REAL SOCIALISM: While Venezuelans Starve, Socialist Dictator Maduro Gets Fed Expensive Steak By Celebrity Chef

The elites want socialism because it brings everyone down into desperation and poverty, while those who control the ever-expanding government gain wealth and power beyond their wildest dreams.

The marxists love to say that socialism is about ‘equality.’

And they are technically right.

However, their ‘equality’ always turns into equality in suffering, desperation, and poverty, as everyone is brought down to a horribly low level.

Of course, that equality never applies to those pushing for the socialist system, as once they have control of the government they become immensely wealthy and powerful.

Unlike Capitalism, which creates widespread abundance and brings technological advances and greater wealth even to those at the lower end of the income scale, socialism simply brings everyone except the elites down.

And nowhere is that more obvious than in Venezuela.

The nation with the world’s largest oil reserves on earth has suffered a total economic collapse, with the average citizen having lost 30 pounds due to widespread starvation.

But when it comes to Venezuela’s socialist leaders, they seem to be eating quite well.

In fact, Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro recently visited a restaurant owned by social media sensation #saltbae for a steak and cigar, which has generated massive outrage:

The hypocrisy of the leader of a starving nation getting served luxury steaks did not go unnoticed:

That’s real socialism folks. The people suffer, while the elites fatten up like hogs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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So true Spencer, so very vile and greedy of Maduros, we must get rid of Trudeau and the LIEberals or we will also loose too much weight. In the LAHT , an opinion writer Albert Montaner wrote a piece of something we also need to think about, it is what made the US (and us in Canada) good places to live and work, strong fair laws for everyone, and law abiding people. Like you Spencer he has a great way with words, and a lot of life experience.


Instead of inviting Tze Bermann to speak with Alberta teachers to spew her Oul sands venom, let’s bring Spencer or even better, Marco Rubio to speak about the dangers of socialism.

shawn harris

Just how many more times does the complete failure of socialism have to be repeated before people will reject it at the first sign a government or leader is trying to bring it upon the citizens of a country. After all, it started centuries ago with Karl Marx, that led to the bolshevik revolution and forcing communism upon Russia, then it was taken on the road throughout eastern Europe, then onto China, Vietnam, Cuba, Africa, and lastly Venezuela. Every time a complete failure. Nothing good will ever come from socialism. Socialism is an evil , destructive ideology , that only… Read more »

Wendy Lush

“Let them eat cake.” -Marie Antoinette

ps- Is that an illustration of himself on his napkin?