WATCH: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s “Summer Of Failure”

Question Period returns with Scheer benefiting from the momentum of former Liberal MP Leona Alleslev crossing the floor to the Conservatives.

The new session of Parliament has begun, and things are off to a good start for the Conservatives.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer introduced newly-elected MP Richard Martel from the riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord.

Then, in a huge announcement, former Liberal MP Leona Alleslev crossed the floor to join the Conservatives, saying “This is not a strong economy,” that the Liberals had ignored her concerns, and “our country is at stake.”

Once Question Period got under way, Scheer slammed Trudeau for what he called “Trudeau’s Summer of Failure,” noting that NAFTA negotiations are on the brink, the economy is in trouble, and pipelines are strangled.

In response to Scheer’s questions and statements, Trudeau fell back on the same increasingly-discredited talking points he’s been using all along, trying to put all the blame on the Harper government.

Scheer pushed back though, pointing out that 4 major pipeline were built under the Conservatives, a stark contrast to Trudeau’s repeated failures.

You can watch the QP exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter