WATCH: Arrogant Elitist Trudeau Angry That Indigenous Leaders Wanted More Than A Quick Photo-Op

It turns out that people actually want to have a real conversation, not just fill a slot in Trudeau’s schedule. Also, how can Trudeau not have time when he takes so many days off?

A video has surfaced of Justin Trudeau acting like the guy we all know he is: An arrogant elitist who gets angry when people actually want to have a real conversation instead of just getting a quick photo-op he can throw on social media.

In a video titled “PMJT berates FSIN Chiefs,” Trudeau got angry at how long the meeting went, saying “The original plan was eight people around the table or so, representing all the different regions, bringing forward concerns and the first section took 45 minutes, and every single person spoke around the table.” 

The elitist added, “That’s not fair. That’s not fair. That’s not the way … I’m really, really upset with this. It wasn’t for me to interrupt previous speakers, but Bobby, there shouldn’t have been every single person speaking for eight minutes. That is not the spirit of reconciliation, of the nation-to-nation relationship we’re supposed to have.” 

For Trudeau to say that a meeting going longer than expected is somehow about “reconciliation” is hilariously absurd.

Him being angry at his ‘valuable’ time being used in a way he disagrees with isn’t about reconciliation, it’s about his own arrogance.

Trudeau obviously wanted a photo-op to look like he was doing something, and got angry when people wanted to actually share their real views and perspectives in a meaningful way. And why is Trudeau so worried about time anyway? Does he want even more “personal days?”

Once again, we see that for Justin Trudeau, everything is always about Justin Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

I bet the FN’s speakers didn’t fill the talks with ums and ers either. He is just in a rush to meet his BC bud dealer or want to build sandcastles.


Can we stop with all the references to whether he smokes weed or not.
You imply that is the reason he is a first class FOOL
Believe me, I’ve known “stoners” for some 50 plus years and i would NEVER demean them by saying he is in their class.
Try comparing his antics to a methhead.
THAT is how he appears.


He never does his “job”!! He was/is/never will be ready to be a “leader”!! He is a party boy who has turned Islamic which will come to no good!! But, like many of us, he is probably sick and tired of being bombarded daily by their whining, crying, being unappreciative, ungrateful, always demanding, protesting, playing the victim/blame/race card game and going to the Supreme court to demand the end of the pipelines which took a lot of jobs away and wages to feed their families and now damages the economy (but why would they care, they get unaccountable/non – transparent… Read more »


1st i am first nations Mohawk and I will say most what u sat is b.s and not true or accurate, many 1st nations work and pay taxs, 2nd all grant monies have to accounted for there use and yes there is some corruption just like in any government 3rd if u do not or research u will find every reserve that the pipeline was going through was in favor it for jobs and they had $invested into it, it was a very few natives who opposed and if u look into them u will find that the pipeline did… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

Sterven, I hope you are right about 1st Nations because all I ever see the MSM focusing in on is how pissed-off the 1st Nations are with Canada. It seems they can never find any good thing to say about the country. BUT maybe this is a game the MSM like to play and use you folks as pawns, Just wondering?

Ron Shaw

Don’t feel bad my fellow native Canadians , now you know how we western Canadians feel about Justin’s time allotments he spent on the pipelines issues , he flew in for a photo opp with our primeur Nutly, here in Alberta , then took off , only to say he had everything under control , but we then find out he never consulted with all parties involved , consequently no pipelines . So don’t expect to much from dopey boy wonder , Todumb . Next time vote in an adult , not a french little boy with elitist issues .

Ralph Knapp

The Boy likes photo ops and hates actual discussions because he’s not capable of dealing with real issues.

Ralph Knapp

What an arrogant piece of work. Surely he didn’t think the chiefs came to look at his socks and watch him pose for photos,


Cosplay Trudeau doesn’t have time to waste on 1st Nation People, unless he’s been provided a stage and a spotlight and traditional garb so he can play dress-up.

Diane DiFlorio

This arse wipe yaps on and on about how much time it took for almost 2 1/2 minutes. Geez – this POS must go and heaven help his security detail that risk their lives protecting this arrogant SOB


I really understand why our indigenous people feel so slighted, but we all have a problem with this drama queens pretend government, but most people realize you have severe problems and should listen. Andrew Scheer has said he wants to help much more so let us hope.


Hi got pissed when each chief or representative wanted to speak, yet whined and stomped his tiny feet complaining that every Indigenous group wasn’t adequately consulted about a pipeline. Which is it, sunshine?

It seems the “open and transparent Government, willing to listen to every Canadian” is just more Liberal BS. If you want to know how great and wonderful Liberals are, just ask them.


I don’t have time for you, I have a “personal day” scheduled. I have more important things to do than listen to Canadians,

Moe. S.

The PM who likes the sound of his own voice pouts if he has to listen to others more than “8 minutes & 30 seconds” each to sum up a few hundred years of First Nation grievances. Trudeau calls this “time management.” I guess 13 months and counting to negotiate a NAFTA trade agreement is also time well managed by his trade negotiator Freeland.


Oddly and ironically this is the most coherent and sincere he has sounded. He just wants to get out of a meeting – no talking points or comments to screw up on any pressing Canadian issues (of which there are many!).

arctic front

How shallow and insincere of him to think he could have a ‘meeting’ with these Indian leaders in just 60 minutes! “Hey everyone, I’m here!… get your cellphones out and lets have a bunch of selfies with me and then I have to go”. Then he gets upset because they had other plans. Sad. Really sad.

David Raymond Paquette

He does have a point, it may have been delivered better. He has a schedule and it has to be met. He should just ask to have this rescheduled to another time.


if turds quit yapping then there would have been more time for others to talk


I am a white, straight, cisgendered male, married with three children ( one gay daughter). I’m French, Irish, Mohawk (not necessarily in that order). I am university educated, B.A. in Philosophy, Cum Laude. Mr. Trudeau. You are not our voice. You have unequivocally FAILED as Prime Minister of Canada. Incidentally, I am also a Freemason. You. Are. GONE.


the kid has trouble managing …please help by voting him OUT


Actually funny! All the clasping hands over his heart………..what a fake.

Sue Diotte

Waaaaah, that’s not fair! He cries! As he keeps droning on endlessly about time management.

Steve Reeves

Trudeau is the worst PM this country has had EVER! May he be done next year!