FORD WINS: Ontario Superior Court Rejects Ruling That Blocked Bill 5

Ontario Superior Court called previous ruling that struck down Bill 5 a “dubious ruling that invalidates legislation duly passed by the legislature.”

The Ford Government has won big in court, with the Ontario Superior Court putting a stay on the ruling of a lower court that had blocked Bill 5.

Here’s part of what the ruling said:

“Unquestionably, Ontario’s announcement of its intention to introduce Bill 5 disrupted the campaigns that were already underway. However, Bill 5 does not limit or restrict any message the candidates wish to convey to voters.  While the change brought about by Bill 5 is undoubtedly frustrating for candidates who started campaigning in May 2018, we are not persuaded that their frustration amounts to a substantial interference with their freedom of expression. Candidates had a reasonable expectation that they would be operating under a 47-ward platform …. However, neither that platform nor that expectation was constitutionally guaranteed. Unfairness alone does not establish a charter breach.”

This means the Ford Government will be able to move forward with Bill 5 to slash the Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 members, without using the Notwithstanding Clause.

Big win for Ford, big loss for the radical leftists

The ruling is a big win for the rule of law, and shows that there are some judges in the country who actually make decisions based on the law.

It’s also a big win for the Ford government.

However, it’s a huge loss for the radical left, who had become hysterical and unhinged at the prospect of some elitist politicians losing their jobs.

Now, the Ford government can move forward to save $25 million by cutting Toronto City Council, being able to direct that money towards real priorities like fighting crime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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