During a segment on Power & Politics, journalist Paul Wells shared his thoughts on Maxime Bernier’s voter base.

The elitist arrogance and condescension is obvious for all of us to see.

And the reaction of the CBC host is very telling. Instead of calling out Wells for his terrible rhetoric towards a segment of Canadians – especially considering that the people being insulted by Wells are taxpayers who are forced to fund CBC – she only says “no comment.”

Does anyone think she would have only said “no comment” if Wells had called Liberals or New Democrats ‘stupid’?

Of course not. She would have pushed back.

But when it’s conservatives being insulted, that’s totally fair game at Trudeau’s state propaganda network.

Wells has since apologized:

Despite his apology, Wells’ comments are a clear expression of what the arrogant establishment elites really think about Canadians who disagree with them. If you question the system, you get treated like you’re stupid. You get denigrated, you get insulted, and you get shamed.

At the same time, you’re still expected to give your tax dollars to the same corrupt establishment that is denigrating and insulting you.

It’s an absolute disgrace, and it adds to the many reasons that CBC should be stripped of taxpayer funding.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

It’s very simple, the CBC is a disgrace, it has no credibility as a news outlet, but is only a propaganda rag. The people writing for and reporting for this propaganda rag also have no credibility, but rather are the political officers assigned to push the deceitful, arrogant, sanctimonious, communist liberal narrative, just like they have in the PRC, DPRNK, had the former Soviet Union. Now it is the global elites, controlling the msm, directing the left wing communist politicians to do what they are doing, despite what the people, they are supposed to be representing want. We the tax-payer… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Norbert: fat chance. Pierre Jr. will be reelected in 2019. I wish I had some thing better to say than the unfortunate truth. But none the less, I am going to fight like the devil to rid this scourge from our country; at least I will give it the “old college try”.

Ron Voss

Like Hillary Clinton’s elitist deplorables comment this should help Bernier gain support.


I saw the program and my interpretation of the “no comment” indicated she did not approve of Wells himself and his comments . She was distancing herself from him.

Glen Aldridge

I guess we will who see who the stupid ones are when the next election results come in. The problem with calling people STUPID is that you may have to eat your own words. Funny how that works isn’t it?


Bernier is having so much daily mainstream media coverage even if it is bad coverage, hardly any news on Scheer makes me believe this is so a setup, to break up the Conservatives.


You could be right on this Nancy – Bernier could well make sure Trudeau gets re-elected.Don’t we all want to make sure this does not happen-think about it people.


I agree. CBC & CTV were in support of Bernier being elected as leader of the Conservative party. They literally almost celebrated his win, then he lost. The media exposure they had given him were like they had done for Turdope. MSM had me convinced he was a Liberal, despite many of his campaign policies (promises he had no intention of following threw on? but knew they would get followers.)

Gonzo the Magnificent

Who knows? Scheer needs to react to this and get some headlines or “yes”, the CPC will be a minority party in 2019. But then again I predict that any way, even with out Mad Max throwing monkey wrenches into the machinery.

shawn harris

The days are long since gone for the justification for the existence of the CBC and the tax dollars that created it. More than 82 years ago there was a proven need to inform all citizens across Canada in a free and equal way. Now that rational for spending public tax dollars is no longer supportable, especially with the advent of the internet. Which means almost every citizen has access to multiple sources of information. Canadians shouldn’t be paying for a news service that is basically just a mouthpiece of publicly funded propaganda for the Liberal party of Canada. The… Read more »

Ron Voss

I agree but which federal party, if any, has that as part of its platform?

Dale Barry

I agree Fully with Wells. Bernier is a separatist and actually belonged to the separatist party of Quebec. Him and Filderbrandt out here in Alberta are trying to split the vote. Not Good!

Timothy Hickey

What would one expect from Paul Wells and the CBC? Nothing here move on! Canadians are much wiser than these fake news operatives know! 2019 will be an historic year for Canadians!

Ana Gomes

WE MUST FINISH WITH SUBSIDIES TO THE MEDIA. If their word is worth a penny, they should live off that penny.
For any Government to pay for the Media is an immoral unethical conflict of interest.STOP STOP STOP. End Banana Republic Trudeshian Canada!!


When was the last time Paul Wells looked in the mirror. The man is obese. He is beyond fat. You know what is stupid? When someone does not take care of their health. Paul Wells you are the one who is stupid. Paul Wells you are the stupid person who let themselves become an obese whale.




When you call people stupid, you take a risk.