LISTEN: Spencer Fernando Discusses Canada’s Refugee System, Coffee-Throwing Assault, Canadian Identity, & Trudeau’s Hypocritical Silence On Marrisa Shen’s Murder On 770 CHQR

I spoke with Danielle Smith about the reaction to Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali being charged with the murder of Marrisa Shen, and more.

Recently, I spoke with with Danielle Smith on 770 CHQR to discuss the reaction to a Syrian refugee being charged with murdering Burnaby girl Marrisa Shen, Trudeau’s silence on the murder, coffee being thrown at people outside the courthouse, and why Canada must focus on people who share our values, not areas of the world that are often incompatible with our values.

You can listen to the full discussion below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Please support Spencer. I have. I can’t afford a monthly subscription, but send what I can when I can. Spencer is quickly becoming a bigger player in the media world. Get on board.

Elizabeth Thorne

Thank you spencer for your courage.


The murderer of Marissa Shen is also accused and charged for doing a hit and run and killing the other driver by going through a red light and using a fraudulently acquired car for not saying stolen as per some media. He drove away with an accomplice without helping the victim.


Certainly no discussion or coverage of that by the MSM


Thank you Spencer again job well done. Jacinte, here in Ontario we have seen very little media on this, thank you for more info. BUT I have read that many Syrians are being returned home now, since the country is becoming safer…so why are we keeping this man here and as usual barely reporting his crimes Canada has no laws left or they are being excused and not used , our laws must be brought back it is what made Canada a good country and the media should be all over this, again where are our laws?


That was confirmed to be a different guy who arrived in Canada several years earlier..

Same name and birth year though.

dj jordan

The chauvinistic attitude of islam should not be allowed into western countries.