Trudeau Has No Problem Spending Taxpayer Money On Illegal Border Crossers. Meanwhile, The Government Is Denying Service Dogs To Veterans With PTSD.

Despite countless Veterans explaining how service dogs have made a huge difference in their lives, the Trudeau government keeps saying no.

We’ve all seen how illegal border crossers get rewarded with taxpayer dollars, through free transportation, free housing, work permits, education, and more.

But even as that outrage takes place, it turns out that the Trudeau government is unwilling to cover the cost of service dogs for Canadian Veterans with PTSD.

According to a recent report, “Canadian veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are out of luck if they expect the government to help them find a service dog anytime soon. That’s because the Department of Veteran Affairs (VAC) continues to deny veterans and their families funding for service dogs despite growing evidence showing their effectiveness in treating PTSD and its related symptoms.”

I have written about this before, having spoken with Canadian Veteran Medric Cousineau who has been “treated like roadkill.”

Cousineau has been pushing for the government to fund service dogs – like his service dog Thai who he credits with saving his life. Yet, the government continues refusing.

Now, Cousineau told Global News that “The difference [between having a dog and not having a dog] can best be described as night and day.”

And even government data shows the service dogs are helpful, as “VAC’s continued denial of funding for service dogs comes on the heels of a government-commissioned report obtained exclusively by Global News that shows “significant” reductions in PTSD symptoms and an overall improvement in the quality of life for veterans matched with service dogs.”

The government has had that report for 8 weeks, yet the funding is still being refused, and Trudeau’s Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan says he hasn’t even read it.

This is a disgrace.

Something that is proven to make a real difference in the lives of Canadian Veterans in need is being rejected at the same time the government spends our tax dollars on people who entered Canada illegally.

It’s no wonder the military is having trouble hitting their recruiting targets.

Our Veterans deserve far better. They should always be the top priority, and citizens should always be put ahead of those who enter Canada in violation of our border laws. The fact that we even need to say that shows how broken the priorities of the government have become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter