CREEPY: Trudeau Chuckles, Smirks, When Asked About Ibrahim Ali Being Arrested In Murder Of Marrisa Shen

Very odd and very creepy facial expressions from Justin Trudeau.

Canadians on social media are calling attention to Justin Trudeau’s odd and creepy reaction when he was asked about Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali being charged for the murder of 13-year-old Burnaby girl Marrisa Shen.

Here’s the exchange that has people talking:

And here’s what Canadians are saying about it:

“So Ju$tin has a chuckle at the expense of the victim Marrisssa Shen and her family. How any Liberal MP can see this and not cross the floor in protest shows how unfit each of them is to represent Canada and its people. IMO”

“But the fake hijab story had him in tears. This guys priorities are really messed up.”

“Wow. He couldn’t care less.”

“Sociopath or psychopath, I can’t decide. He definitely has abnormal responses to things. Very disturbing.”

“The weird laughing. How creepy is that?”

“That moment when PM disagrees with Canadian sentiment that a 13-year old would still be alive today if he hadn’t brought in these refugees. Something that irrefutably and logically WOULD have been the case had he not brought them in.”

“#PMJT: ” I’m not one of those people”

If by that you mean 1 of those people with #honour, #Integrity& #morals,that cares about the people who trusted you at your word& simply deliver what you promised to get #elected in the first place. You’re correct you lying fraud you’re not!”

“A smirk, a chuckle, a sluffing off of a question. A murder occurred and this is not an appropriate response from anyone, never mind a PM.”

“This child had the right to feel safe in this country, poor immigration policy & lack of accountability from our present government is shocking, his silence speaks volumes….”


There’s something about Trudeau’s facial expressions when answering that question that is really stomach-churning and quite frankly deeply disturbing.

Canadians need to see this video, because there’s definitely something very creepy going on behind Trudeau’s politically-correct facade.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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