Trudeau Said Veterans Were Asking For Too Much. But His Government Has Left Hundreds Of Millions Of Veterans Affairs Dollars UNSPENT

The Trudeau government is doing the same thing they once slammed the Conservatives for.

When the Conservatives in power, they regularly left many millions of dollars earmarked for Veterans Affairs unspent.

They were rightfully criticized for this, as Veterans need all the support they can get, and allowing money that is supposed to be helping Veterans go unspent is unacceptable.

Yet, among those biggest critics were the Trudeau Liberals. Implied in that criticism was the idea that the Liberals would do better. Anything less than that would make them total hypocrites.

And that’s exactly what they are.

Global News is reporting that the Trudeau Liberals have left $372 million in Veterans Affairs money unspent:

“In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, Trudeau’s first year in office, the Liberals left $80.9 million on the books at VAC. They then left another $143 million unspent in 2017 and $148.6 in 2018.

Broken down annually, the unspent funds for vets under Trudeau’s leadership represented 2.2 per cent of VAC’s overall budget in 2016, 3.7 per cent in 2017 and 3.0 per cent in 2018.”

NDP Veterans Affairs Critic Gord Johns pointed out that even as the Trudeau Liberals were letting Veterans Affairs money go unspent, they spent millions fighting Vets in court:

‘“Just last year, where they didn’t spend $143 million, they seemed to find $37 million to fight veterans for the benefits they’re asking for… This is a big problem,” Johns said.”

Trudeau’s disgraceful hypocrisy

Trudeau obviously knows where the money is going. After all, if he doesn’t, then his incompetence is worse than we all thought.

That means he knew that hundreds of millions of money meant for Veterans was going unspent at the same time he told a Canadian Veteran that Veterans were “asking for more than we’re able to give right now.”

And that further means that putting the blame on Veterans was a tactical effort by Trudeau to avoid responsibility for breaking his promises. It’s another example of his total inability to take responsibility for his actions or for the failures of his government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube