CREEPY: Trudeau Chuckles, Smirks, When Asked About Ibrahim Ali Being Arrested In Murder Of Marrisa Shen

Very odd and very creepy facial expressions from Justin Trudeau.

Canadians on social media are calling attention to Justin Trudeau’s odd and creepy reaction when he was asked about Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali being charged for the murder of 13-year-old Burnaby girl Marrisa Shen.

Here’s the exchange that has people talking:

And here’s what Canadians are saying about it:

“So Ju$tin has a chuckle at the expense of the victim Marrisssa Shen and her family. How any Liberal MP can see this and not cross the floor in protest shows how unfit each of them is to represent Canada and its people. IMO”

“But the fake hijab story had him in tears. This guys priorities are really messed up.”

“Wow. He couldn’t care less.”

“Sociopath or psychopath, I can’t decide. He definitely has abnormal responses to things. Very disturbing.”

“The weird laughing. How creepy is that?”

“That moment when PM disagrees with Canadian sentiment that a 13-year old would still be alive today if he hadn’t brought in these refugees. Something that irrefutably and logically WOULD have been the case had he not brought them in.”

“#PMJT: ” I’m not one of those people”

If by that you mean 1 of those people with #honour, #Integrity& #morals,that cares about the people who trusted you at your word& simply deliver what you promised to get #elected in the first place. You’re correct you lying fraud you’re not!”

“A smirk, a chuckle, a sluffing off of a question. A murder occurred and this is not an appropriate response from anyone, never mind a PM.”

“This child had the right to feel safe in this country, poor immigration policy & lack of accountability from our present government is shocking, his silence speaks volumes….”


There’s something about Trudeau’s facial expressions when answering that question that is really stomach-churning and quite frankly deeply disturbing.

Canadians need to see this video, because there’s definitely something very creepy going on behind Trudeau’s politically-correct facade.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

Jordan Peterson described Trudeau perfectly, he said trudeau is a man that has never grown up . And that I find that is true by his actions all over the world
His actions are not the actions of a man that is supposed to be running the country.

alan skelhorne

the problem is really plain n simple. you say that he is suppose to be running the country, well he is not, he is ruining the country, i am sure everyone can see that.

Wendy Lush

They used to call this ‘arrested development’. Speaking of, why has this man not been arrested for treason? There is plenty of evidence of this and that he is unfit for office.

Eric Blair

These were puffball questions by an interviewer who has a picture of himself and some woman on a couch with Trudeau behind him pulling a goofy face. Classic Trudeau to be sure. But these questions were probably given to Trudeau before the interview so he had a ready answer for them. What ought to have been asked was why he did not condemn ibraham ali just after he was charged in the same way he made a statement concerning the hijab incident. I really don’t see a smirk at all just plain old Trudeau as he always is. He wants… Read more »

alan skelhorne

one thing you have to realise with this interview, it was macleans magazine, they are 100% pure liberal. there you have it in a nutshell.

Diane DiFlorio

What IF it was his daughter…. enough said


The arrogant PM actually hates the work involved in the role. He hates QP because of the “hard questions’” and the whole “accountability thing”. He hates ‘nationalism” because he wants a NWO in which he can have a UN role that enables him to cocktail party and go to broadway shows. He hates the details of immigration, border security and defence. He hates finance and economics which is for “lower income people”. As a trust fund baby money is a none issue. Just tax people. He hates the rule of law because it restricts his freedom to do whatever the… Read more »

Don Piche

Nero fiddled while Rome Burned – Trudeau acts in exactly the same vein towards Canada….

Moe. S.

His spoken words lack emotion and sincere empathy. What is blatantly obvious is his indifference of not caring one way or the other, a neutral reply. Details are not important to him, i.e.; the killer is a Syrian refugee to Canada. “I’m not one of those people” we are left to speculate means, those Canadians who have concerns about Syrian refugees who were NOT vetted before or after their arrival in Canada. His arrogant dismissal of this murder is deeply disturbing.

Dave Bainard

For a guy pandering for votes, he just lost millions.


We hope Canadians see this now!


He is immature and emotionally unstable, often disconnected from everyday reality.


Trudeau and lieberals are beyond disgusting, very sick anyone who could follow this poorly acting drama queen, I cannot believe this, this insulting sick group should be put away before this fake feminist drama queen hurts more of us. this should be front page news across the country. How sorry I feel for this young girls family, and I am embarrassed that there are Canadians that would vote and support this or their media, shame.

sandra c

The longer Trudeau is in office, the more he reveals his “true self”. He’s becoming more arrogant by the day, which by the way, I find hard to believe because he started out as an arrogant PM. in fact he was arrogant before he became the PM. Watching him in Parliament just as a member, made my skin crawl. This wasn’t an adult who was murdered (which is horrible) but it was a young girl who was only 13, just starting her life, who had every right to live and her parent’s, all family relatives and friends are suffering, horribly… Read more »

John Vancouver

you know what’s really scary… after 4 years Canadians just voted him back into office. If Canadians are not willing to save themselves, then this is the result. Quote: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” Trudeau is the weak man.

Ron Voss

Our justice system doesn’t have the responsibility of keeping people safe. That responsibility falls primarily upon the federal government which he presently leads. He was quick to ignore the justice system doing its work when he jumped in with respect to the hijab cutting story.

Glen Aldridge

But he is one of those people who said he would take full responsibility for any harm that comes to Canadians due to his immigration policies. Another lie?


It’s called “Duper’s delight”

Google it.

suck it

I am still in disbelief that he was elected…and that people would still vote for him now. he has failed every one be it climate change extremist or realists. he run on a open government but made it more difficult to get information about what he is doing then ever before?

Ron Jaremkow

What is JT smoking? Weed isn’t legal until Oct 17, if then!


hypocrisy , immature , crook , selfish , isis supporter , and missing something between the ears .


Really!?!?! His response is to shrug his shoulders and say, “I’m not one of those people who say that” despite being responsible for the entry and encouragement of Syrian refugees into Canada? WOW!


Of courser your not one of the ones saying this you brought him here.


McLeans interview with PM Justin Trudeau. Question: ONE is asking: “What do you have to say about the arrest in British Columbia, of Abraham Ali, Who is a Syrian refugee, following the murdered of a teenage girl by the name of Marissa Shen.” Trudeau’s comment: Eh ha uh ~ Obviously ( ah ha ah~ ) it is devastating news for her family and for her friends. Ah ha uhh. It’s a terrible tragedy anytime someone ~uh ha ha ~ is murdered. It’s ( ha uh ) a terrible thing. Ah ub I trust our justice system ( haha smirk) to… Read more »

don morris

IMO, I think Justin Trudeau suffers a from the same bi-polar disorder that his Mother suffers from, and some of the weird expressions he has are the result of powerful medication he is taking to control his disorder. Often, when a person acts in an odd manner, it is the side effects of a psychotropic. My wife,a retired nurse who has worked on the psych ward, disagrees with me on this,she says he is just nervous because he knows the subject makes him look bad. I don’t know if either of us is correct, but I have to agree,his response… Read more »


Wow!! I can’t believe how little remorse and sadness he had for such a tragedy. He himself said when we opened our borders, that every refugee would be screened and safe to enter this great country. Maybe he would feel differently if it was his daughter. Would he still be smirking and so smug? So disrespectful, you might have had my vote last election, but I feel like you have fooled Canadians. You care about no one but yourself and your cause. Shame on you! My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Marissa Shen. May justice be served… Read more »

Mike Allan

How could you even think about voting for trudeau.Did you not know he was a socialist and was in favour of changing Canada by bringing in every illegal he could find.On top of that absolutely hates the oil industry.Unbelievable that anyone could think he loved Canada.We as conservatives all knew.This will take years if not decades to fix.

Bev Sesink

October 2019 is not far off. Let us all put our money where our mouth is to
make a difference in our nation. Actions will speak louder than words next year.


Lett’s consider this video a learning moment for the stupid Canadians who thought that voting for this clown was a good idea.


The video on Macleans is gone now


Trudeau is revealing that he is fully aware that mass immigration from the Islamic world will lead to deaths of Canadian citizens, either through terrorism or hate crimes against non-Muslims [you need only look at the human rights reports to persecution non-Muslims face in the Islamic world].

That’s why the propaganda about Islam is so intense. If it is purely about “racism” why is there is no such propaganda about Buddhism, Sikhism or Hinduism?

They’ve already calculated that their mass immigration policies would result in collateral damage. And his struggle to show empathy over the girl’s death belies this fact.


This guy doesn’t show any sincere empathy to the poor killed Chinese young girl. He only wants to avoid the hard questions and gave meaningless responses and always tries to defend his stupid policy.

William Jones

So, what happened to his comment on October 16, 2016, wherein he commented as follows: “If any Canadian is injured or killed because of my policies, I will take full responsibility.” — that is as close as I can recall offhand — but the gist of it is correct. What do we see? A smirk and a complete dismissal of responsibility.