“OUR COUNTRY IS AT RISK.” Former Liberal MP Leona Alleslev Says Trudeau Government Ignored Her Concerns

“It’s my duty to stand and be counted,” says MP Leona Alleslev as she switches to the Conservatives.

In a speech in the House of Commons, former Liberal MP Leona Alleslev said that she can no longer be a part of the Liberal Party, and is leaving for the Conservatives.

“My attempts to raise my concerns with this government were met with silence. It’s my duty to stand and be counted. Our country is at risk,” said Alleslev.

Alleslev’s comments and official crossing of the floor can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

I salute this real Canadian patriot on making the right choice for the betterment of Canada and her people

Thank You


She can see the damage the Trudeau Liberals are causing and look a Liberal with integrity!
I thought they had gone extinct with the weekly ethics and conflict scandals now watch Trudumb will say that it’s Harpers fault..


She said all the right things, the Lieberals talk like they represent Canada then undermine it? Hope she is true to her word.


Now that was something . well said . Must of been a difficult thing for her to do, good for her. Now lets have a few more of those and the MSM will have to cave in and start talking about some truth . That Canada is in trouble and has been noticeably so for a couple of years now.

Gordon E Surbey

Finally a voice of honest, rational concern from within the Federal Liberal party over it’s destructive dismantling our Canadian democracy in it’s hell-bent rush towards globalism. My she be the first of many to come.

J Morse

Hey Justin how’s that gender balance working for you today? You are ruining this country. This woman is truly crossing the floor to signal that Canada is much more important than a sock puppet Prime Minister’s vanity and vanity projects.


Just read the Toronto Sun on this lady and wow she will be a good person to have on the Conservative team, lots of experience where things in Canada need to be resolved, I am glad this politician crossed the floor now.

Norbert Kausen

There will be more crossing over as Trudeau endangers our country more and more!


That’s how it seems to work. One brave person to speak up makes way for the others.

yvan gamache

Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! to Leona Alleslev !

Sewer Rat

I don’t know. I’m still of the opinion that she was voted in as a liberal. This is what her constituents wanted. I’m happy that she finally saw how bad the trudeau government was, but, I think she should have sat as an independent until the next election rather than cross the floor in what will surely be spun as her being opportunistic.

Ron Shaw

Trudope was heard saying “ I think we can squarely blame this on Harper “

Robyne Garton

Way to go girl! Let’s set this country straight! And while at it, jail Trudeau for treason! All liberals who voted for him can take a pay cut and start putting our money back where it belongs and start utilizing our money here in Canada! We’ll said!!


She also did a bid to have terrorist come back to Canada and live among us as equal Canadians. How do you trust someone who is willing to put our national security at risk with the vote to allow terrorist back into Canada and then walk across the floor saying we are at risk. Where does she really stand?


This brought a tear to my eye.


L[beral MPs have no back bone and just go along for the ride. Finally we see one who stands up for Canada and is willing to do something about it. I wish more Liberal MPs would show some stamina.

Canadian Citizen

That’s quality news reporting there. Problem with today’s news is there’s so little substance. What was ignored?