Trudeau On Trans Mountain Expansion Being Blocked: “That’s Almost A Really Good Thing.”


While Justin Trudeau was talking about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion being blocked, he said the following:

“That’s almost a really good thing.”

What the hell is he talking about?

Andrew Scheer ripped Trudeau for the absurd comment:

“No, Justin. Losing thousands of jobs and billions in investment isn’t a “really good thing.”

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand how important it is for Canadians everywhere that our energy projects succeed.”‘

Not only is Trudeau totally out-of-touch with the Canadian workers who will lose their jobs because of this, but he’s so desperate to make himself look good that he’s trying to create his own alternate reality in which a disastrous court decision is somehow just fine.

And making matters worse, the Trudeau Liberals once again rejected a Conservative move to have an emergency debate.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs had called for the emergency debate on the expansion:

But the Trudeau Liberals rejected it:

“UPDATE: Our request for an emergency Trans Mountain debate was rejected. When will the Prime Minister tell Canadians how he will get TMX built?”

Trudeau’s ‘strategy’ is now clear: HIDE & LIE.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I read in the Sun that Trudeau was also upset because there was less than 25% females working in the energy sector and he thought that was wrong? This Trudeau has to go, be gone. We are loosing thousands of jobs and billions and billions of dollars he he is worried there are not enough women working there? seriously? Never mind that the republican head of congress in the US says they are fed up with trying to deal with Canada’s government so they feel this will be the final date, and if no deal reached NAFTA will be cancelled,… Read more »

Moe. S.

Trudeau during the 2015 election stated he would build our economy “from the heart outwards.” That statement was a clear indication of his economic cluelessness which to date has cost $60 billion in lost energy investments in Canada. (Stats Canada) Trudeau has the IQ of an eggplant if he thinks, “that’s almost a really good thing.”

Ron Voss

Trudeau’s ‘strategy’ is now clear: LIE & HIDE. He will probably be away from Parliament for several days after this exchange.

shawn harris

Trudeau being so focused on getting his destructive socialist ideology to work, he has now openly admitted that he is in favour of causing multiple thousands of oil workers to lose their jobs and drive away ,now and into the future any and all investments in our oil industry, by saying the court decision against his government was a really good thing. Has anyone asked Trudeau , what is the colour of the sky is in his world or are there any real living people in his world. Surely by now, with all the damage and destruction he has caused… Read more »