WATCH: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Trying To Wreck Canada’s Energy Sector

“Where he failed, Conservatives succeeded” says Scheer.

In a tough Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ripped Justin Trudeau for his repeated failures in the energy sector.

Scheer pushed back on one of Trudeau’s many dishonest talking points, as Trudeau has repeatedly said that the Conservatives failed to get any pipelines approved.

Of course, Trudeau is lying, and Scheer pointed out that the Conservatives got four major pipelines approved, a far better record than the Liberals. “Where he failed, Conservatives succeeded” said Scheer.

Scheer also pointed out – after Trudeau tried talking about the Conservatives record on working with Indigenous communities – that Justin Trudeau destroyed a massive amount of economic opportunity for Indigenous Canadians when he cancelled the Northern Gateway pipeline.

This Question Period exchange is worth sharing, because much of the corrupt establishment media has repeated Trudeau’s pipeline lies without pushing back or seeking the facts.

Scheer’s effort to correct the record is important for everyone to see:

“Justin Trudeau is the only person who thinks things are going well in Canada’s energy sector… #SummerOfFailure”

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Trudeau s trademark , ” engage” ” commit” ” working very hard ” ” take these very seriously” ” for 10 years , the conservatives ….” bla de bla , de bla de bla …ever hear anything so INSIGNIFICANT , IRRESPONSIBLE , THEORETICAL , ACCOMPLISHING NNNNNothing, get out you failure


Lieberal/ndp/ppc party trying hard to crash Canada agenda of the UN Soros globalists and their sickening media that is already attacking Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, but doing the reversal Lieberal thing saying that Andrew Scheer is attacking them, when all Scheer is doing is stating the truth about justines failures.

don morris

Well,that seemed like a pretty even exchange between Trudeau and Scheer in today’s version of ,”Theater for the Masses”.

At least Scheer seemed to show some emotion in that exchange, basically he did quite well.

Meanwhile, outside the House, latest Nanos poll” LPC 41%, CPC 31%. It’s going to take a lot to defeat this government, especially if Trudeau is running against Trump.