BREAKING: “My Oath Is To Country, Not To Party.” Liberal MP Leona Alleslev Crosses Floor, Joins Scheer Conservatives

Alleslev previously served in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Liberal MP Leona Alleslev is leaving the Trudeau Liberals, and switching to the Conservatives.

Alleslev said she felt unable to bring up issues about the economy and being unable to represent her constituents within the Liberal Party.

Alleslev served our nation, having been a former Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and graduate from the Royal Military College.

She had also served in the Department of National Defence, as well as Bombardier and IBM.

Alleslev represents Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.

Scheer says Leona Alleslev will become the Conservatives Shadow Minister for Global Security.

Alleslev’s move is a big boost for Scheer and the Conservatives, giving them momentum as the House of Commons session begins.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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The first of many that should come to their senses. Not all Liberals are in it for selfies.

Congratulations Leona.

Dave Bainard

That is just as good as a kick in Jr’s ass.

Glen Aldridge

The writing is on the wall & it will only take a few other Liberals to realize they should vote with their feet if they have any conscience at all then this whole farce to fall apart.


Stands up and applauds,

Wendy Lush

Yes!! One down, fourteen to go: if just 14 more Liberal MPs do the right thing and defect or go independent, Justin is toast and Canada is Back.

Juan Galt

I do believe that Leona may have just opened the floodgates for a mass exodus from the Liberal party. Many of the rural Liberal MP’s were already worried about losing their seats over bill C-71 and this act of courage may encourage them to follow.

Don Taylor

She is showing her patriotism to the country,To bad that the rest of the Liberals don’t follow suit,instead of being sucked down a rabbit hole by their incompetent arrogant,conceited,poor excuse as a PM


Well it’s a start. How many more will now give up on the groper boy?

vlad T

Wow! There was someone with integrity in the Liberal party for a while! Best start looking up for asteroids and checking lottery tickets.

Rick Johnson

Great career move on her part. She only won by 2 per cent in her riding in 2015 which means there is a good chance of her losing the next election and she needs to get more years of service driven up on her pension. I never trust floor-crossers unless they first write a dissertation on why they were wrong then subject themselves to public shaming.

steve richards

I agree and have said this for a long time. If you cross the floor or leave the party you got elected with it MUST immediately trigger a bi-election in that riding. Then the voters who elected you get to decide if they still want you. Very simple and stops any games at all. Should be a law coast to coast provincially and federally. Yes they need 6 years service I believe to get the gold plated goose. I was told by an inside source that Elizabeth May was most excited about being re-elected because that meant she was set… Read more »


It took her this long to realize, what the Lieberal party was about? Never has been about Canada, since P. Trudeau was in, and it was no longer the Liberal Party, but the unethical Lieberals globalist collapse Canada puppets, wow I do not think I would trust her. It is too bad that more ethical law abiding strong business minded people who can add and subtract and be good leaders, a lot of good people avoid politics it has become so corrupted, and we need more really good people.


I’m sure it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision!

Colyne Gibbons

This gives one hope. Many forget the Trudeau promises never fulfilled. Few are aware that our election was manipulated by 114 third party advertisers who spent in excess of $6 million to influence the outcome of our election. The two major big spenders were The Tides Foundation & The LeadNow each contributing a million dollars. Check out the Panama Papers.

Ann Rose

Now you are talking about the real reason Trudeau got in 2015, and we sure need to be watching for them to try it again….Soros, the master mind billionaire that runs these two organizations, and also the rigged ballot machines…He just as much said he helped in Trudeau’s win…so we know there was some fraud involved.

shawn harris

Finally a Liberal, Leona Alleslev, with common sense enough to know when to abandon ship. Let’s hope that more Liberals take a principled approach to being a member of Parliament and tell Trudeau the game of deceiving the public is over. By her remarks about leaving the Liberal party, she has shown that once again Trudeau has been lying, not only to public, but also to his caucus members, about being equal, included and having the freedom to speak up and let the Liberal caucus members know that there are some really serious problems in the party. This just might… Read more »

Eric Blair

It took a woman to be first, good for her. Now what about all you male members of the LPC, you going to let a woman show she has more balls than you have?

dj jordan

Yes there are some sane liberals who are waking up.


One Liberal who has some substance. She deserves high recognition for her courage and conviction.


Did she ever once think that she would be upsetting trudeaus gender balance . Now he’s going to have to re-gig the entire party to assure the citizenry that the libs are fully balanced, neutral, diverse and feminist friendly.
Oh whats a modern progressive to do ! It must be difficult to be walking on eggshells all the time.

Ben Eby

A decision based on both logic, and simple common sense, with unintended connotations of heroism. It takes unusual courage to stop, turn around and face the savagery of the incoming tide.

Norbert Kausen

WHY did she pick the liberals in the FIRST place???!!!


My hope is that she starts the stampede and that more Liberal MP’s come to their senses and realize that Justine is not the man we need and want in the PM’s office!!

Lesa Theriault

We need a #walkaway program here in Canada. Here is a good start! Kudos to her.

Jill Ward

WOW. I have to say I’m speechless!
Thank you so much Ms. Alleslev for your patriotism. You lighten my heart.


This lady has class! She cares about her country! I wish more liberals in Parliament would have the courage to do the right thing, and cross over to the conservative side, and vote a non confidence motion against Trudeau. Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada. God bless you, “Leona Alleslev”!

steve richards

This lady looks to be well educated, has served in the military and also worked for some big companies in the private sector. Why was she not in Trudy’s cabinet ? Think and look at the class of ladies that are in his cabinet and compare them to her. One that doesn’t even know where she was born, one that pretends to ride bikes in high heels and another that negotiates by attaching the other teams country ahead of meeting them. Seems a little suspicious to me, I don’t think Trudy picked the best of the best to surround himself… Read more »


Obviously not.

Chris vrecko

This is going to sound negative but I have to say it. I haven’t looked at the comments but want to say I have trouble believing that is why she switched sides. If she quit because of TruLeyland dumb she would have done it before the event of an election. I really think she switched because a MP’s pension is only available after serving 2 terms. This is her first. I rest my case.

Les H.

With Justin’s terrible McLeans interview where he smirked, almost fawned off and chuckled as to the Syrian his government let into Canada murderer, who murdered 13 y.o. Marissa Chen, EVERY ethnic Chinese Canadian Liberal MP should cross the floor of The House. HOW CAN YOU ALL SUPPORT A PM LIKE CHUCKLES SOCKS TRUDEAU? Just watch the interview he did! Use your head Liberal MP’s.