UNHINGED: Leftist Lunatics Yell And Stomp Their Feet Like Whiny Brats Outside Ontario Legislature

As someone said on Twitter, “My 4 year old was doing something similar last night, now his Play Dough is in the garbage.”

Previously, I’ve noted how the left are becoming increasingly unhinged in their reaction to Doug Ford’s decision to cut Toronto City Council.

While they’ve never protested Islamist terrorism, the assault on Canadian workers, or Trudeau’s many betrayals of Canada, the leftists go crazy when a few elitist politicians are set to lose their jobs.

Of course, people have the freedom to protest, and that freedom must be defended. With that freedom also comes the right to laugh at the leftists when they totally go crazy and act like whiny brats.

And that’s exactly what happened outside the Ontario Legislature during a midnight sitting.

You can watch the unhinged behaviour in the video below:

What makes this so funny is that most of us were taught that yelling and stamping your feet isn’t the way to get what you want or get your point across. But in today’s world of entitled whiny snowflakes, it seems that some ‘adults’ now feel that acting like a whiny brat is somehow an effective protest.

This tweet sums it up well:

“My 4 year old was doing something similar last night, now his Play Dough is in the garbage.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Either paid socialist professional protesters, or its the grammar school teachers that can;t teach math or even do it, that are way too unionized and paid way too much for how poorly they teach our children, but of course they are lefties..

Moe. S.

I think had these idiot protestors shown-up with pitchforks, burning torches, and dressed like Game of Throne characters would have been more effective. lol


I would of just called the cops and have them charged with public mischief , Plus breaking noise by-laws and trespassing.


So 11 asswipes kicking a wall is either going to impress or change the decision? What a bunch of mental morons, grow up.

Wendy Lush

Wait till pot is legalized; this will be the norm in downtown Toronto.


these foot stompers are paid by the left wing establishment. Just make them look more like the fools ( the establishment ) that they are.

Wendy Lush

Unhinged is right – just like that Sociology Professor Mark J. Bird who shot himself in protest…

“Nevada professor shoots himself to protest President Trump”

Incoherent wackos. The future looks grim.

Les H.

When one has no plausible argument to defend their POV, just like children can and often do, they too can often resort to child like actions including petty crying, whining and stuff…

Just remember folks, liberalism is a mental illness.