VIDEO: Trudeau Reacts After Liberal MP Leaves His Failed Government To Join Conservatives

People are increasingly seeing that Trudeau doesn’t have what it takes to lead our great nation.

In the wake of news that Liberal MP Leona Alleslev is leaving the Trudeau government to join the Scheer Conservatives, Justin Trudeau has reacted.

He said “This is something we allow for in our system, obviously. I wish her well in her decision.”

Trudeau then spouted off the same tired old talking points, but those points sound hollow as his failures and weakness become more and more obvious.

Trudeau’s comments can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

The name calling will probably come later.


Oh yeah, without a doubt she will be called every name in the book not to mention the media must have sharpened their tongues about her, probably investigating her private life, her bank account, who she slept with, her high school grades, and so on…… No one leaves the media’s Jihadi Justin; you either stay in his party without complaining or you leave jihadi Justin and begin to feel the wrath from jihadi Justin’s disciples the media. Conscience has a way of affecting people in many ways which in this case Leorna’s own conscience was taking a toll on her… Read more »


There you have it folks . Nothing to see here . move along now . Be happy that we have done such great things over the last 3 years and the budget will balance itself .


Sorry I watched that, Trudeau is a horrible person and an unethical traitor to Canada. Still wonder why Leona Alleslev took so long to figure that out, she must be intelligent with all her background.. On a probably sinking boat (Lieberals), are more of them thinking of jumping? or are they still traitors to Canada and still have the Socialist LIEberal/ndp brainwashing programs

Ralph Knapp

I believe the writing is on the wall for the Boy. Ms Alleslev made a thoughtful and wise decision. I think there may be a few more of her colleagues looking at crossing the floor. This could be a very interesting term for the Liberals.


And yet the so called MSM polls have trudeau ahead by 5 points, so hard to get the truth out there but in any case we have a lot of work to do before we can save the country from Trudeau and we better get with it!!


I bet Justin cried after hearing this….


We knew that before he was elected. Even Stephen Harper warned people!! Trudeau was/is and never will be ready!!

Wendy Lush

“This guy claims to understand what it’s like to be middle-class,” Mr. Harper said. “Want something from the government? Whatever you want, they’ll spend money on it and you can have it. Don’t worry about how it’ll be paid for. Don’t like crime? Just legalize marijuana and, somehow, it will all just go away.” “He [Trudeau] has nothing, absolutely nothing of substance to offer.”
-Stephen Harper, re Justin Trudeau, July 2014

shawn harris

Leona Alleslev bolting for the Conservatives, has placed Trudeau in a very difficult situation. Trudeau must now answer the very serious questions she raised, when she said, she didn’t feel she had the freedom to raise issues with caucus or to make her views known to cabinet. Trudeau will have to use all of his limited acting abilities, to defend against other Liberals,thinking and coming to the same conclusion as Alleslev. That the towel has dropped and now Trudeau is exposed as the weak leader he is. For after all if you can’t convince one of your lowest ranking caucus… Read more »

Esther none Johnston

This is what we have had to suffer with for 3yrs because some people look at NAMES and NOT substance, we lost the best PM we ever had, a MAN like Mr Harper comes once in a lifetime and we allowed him to be beaten down, lied about, called a racist, WHY? well the easy answer is the MEDIA, who owns the media? ONE entity, yes only ONE, you think ma BELL went away? think again, we are fed their opinion, they decide what is going to be your brain feed everyday, call it any other name and the masses… Read more »

Ron Shaw

All I can say is ; ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha hahhhhaaaaa ….. told you so Todumb ! Your not ready and you will never be ready to Govern Canada , now resign , grab a quart of ice cream and just have a good cry !
PS: don’t forget to change your dipper diaper boy .

Lesa Theriault

hahahah What he is going to do for Canadians and working all summer on it. More like what he has been doing for the globalist cabal and vacationing all summer on it!

Tom Sunderland

he hasn’t been there all summer and what work they have done will be tabled in the fall, making lesser penalties for Muslims in Canada is what he has had the Liberals working on and if any liberal think that their constituents are going to vote them back in they have another thought coming, be patriotic and cross the floor leaving JT with a minority before the election

Susan Marit

He meant to say working to screw Canadians. That’s all Liberal know how to do.

Susan Marit

Ms Alleslev is the only Liberal party member with a set of balls.

William Ganton

A set is 4 a pair is two.


I think the polls don’t tell the real story. The far left had a passion in 2015 to remove PM Harper at all costs. That collective passion is gone. Come Election Day, most of them won’t even bother to vote. However there IS a passion by thinking Canadians to remove this disaster ASAP. We will see…

Beverley Campbell

Apart from arriving in a costume, Trudeau obviously has NO idea how first nations people go about doing business, they don’t each be given 20 seconds to state their business, a very angry PM, once again short changing the public. He’s going to require another personal day for this, bet on that.

Judy McLean-Hensler

I suggest we start a letter writing chain to every Liberal mp.. demand they cross the floor or face losing their seats in 2019. Enough of we the people that do this might wake most of them to jump ship…. thoughts?


My thought is that it’s a good idea.

Sewer Rat

I think they are counting on the stupidity of the average voter to keep them in power. Look at how many people thought that voting for hair would be a great idea.

eau sucks

” working hard all summer ” ya riiiiiiight sockboy . Destroying Canada takes hard work huh ?

Bruce Posch

I bet his handlers had to up his meds today


I bet he is mad as hell