VIDEO: Woman In Hijab Throws Coffee On Canadians Protesting Murder Of Marrisa Shen

The media is doing everything to downplay it, while Justin Trudeau’s pathetic silence on Marissa Shen’s death – and the Syrian refugee accused of murdering her – continues.

Outside of a courthouse in British Columbia, a group of Canadians – including many people from the Canadian Chinese community – gathered to protest the murder of Marrisa Shen.

Shen was a 13-year-old Burnaby girl who was murdered, and a refugee from Syria named Ibrahim Ali has been charged with her killing.

Many of those protesting were demanding that the government be held accountable and give answers. People are also angry – and understandably so – about Justin Trudeau’s unwillingness to comment. Trudeau has been silent on Shen’s murder, a stark contrast from his willingness to comment on the Hijab Hoax.

Keep in mind, those protesting were surrounded by the media, meaning that the clip below is something that all the establishment media likely have on file. Yet they aren’t running it.

While people were standing outside the court, a woman in a Hijab walked by, threw coffee at them, and then walked away:

That is assault. Yet the media didn’t track the woman down, and they aren’t reporting on it.

The double standard by Trudeau and the establishment media in regards to Shen’s murder is appalling and it’s disgusting.

Not only is the government failing to keep Canadians safe, but they and their media allies are trying to deflect, distract, and really cover up what’s really going on.

This is why Canadians must put our trust in each other, get the truth out ourselves, and fight for the kind of country we want to live in, because those in power will never do that for us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


Spencer Fernando is reporting on what the establishment media won’t. If you would like to support Spencer Fernando’s work, you can help contribute through PayPal at the button below:

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Can’t believe no one went after her and held her for the police to press charges.


Why did no one Dzo anything? I would have confronted her, we Canadians are much
Too Meek and Mild,,,,,,we let anyone DO anything to Time we stand UP for ourselves.

FAL Phil

That’s not how Canadians do things.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Welcome to Trudeau’s Canada Fal Phil! One set of justice for those types and another for the rest of the country.


Go get ‘er Ted!

Sewer Rat

You do realize that if a man stood up to her, that it would be considered assault, and he would be the one facing charges, right?


Unfortunately the only way we can stop this tyranny on Canadians by the Trudeau establishment is at the polls. If Canadians want a country that is not on the road to socialism they had better rid themselves of the Liberals not to be replaced by the NDP. Trudeau and his Liberal followers have put in place a venue to turn Canada into a third world country.

Norbert Kausen

We can and should imstigate a massive class action suit against Trudeau and the liberal caucus for MALFEASANCE and TREASON!!! They have done nothing less than that!!! They MUST be held to ACCOUNT!!! We MUST NOT LET THIS GO!!!




idiot, in order to get our of our slavery we need a new jailer?

J Smadello

Maybe they’ll say it’s just another Asian male like they have been in the UK as it started in Ontario with the famous hajab hoax by an Asian male…I see a pattern


I think we need to publish the name of the medias that do not report this. Enough of this hiding stories especially one like this one.

Ana Gomes

Send emails to the media asking them where and when did they report these “true news”.
Tell them that they are just like the media of a banana republic governed by communist dictators. Canada is getting there. Venezuela ,there we go: Crazy Dress-up Trudy in the front of this progression.


next it won’t be coffee, but acid,,, mark my words


Agreed. Look no further than Europe to see what’s coming down the pipe.

shawn harris

Canada is a country that exists because our shared belief in the rule of law and that everyone is considered to be equal before the courts. Yet somehow , because of their Islamic religion , these people can go about flouting our laws, making claims that we are racist islamophobes, all the while they claim to have a right to do these things. Trudeau by his silence is agreeing with them and their very anti Canada, anti Canadian beliefs, actions and conduct. Our PM is supposed to be unbiased, impartial and to be seen to be upholding all of our… Read more »

Terry Gain

It’s not “somehow”. Islam is a supremacist ideology. Islam is here for conquest.


Spot On.

Norbert Kausen

Our justice system has become a farce, it no longer holds any credibility, along with our government and the left-wing news media! Our police have become the tools of a totalitarian dictatorship, usuping our rights and freedoms, destroying the sovereignty of our country and attempting to enslave us! THIS is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Trudeau had stated that he does not recognize Canadian core values, he does not recognize an Canadian identity and he would make Canada the first post-national territory in the world, meaning he would destroy our sovereignty aqnd hand us over to the globalists. He also stated that he… Read more »

Les H.

Unless things change for the positive in the foreseeable future, A GREAT WAR WILL RESULT, not just in Canada but the world. REMEMBER MY WORDS HERE. If or when the world devolves into its next global war, most likely beginning in Europe as it then goes into its 3rd. European civil war in 100 odd years, where as 65milion or so were killed globally in WWII, the next great war, see at minimum 250million, maybe even 500+ million killed, all at the front for and of idiot dupes for Lucifer and his creation of ROP and his creation also of… Read more »


True story. A driver from Mexico who works here in Canada as a courier experienced this bias first hand from an Iranian woman who punched him in the face repeatedly because she was upset about the extra fees she had to pay when he arrived at her door. Basically, she threw the item back at him and as he was about to pick it up, she just began to lay on the beating. The cops came and they laid no charges. Why? Because they claimed she has been through enough in her other country lol. This is how he explained… Read more »

Don Bennett

Join the discussion…The courier should have insisted in having her charged ! What is going on with the police , all this does is promoting more of this behavior .

Ana Gomes

Remember the RCMP twisting the arm of a Quebec woman who asked a question to Trudope who, as usual, finally answered the woman with insults that there was no place in Quebec for her . etc, etc.Two RCMP goons started handling her in a Gestapo fashion, intimidating her and pushing her as if she didn’t have the right to talk and move as she desired. She was away from the PM and represented no danger of any sort. She wasn’t even rude. The PM is the one that should have to respond to his unhinged insults, but if a Groper… Read more »

Ana Gomes

Trudeau spreads violence ,socializing with terrorists, and stimulates Islamists to abuse the ones who have to put up with their barbaric preferences against the non Islamic, or infidels ,that they are supposed to kill ,when there is any opportunity.This is the religion of peace superior to Christianity, as our Illuminati Prime Mistake has declared, in public, after his conversion to Islam ,about 2 years ago.We have to thank him for the 2 monsters that he accepted in Canada, with the gusto of the fool he is.:one arrived 18 months ago and a few months after , raped and murdered Marrisa… Read more »


That was the worst thing she could have done. Notice that a lot of the people protesting were not white Canadians. They were mostly Asians. I would not want to mess with the Asian community. I have deep respect for them and there contribution to our history. I also though would never want to mess with them. Be very afraid.


They should find her and charge her, but I’m sure Trudeau won’t let that happen.


There were no counter protesters so I’m assuming it was because these Asians protesters weren’t white Canadians.

Gary Hudson

Asians are getting annoyed with their treatment here. They are discriminated against in Universities, as smart Asians cannot attend because spaces are reserved for less deserving special interest groups like women, blacks, and so on. If an Asian is killed by a Muslim, its viewed a one Canadian killing another and not worthy of public attention, but if a Muslim is attacked its on page 1.

Gary Hudson

If the situation were reversed, and the Muslim was assaulted, the cops would be all over the perpetrator, convening press conferences, issuing pious news releases.

Ana Gomes

And Trudy Clown would come running. Remember the incident with a girl lying to accuse people of another social group ? the case of the hijab? This is what she learns in school at the mosque and at home. Deceit is one of the things Islam masters.And our PM so preoccupied to lose the votes of that pious family! how ridiculous is this? But our corrupt banana republic media chose to laugh at Trump with your money and mine. They would lose their jobs if they laughed at the dangerous and real clown they have in Canada. Some people would… Read more »


I was disturbed that so many witnesses did not confront the woman and detain her until police could process an assault charge. We Canadians are so complacent it will be our demise.


They did not confront the woman because they recognize the situation here in Canada is the same as in Mediocre Britain where the police work for the Globalists. They realize the RCMP are Mohammad Castro’s private, KGB-style, goons! Political Correctnes is now the law of the land.


Why was she not arrested for assault? If it was the other way around I am sure Muslim would be crying for attention as usual… The government, and all in it are nothing but a pack of Canadian traitors.. That why all these people do what ever they want. Because, we dont have a Canadian government Canadians of all faiths or not faith.. We have a one way system.

Alanna Krotz

Ibrahim Ali and his family should be deported ASAP they do not deserve to be in Canada…..They have no rights as they went against Canadian Laws and betrayed our trust to be here

Chris vrecko

Whose surprised? I’m not. We all knew this was going to happen. Time to sue him personally since he personally said he’didn’t be responsible.


Mad Max 2019 election win would fix this.


Have to get rid of Trudeau first and the only man that can do that is Scheer, one step at a time and getting rid of trudeau should be any real Canadians first obligation to their country!


No it won’t




The veterans party will


One word for her — LOWLIFE!!


The rat trudeau & his leftist media allies would have “hate crime” alarm bells going off if this had been a non muslim throwing coffe at muslims. Typical.

jim harrold

deport her and the guy who killed her an his family


It’s a little off topic, I was told today that Muslims are not allowed to distribute Canadian news or buy it, and they can read it if given to them. So they can defend themselves against non believers. Same goes for internet & cable. Because it does not follow the Koran.


If Canadians don’t stop this now they will fall as Europe is falling.


London, UK is being run by Muslims now, you can’t believe what is happening there!

Norbert Kausen

She had better be apprehended nd charged with assault!

Kelly Anne Wolfe

How come nobody has noticed that M103 is about protecting the political doctrine of Islam and not Muslims? It’s not Muslimaphobia ! Words are binding in law!


Thanks Spencer. You help to get the truth out. It could have been acid. Would that have been reported by the media?


Justin is a joke!!! And not a very funny one. Hope all who voted for him are feeling the sting. Shame on you Justin.

Ana Gomes

Shame the ones who voted for him and want to do it again.

Ron Voss

Surprised that the media hasn’t cited this as a case of Islamophobia.


What can you expect from a Prime Minister who has been seen on his knees worshipping Allah in a known Hamas affiliated Mosque?

Ana Gomes

He converted in 2016 .

Chaz Martel

Why was this Hijabi woman not stopped and arrested for common assault? How long are these illegal economic migrants going to be allowed to flaunt our laws with impunity? Meanwhile, crickets from Trudeau and his motley crew of gangsters.


they have no respect for canada or canadians…they are in for the free ride…they are rude and believe we owe them something

Wendy Lush

re Marrisa Shen murder. There was a (sort of) similar murder in Romania recently. Do we see a trend here?

“Syrian [rapist] refugee main suspect in murder of Romanian woman – Her body was found burned”


Don’t worry. Justion Trudeau is going to appreciate the Hijab woman’s behavior.


The Liberals have blood on their hands. How many more will die because of the Liberals open border policy. We don’t have a country with laws anymore.

Ana Gomes

Democrats do the same in the usa. they betray their country to please the terrorists. Trudeau is on a mission to make the terrorists rich with our money.

Trevor Marr

This person needs to be charged with Assault NOW!!! Where is the PM on unacceptable behaviour tolerance in Canada!?

Trevor Marr

When in Rome, do as the Romans do and if you don’t like what the Romans do, then we suggest that you DON’T go to Rome!!! The same applies for Canada! One strike, you’re OUT!!!


Should have tackled and held her for the police, that could have been acid.


Brain-injured people throw coffee and spit at at you. You’ve got to be addled to believe Mohammed the Murderer.


It’s only a heat crime if you’re not white. Nothing will come of this woman ….



Garfield Grumpenstein

According to a post on BCF (by a local person) the one who threw the coffee is a First Nation tranny who frequents the area around the courthouse. Don’t know if that’s true, but the video shows no face for the perpetrator.

Peter T

If I were there, this alleged female who is wearing that tribal dress which oppresses women, who assaulted them, would not have gotten away. I would hope that she resisted me in a violent manner from placing her under arrest for assault.


this person who threw the coffee needs and should be arrested for assault,lord knows I would and should be in the same suitiuation,this is Canada and we all need to obey the rules/laws…or are the rules different for some?????

Trevor Marr

When will Justin Trudeau call a spade a spade and stand up for Canadians?

S. Willis

People absolutely saw the assailant’s face as she walked towards them and continued on. So why was an assault witnessed by so many people, including the mainstream media present, yet no one called 911? BECAUSE SHE WAS WEARING A HIJAB!!! Clearly Muslims are getting special treatment under Canadian law due to TRUDEAU! What about the woman who was the victim of the assault? Why did she not call the police and follow the woman so that they could apprehend her? Why did no one else call the police? Why is the woman who had the coffee thrown on her saying… Read more »

teresa staub

She has filed a report to vpd. Her name is Laura Thompson and she’s a go getter! She’s not taking this lightly!

Brien Doyle

Start the deports !!!

JC Barker

Absolutely disgusting to watch this happen in my own country 🙁 Furious.


Notice the CBC microphone to the left! Did they report on it???

Les H.

What will it take to have us in Canada and the rest of the western world see that ROP practitioners will not EVER fit in any society that is not one of ROP. Hell even at that they persecute, brutalize and kill each other with alarming regularity. 98% of all terror attacks world wide post 9/11 are in the name of Allah Snack Bar. So again what will it take for us dunderheads in the most developed and greatest society ever created, the western developed world to see the reality of ROP? Ironically since finding out who the the murderer… Read more »

Anger Canadian

On the BC Province newspaper, it mentioned this incident like good thing. However put the “Anti-immigration” sticker on the protester. People are protesting and supporting the killed girl’s family there. What kind of the world is this? What’s the free speech? Why didn’t have anybody fetch this scarf woman to count? This is a dark world.


So true, that is why no one went after that women because you would certainly hear about THAT on the news probably showing the video of one confronting her without showing why you were confronting her. The Media is as much to blame for the situation as trudeau is for setting the tone!

Ana Gomes

the corrupt media put Trudeau in power and are trying to keep him there, so that they will be the beneficiaries of his generosity with our money.These leftists are out of control and doing their best to cling to power till they can proclaim a nice basic dictatorship that fascinates dumbbell Trudope and the reporters in rut, who defend the good things he does for Canada.

Ana Gomes

Get that woman beast and lock her up.

Ana Gomes

He would insult you as his answer.We all know their vocabulary of love…


“In those days, people will call evil good, and good evil” this was prophesied 2.5 thousand yrs. ago, Trudeau knows what he is causing, ‘death, mayhem, disorder, immorality, don’t dismiss him as “he’s not aware” because he knows perfectly well what he’s doing. Pure Evil


If everyone looks closely, the body frame, walk & demeanour isn’t that of a typical Muslim woman. That was a guy in drag. And on another note … Canadians have got to stop being so polite & accepting of servitude. We’re in an age where the Rules for Engagement are not used by those who hate western values. Folks the terms are now Guerilla Warfare … & it will continue to escalate as long as we allow ourselves to be bullied.