VIDEO: The Notwithstanding Clause Explained

The Notwithstanding Clause is Section 33 of the Canadian Constitution. Those who claim it’s ‘unconstitutional’ are simply dead wrong.

The radical leftists and the elites have gone crazy at Doug Ford using the Nothwithstanding Clause to ensure that the Better Local Government Act cutting Toronto City Council passes despite the ruling of a Liberal-appointed activist judge.

Some are even calling Ford ‘dictatorial’ and ‘anti-democratic,’ and are even saying that using the Notwithstanding Clause is ‘unconstitutional.’

Of course, that is absurd.

It’s absurd because the Notwithstanding Clause is part of our constitution, so using it is fundamentally constitutional.

In the video below, you can see a great explanation of how the Notwithstanding Clause (AKA Section 33 of the Constitution) works:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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