VIDEO: Maxime Bernier Says “I Think We Have Too Many Refugees,” And Must Focus More On Canada’s Needs

Bernier also says that if we want to have more economic immigration, we will need less of other types of immigration.

In an interview with PrimeTime Politics on CPAC, People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier said Canada’s immigration system must be more focused on economic immigration and that would mean a reduction in other types of immigration.

When asked if Bernier felt Canada has too many refugees, he said “I think we have too many refugees and we must focus more on the need of our country.”

A video of Bernier’s comments can be seen below:

Bernier makes an important point. As I’ve said many times, Canada’s government exists to serve the Canadian People, not foreign countries or non-citizens. We need to focus the limited resources of government on helping Canadians first and foremost.

Additionally, we’ve seen what happens in Europe, where massive amounts of refugees – particularly from the Islamic world – have entered nations on that continent, leading in many cases to an increase in crime, terrorism, and a failure to integrate with Western values based upon the dignity of the individual.

We don’t want that to happen in Canada, and Bernier is right to be bringing this up. Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives should also speak up for the majority of Canadians who want a tougher immigration system, and want the Canadian People to finally be put first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Mad Max is constantly daily, on the Lieberal news media, the Lieberals are really pushing him, and he does not even have a party or platform together, along with Jagmeet who doesn’t even have a seat yet. The lieberals and their media must be terrified of the Conservative Party as they are FOR the whole country and they can add and subtract, and hopefully if we are not too collapsed by the Lieberals, they can unite us all again to be once again a stable country with good fair laws, like we had, not the Lieberal/ndp social justice warriors gender… Read more »


yes SCHEER should think like Bernier because thats how most Canadians think

Brian Dougan

I’m all for Maxime Bernier. Perhaps the following is a minor point; but it was my reaction to his party’s new name. The “People’s Party.” Too close to the “Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea.” And, the “People’s Republic of China.” I still like my name: The “Pro Canada Party.” Kind of a loaded name. Are you voting “Pro Canada?” Yes? Good; a patriot. No? Oh; you’re anti-Canada?

sandra c

It’s time that our Government put a “stop” to immigration for awhile, so we can assess the pro’s and con’s and fix the broken parts and all that does not work. Bringing more and more in and trying to meet a quota per year, makes no sense at all. It just adds to a burden that Canada cannot keep up with and cannot afford at this moment. Pretty soon we will be like Europe. Problem after problem, can’t fix it, don’t know what to do, crime galore, no go zones, rapes, murders, etc. and they just keep letting them in… Read more »


People have to realize that if the vote for Max Bernier that it will split the vote, and that will make it more easier for Trudeau to win the election. If Mr Bernier really cared about Canada, he would not start a New Conservative party just before the election in 2019, it makes me wonder if he is not working for Trudeau? Mr Scheer better get his Act together, and start campaigning on the issue of illegal and other immigrants that are invading Canada and putting a strain on our welfare and health care and housing systems, and putting us… Read more »